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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

ay ay ay.... just me talking or is it thinking.

...even i am scared to blog. not scared but boi! has it been a while. am here thinking how is this done again? do i just strip my thoughts into a readily blank page and show the world? or do i write like am talking to that mystic fellow in my brain? the one i often talk to sometimes out loud where friends think me crazy. then i thought nah... i'll write; not for writing itself's sake but because i have all these things to say.... although i have no idea where to start from or what topic to select in the folder of my brain...

Am in a new city... obviously we got that cleared... Am still single... yeah because relationships are strange now... scary piece of frigging sh*t. lol! nahhh thats harse. i mean with a suitable person its beautiful... ay ay...problem is who is suitable now ey? relationships around me are so scary and believe sex is the problem... no, not sex... free sex and greed. ones like; ure so greedy u want ur girl's best mate... or u think he's too perfect for ur girl u want a slice or that too, just share in the public cake uh? he he lol! or lets think of married men chasing skirts... check out a single lady thinking that married man loves her more than he does his wife... dream on sister.

that leaves me wondering, could it be a power thing? could it be that men think they have a sort of power over a woman when they have slept with her and in their quest to feel energised with the fluid of the power fuel they ran round in circle to see where the next woman to enslave in their ego cage lies... then i wonder maybe women have decided that Yes finally liberation since the discovery of the clit... ever since sex was no more boring... how sad it will be to be stuck with just this short stick man. why cant i have juliet's bloke he's got a big one and remember there is my clit. YAY! dat should be fun. lol! anyway am not even about to get into this whole riddle ringt now... i have been doing too many thinking and even complicating my own thoughts sef. i tell you ern... too much of everything dries up your body cells.

so... where was i? oh yeah i dont know what to write or where to start from i'll give you bits and pieces, lets make guys the topic.

guy 1: not my type, good looking, nice, down-2-earth, fun loving and professional skilled. why is he not my type again??? emmmm... cos he's not. so i play it down with him, although cos he's in love with me as he declared and has a huge heart, he's one of my closest friends. with this guys i could be 100% undiluted razz and not care. lol. he's lovely really. shame he's not my type.

guy 2: alright looking, professional skilled, my type but full of ego and self pride: i am so good at knowing when to stop that i hardly ever go wrong kind of attitude. its good sometimes but other times it leaves a sour taste that just puts him in the immature category. a lil' bit over the top if u know what a mean. now the problem with guy 2 is denial insecurities. apparently i work out to be a challenge that he cannot phantom, so he carries on with a blase attitude that makes him look like a headless chicken running round in circles. thats he's cup of tea not mine. story for another day.

guy 3: professionally skilled today there's this girl he is checking out. tomorrow he is fancing rugby players on tv. day after tomorrow he thinks all the cute guys at the mall are checking him out. ohh and he just remembered, he's ex has just broken up with him and he is broken hearted so now he is depressed. this is my take: fringing make up ur mind... are u gay, vain, broken hearted, all thats mentioned or just plain confused? but he is my friend so i accommodate him. and wait for it; he is making moves on mi. ayy ayyy. i beg ohh. comot road.

guy 4: professional skilled just like guy 1 and 2, good looking. could be my type except he is not. different religion and for religious reasons its bye bye mister man. sweet guy though determined to make me his girl. but ermmm thats a shame now isnt it. **sigh**.

so.... on the yadi note. i'll leave you guys here.
for the record: am alive hail hearty and living life to the full.

ignore any mistakes am at work....
by the way how is it that am posting on 22nd of april and its showing 1st of march. hmmmm dats interesting anyway i have amended it the little way i know.
love u guys