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Thursday, 10 January 2008


My role: a psycho-analyst, analysing your situation. take note, everyword written is total role play, i dont want any of you taking things personal ok loves?
for those of you mentioned in this post, u can leave ur comments following ur reply. if u're new on the matter u could comment on the previous post, and ill edit this for you posting my observation on how u're handling matters. hope that works for everybody. lets get this ball rolling. (by the way thx to kitty-catwalq for the idea of posting replies, fantastic stuff).

@ zephi... u'll run far far away? r u sure thats a good idea? cos u know u cant hide from this kind of stuff, not @ this age. think of all the betraying years you've grown into, just to hear this. i agree its gross. extremely bizarre, more bizarre than gross. so are u gonna be running into the woods with little red riding hood? i suggest u come down that tree and face the matter.

@LMM... hate is such a strong word u know that right? although it was sick for father to av done this, but how about mum loving it and actually marrying him? wouldnt u think she was probably hypnotized or sumn'? maybe she still is. whatever it is, u av to forgive 70*7 times. on that note see me next week.

@afrobabe... thatz all? darling, u av to let it out, surely keeping things in would one day burst out. i know u're feeling something, tell me what it is, what exactly do u feel, release urself.

@don... dats a good start; to ask. mom would still be mom? come on don, the sicko married her father surely u av sumthing to say than mum would still be mom? or r u and mum...? no no surely that can never be. i hope not. well the next time you come for ur session, i hope you have more to same concerning your intake with what you really feel about mum.

@unnaked soul... u do know drinking would only drive u 6feet under in this situation, coz u might not have the courage to stop. as for the ganj u'll blow ur head out.
so now u're telling me that this has happened and all u can think of is making money? guiness book of record, i mean come on boy. who does that?
as for the psych test, i run that not you. so here is what you would do, next session i want u to have a list of what you really feel and what exactly you would do. ok? thank you, ur meeting is now over.

@naapali... absolutely a way forward, i hope they understand what mess you are really in and open their hearts to you. cos for all you know they just might not want anything to do with that lineage, judging from the fact they av never seen u or asked to speak to u or meet up. i wish you all the best, fingers crossed it would go smooth. good luck

and you have something in mind you want to say? it would speed the healing process, trust me. so what do you say? see you next session? yes? no?

@DL... absolutely, and they fucked u up in the process. what would u do about that? think about it. and come back to me.

@Ugo... nope! its a scenerio. is it for u? (lol, no mind me, am still in role play).

a bit too late for that now, u know already. so what u saying? u just might end up in a mental hospital? i can understand that. but wouldnt u like to book another session so we can talk things through before u finally go wild on insanity?

@QOMC... i agree with you, this is absolute shit in the real sense of the word. disgusting, i wish u all the strenght meeting your family, hope they agree to see you. a good thing you're remaining sane. you didnt say anything about contacting ur parents/grandpa. so u're just gonna forget about them?

for ur wedding, would u rent parents or????

@30+... and where would that leave you? on a regular to my office or are u gonna go for cleansing???

happy new year to u too sister mi.

@guerreiranigeriana... right! i guess by writing them letters for money u're still accepting them as ur parents. literarily they are anyway. a good thing u're not in denial. looks like i wouldnt be making money from u, judging from the fact you just might never come back for more sessions. on the other hand thinking money in this situation is u making reasons for urself like this matter never arose in the first instance, stop holding back. come back next week 4pm.

and guerreiranigeriana... dont forget, next week 4pm. ok? ill be waiting.

@ isi... in other words you are just going to pretend like you didnt here what ur parents/grandpa had to say and go back to bed shea?

well when u wake, ill be standing in front of your door staring into ur eyes until u let it all out. am guesiing u're gonna be sobbing or probabbly run out the house with ur nighty and no slippers.

@toyintomato... so u're telling me u've just been told this and u are willing to live life as normal? no no nope young miss. thats the first stage of denial, its either u tell me wot u av in store for those two; because i can see through u, u look like u've planned to burn the house down. now unless u pour out ur heart to me, i am afraid u are not leaving my office.

@baroque... and after u stone them to death, where does that leave u? remember killing them doesnt change the fact of how u came into the world. i suggest u sleep for 2days straight, wake up and book an appointment with my secretary.

@darkelcee... u cannot run forever. there is no place to hide remember? come into my office, its ok, u av nothing to fear, am ur friend. now tell me, how do u feel?

On that note my fellow clients, ur sessions are booked, ill see u next week. b4 then give me a brief on how far u're coping.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


So? It’s the new years again right? Good. I know what you are all thinking. New year means new decisions, targets, goals and everything that follows along that line of strenuous-ness with fulfilling your dreams. Here is what am saying, I wish you all the best of whatever you wish for. Miracles and blessings darlings, and kisses too.

Well I have decided this year to start a series called ‘what would you do’? So you beautiful people can always have something new to read whenever you come round. Kind of like a skit in between my diary updates when nothing interesting is going on in my life, I will give you something to ponder upon. Orite?

Here’s the first one.

What would you do?

If you were sat down by your parents and informed that in true fact, your father is your grandfather as well. They both started this ludicrous liaison when your mother was eight, and instead of your mother to feel disgust and hate towards your father/grandfather like most normal people would do, she loved him, and would do every and anything to satisfy him including agree to marry him and have you,

Obviously now it's all clear to you why you have never seen your cousins, you don’t know of any blood tied aunties and uncles and both your maternal and paternal grandparents died before you were born.

It comes clear why mum has so much respect for dad and why he is way older to. She doesn’t argue with him, she does everything he says and he treats her just like he treats you.

When last two years you stumbled on mum talking to someone on the phone and she used the word ‘sister’, when you asked she told you it was a nun on the phone, one she used to know a long time ago. It felt strange because you were sure of what you heard, it couldn’t have been just a nun, it was well personal, she talked to the person on the receiving end as being the only sister she had and why nobody is acquiescent with the fact that she loves dad very dearly. You could have sworn your grandparents were not alive, so who was mum referring to? Well she managed to soothe the turbulence in your temperamental soul, so you forgot about it.

but now this is it, mum and dad sorry granddad, no, dad-granddad, oh granddad dad arrrh! whatever; are sitting staring at you waiting for you to speak.

Go on darling, what do you say? Speak.