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Monday, 5 November 2007

Memoirs of B and I

Happy people hope u’re lajesting good? Been on my feet 4 two weeks now. Am sure by now y’all know am an Ajala (traveller), the greatest one that ever lived. Been to the 4 corners of England, but as usual my Blackberry has kept me connected to your lovely blogs.

I was chatting with one of my ex-boyfriends, I have managed to still keep in contact with all of them or should I say they have managed to keep in contact with me. Ummm story for the rats in the hole.

Well I was chatting with one of them, the very first one; B. haaaa B, I have nothing but sweet memories of B. you see ern, I wasn’t one to have a boyfriend until B came along. Thing is I use to enjoy the chase, it felt so good having all these guys coming up to me and knowing that none of them had anything buzhi to say about me to their friends. It felt even better that they always tried to guess if I had a boyfriend out of city or somewhere they didn’t know about. For two years, I had an imaginary boyfriend, I always use him to wave guys off me, trust me my imaginary boyfriend had a complete profile compiled with siblings and all. I cooked the guy up good.

When B came my way, it was a different ball game. Then I was in my last year in senior secondary school (ss3), an all boarding military school. Being one of the girls on the hot list in school now, it was only normal B came along like many of them did. Um honestly, my secondary school years were the bomb, you could always spot me from miles away, light skinned, short fitted skirt, highest school sandals in the school, long sleeved rolled up shirt with black bottoms and pinned down bottoms on the collar, plus I carried a bright yellow school bag. You would always know who it was from a distance. This got me in mega trouble with staff members. Eyyy, I suffered ohh.

B on the other hand cool, neat, level headed fine boy, together we made bonnie and Clyde. Anyway, B came up and I disregarded him like I did the rest but B had his ways. I told y’all I was in an all boarding school right? I went home for Xmas and on one of those days our maid came up to me saying there was these bloke outside the gate wanting to see me. I wasn’t surprised because for some reason even blokes I don’t talk to in school find their way to my house during hols, they had an habit of coming in threes and fours, (I have 3 elder brothers, the last one of them is 3years older than I am + I am the only girl and last child in my family. Guys coming to check on me was war, as in battle field kind of waring lol!) Don’t ask me. So I went out to the gates shaking and trying to watch my steps so none of my brothers would decide they wanted to take a walk with me to have a chitty-chat. At the same time, I was thinking who it could be.

It wasn’t B, it was B’s friend. He had a message from B, I was thinking ok, let’s hear it. Told me he was hanging out with B the day before and B got some things to give to me, since he lived not too far from my house, was told to hand them over to me. Me being who I am told him to tell B to shove those things up his arse. If he thinks because of the said things I would be his girlfriend then he has a screw loose in his head. that’s how this boy started to plead oh, saying there is no way he could take the things back to his house because his mother must not find them, he cant start to explain where he got them from. On the long run, I agreed to take the things from him

Happy people, if you had seen the size of that basket, you would run. I was so scared. Even more scared that my brothers may decide they wanted to take a stroll and find me with this thing but with the help of our maid, who was actually my confidante then, I managed to hide the basket in one of the huge barrels we keep in the kitchen for dry food. Happy people you don’t want to know what was in the basket but I will tell you, a quick run through some; there was 2 wrist watches one Tommy, the other Gucci, an Oscar de la renta and Tommy girl perfume, a gold necklace and pendant, and loads of assorted biscuits and wine, along with two little Christmas cards and a huge red one too. I don’t know if y’all remember those cards with big red envelopes, the extra large ones. Kia! I was fear. More fearful than impressed. I thought I was going to run mental but at the same time I felt so good inside, ladies you feel me?

Well after the holidays I went back to school more determined than ever that I was not going to be B’s girlfriend because then he will be sure I could be bought. Meanwhile I was wearing the Gucci wrist-watch ohh. Lol! *shaking my head* silly ( it was safer wearing them in school than at home otherwise, my brothers would cut off my wrist for supper). Thing that amazed me the most is I didn’t see B for like a week but every one else saw him around, I saw him after the second week and all he did was reply to my hello, nod his head and walked on. I was so amazed it angered me. Here was me thinking I can’t wait to tell this boy off, does he think gifts are the way forward? Me I thought soon as I enter school the boy would be thinking he had the right and would start sending juniors to call me to see him. Not B. B carried on like nothing was between us for like two more weeks you know? By then I felt so rejected and sad, believe. Then one faithful night after prep soon as I stepped out of class to walk to my hostel someone pulled me by the hand and asked to walk me to my hostel, it was B and I felt my first tummy tickle, I had waited so long and the process had softened me. We had a good chat and I thanked him for the stuff instead of reprimand him like I had planned to do.

I still proved hard to get but I couldn’t hold it on for too long. His ways of doing things drew me closer to him more and more. I remember when I told B I would give him a TRIAL that was a real funny night. Soon as I said that you wouldn’t believe B sprung round and started running, lol. I screamed him to come back, he came back panting and we both busted out laughing. Asked him why he ran and he said he couldn’t believe what I just said and he was trying to run as far as possible before I change my mind.

I always got into trouble with female soldiers; if it’s not concerning my school sandals, it would be my ever shiny baby curls hair or my school uniform (skin cling skirt and breaking all the rules shirt). B seemed to love the whole show and some what encouraged me further. Lol. I remember the first time my hair got cut off in a cross in school, he snuck out of school that night and bought me a school bag full of hair products and told me “start all over again, they are just jealous”. Surprisingly B was that boy in school all the teachers loved, he was really clever, neat and his house captain, they would have never have guessed he was almost totally behind my goose chase with the female soldiers. He had a good balance of a good+bad boy image, that tripped me the most. Our relationship was so beautiful that with time the whole school and a lot of the teachers knew we were together and untrue as it may sound for naija schools, especially mine, they were very cool with it (the teachers, i mean).

The only time we had a misunderstanding was when some silly SU guy went to tell B I was flirting with him, that day I was so shocked I couldn’t even defend myself, plus B had never gotten crossed with me. Read this; the foolish boy was reading a physics text book in the library, I went up to him to ask what he was reading curious as a cat that I am. The boy asked me why I wanted to know after all I study art, what business have I got with physics. I said to him I have never thought of it but now, it all seemed interesting so I would like to know. I think at some point I must have placed my right hand on his left shoulder because I was standing and he was sitting, we were side to side. This boy just shouted GET THEE BEHIND ME, THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. ern? Strong things, I was mesmerised I just left the boy sharply. I noticed B didn’t send for me throughout that day after class, but after night prep I went to meet him on the basket ball court. It used to be so lovely at night and most of the senior student hung there every night after prep for a while. Soon as I spotted him, he walked towards me and the next thing he said was we need to talk, gen gen.

Cutting the long story short, omo guy went to tell B that me, I went to him with a purpose, to seduce him and that B should tame me. B was so vexed that on a normal day, omo guy should not come to him to chat shit, not to talk of reporting his girl? That got him really mad. Well I couldn’t say anything, he kissed me on the forehead and bided me goodnight. Ill see you in class tomorrow he said. I went to my room and cried myself to sleep. Awww poor little lighty crying. Awwww. The second day I went to find that boy, it wasn’t hard because the silly boy was my class captain. I raked for this boy ern, he cried back to his hostel. I was so unimpressed as to how dirty his mind could be, being an SU that he claimed to be.

In loving memoirs of the times I shared with B, I thought I would share this little part of me with you. Stay happy people. X.

By the way, I hope you lot know my talent is not to be wasted on empty space. Kindly check this out.

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Isi said...

hi girl! B was kinda mature about it, considering the fact he didn't go screaming. that SU guy has got raunchy things up his sick head. i'm sure he hid porn materials inside his bible. i happy sey you rake for the guy.

cally-waffybabe said...

LMAO at the SU guy. He must have been lusting after your beauty all along and then when your hand lightly brushed his shoulder, the thing must have been like an electric shock, as in so this beauty i've been fantasising about has finally touched me? And then to shake himself out of his dream state, he decided to attack the devil for tempting him to fantasise about you! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...
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zerkhezi said...

lol, B is such a playa. i like the way he handled the situation. Most boys in secondary school wud have copied boysIImen lyrics verbatim and hoped for the best. I really must ask? where did B get a basket that big?

bumight said...

lmao, I'm trying not to LOL in class! men, i remember those days, maybe I'll blog about them. In sec school I must have been the B then with all the "bad" guys chasing me. I actually went out with one, and one of them teachers said, "B, I'm disappointed in you". woteva. neways, serious LOL at the SU guy!!!
get thee behind me satan indeed!

one more thing, this anon needs to chill. wtf? I've been seeing it (don't know if its a he or she) on everyone's blog saying the same thing.

Lighty said... @ porn materials in his bible. lol ahh.

@CWB... are u minding him lol! at him shaking himself out his dream to shout. very stupid boy ohh. i was more shocked than unimpressed with the silly boy sef.

@anon... let me be the judge of that. i like her that way, just the way she is. and dont come tainting my blog. as u can tell, it's for the mature minds.

@Z...playa u know? i wuldnt say dat, ill say he sure had his ways. about ur question, i wonder how u expect me to know. but when next i chat wit B, ill ask him and come back 2 u.

@bumlight... umm a girl like me. we need to av coffee together sumtime to reflect. lol! about the anons. well it beats me.

Unknown Blogger said...

hey dear sorry about that comment, i wasn't reffering to the part where she said it was you, d@ comment was for CWB, i was talking about the one she left 4 me.
Let me go and read, wanted to explain myself 1st.

Unknown Blogger said...

lmao @ GET THEE BEHIND ME. Which kin dry nerd be that? na wa o.
Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl military skool? yellow bag? short skirt? hmmmmm you sure i wasn't your very pretty seat mate that was number 1 for hot list and you number 2??

Afrobabe said... sweet..maybe you should make him present bobo...He sounded sweet and well grounded...

Isi said...

babes whats up?!!

30+ said...

Hey ya so sueeet you and B.

That SU is a funny head.

Zephi said...

men that basket? odikwa three much...nice story, brings back secondary school memories..butterflies in your stomanch and all...B sounds did you guys continue the realtionship after sec. school?
that SU boy, think he needed to read the scriptures more

Lighty said...

@ unknown blogger... girl its cool dont worry about it. its obvious it was a misunderstanding.
he he he about u being my sit mate. very funny. i was still no1 tho, so u'll av to fall in line lol!

@afrobabe... that wuldnt be possible. its been too long and we are different people now. and he is still well grounded and i believe sweet. i wuld make a good hudband 4 any wife. that is if he is still the same person i use to know.

@isi... just chilling, nothing out of the ordinary. except. i am breathing, that itself is a miracle.

@30+ we were sweet i agree with u.

@zephi... my dear u can say that again, that basket; me sef i fear no bi small. yes we actually continued 4 some 2 years after till the oceans divided us. and no point living a lie or deceiving each other. thing is we never even talked about breaking up sef, i guess we couldnt bring ourselves to tell each other. thing about B and I is we read each others mind loads of times in the past, but we never even talked about reading each other and we always act on our thinking. thatz wot happened when we decided to let each other go. we never said it we just acted on it. ohh well. thatz all in the past past now.
moving on, lol about the US boy. only God knows wot was on his head. silly child.

Ugo Daniels said...

...funnily interesting. Good ol days, good ol likes

Queen of My Castle said...

B seemed more mature as a teenager than most adult men over 30.

So...why did you guys break up? Yep, QMOC is very inquisitive. LOL

Carlang said...

I'm probably weird.
The closest i came to dating was in my SS2 when , during one of those ridiulously overblown social events, i was given a nomination fill. It had amongst the many coveted awards that off
The modt beautiful girl in school.
The Girl with the best legs.
The sexiest girl.
Cutest girl. ( Big diffrerence with most beautiful i was assured.)
Girl most likely to take home to Mama....( whatever that meant.)

I was reading a Harold Robbins Novel and some guy was describing givinng head to a chick. The last thing i wanted to be was be disturbed, ( Education is soooo important.)
So i called a girl who looked okay .I asked her her name.
Cleo she told me.
I nodded and proceeded to fill Cleo in all the nominee slots.

In the end she didnt win any award ( although she gave Most Handsome guy a good run nfor his money. Yes i filled her name there too) but after the awards everyone , busy bodies they where, Got to hear that I, Carlang, the erstwhile lone quiet guy was actually in love with a girl.

We dated for two weeks . An event that had her staring at me through out class and me wondering why she was staring at me.

Romance Over.


Now University ROmance..
That;s the good one!!

diary of a G said...

hey lighty!
tomorrow (November 9) is the birthday of a follow blogger
please won't you stop by to give your best wishes if you can

diary of a G said...

lol Lighty so sorry so busy so much excuses lol Its not worth telling...I'll make it a point to know I need me some Lighty in my life
i'LL holla

Lighty said...

@ UGO... u can say that again, good ol' innocent years. brings back blissful memories.

@QOMC... i know, we really still is. belss his beautiful heart. about why we broke up, i think i wrote a summary on zephi's reply, u might wanna brush through, its all about the oceans, large waters.

@carl... lol! imagine u, cloe even on most handsome space? u're sumthing else this boy.
and hey tell about ur uni dating, it looks like someone's been up to a whole lot of things.

@DoG... mos def. i hear u on coming back too.

Olamild said...

ahh ahhh chooooooooo


Olamild said...

ahh ahhh chooooooooo


Obinwanne said...

B seems more matured........dont forget to check back at my blog...have updated with pics of the b'day...thanks for the good wishes and stopping by....

Obinwanne said...

B seems more matured........dont forget to check back at my blog...have updated with pics of the b'day...thanks for the good wishes and stopping by....

diary of a G said...

"Determined than ever that I was not going to be B’s girlfriend because then he will be sure I could be bought. Meanwhile I was wearing the Gucci wrist-watch ohh. Lol!"

I was about to say...damn you a reel tuff cookie...until you finished your sentence
welll B sounds like a cool cat

I def think thats the way to go:
1 do something nice for a girl
2 and then just lay back

update lol
well I gotta go check ur next blog....
I got

Olamild said...

High School love is the sweetest
especially when the love is true and genuine

thanks 4 sharing your story.

Zephi said...

you have been tagged babes


lol @ isi's comment.

So, you were wearing the gucci watch!

Lighty said...

@ olamild... i see u.

@obiwanne... he is really. and yep! i check out ur pics, looks like u really had fun, u and ur... lol!

@DoG... lol! a lass, i aint that stuff a cookie eyyy?

@olamild... the innocence of new love, really sweet. it was my pleasure to share.

@zephi... i promise my next post wuld be the combination of all my tags.

@solomonsydelle... can u imagine, lol! i was wearing it ohhh. lol!

Isi said...

babes,where are u? oya update!

30+ said...

Update now.

Are you still in your room daydreaming

Ubong Da said...

LOL. That was nice. I wish I had some secondary school love stories to tell, but alas I no get liver that time to toast babe after seeing how babes wickedly and harshly turned down my Gees I had to maintain. I had this babe sha that I had a serious crush on back then. I think she must have liked me too but I never explored it. I hope I run into her one day and tell her how I felt back then. LOL. Ubong.Da the Jonser.


I'm leaving my footprints on ur g-spot...old school love is always fun. holla!

~Mimi~ said...

Update woman!

Queen of My Castle said...

Liiiightly, where are you?????