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Thursday, 29 January 2009

...lets aim for the bigger piece

... the thing is everybody believes they deserve to be loved. when has love not been an issue for women? i am begining to wonder if the search for love is on the same scale for guys as it is for women. This whole thing is becoming so bogus to me. its like the guys are extremely confident that whenever they are ready, love will find its way and i must say, they often get ten times lucky. should women be as patient as men on their quest of the 'right' one? is that why we get done over time and time again? that we rush things and we are to eager for something to erupt while the guys are so chilled out?

the guys on the other hand would not settle for what they think less. in other words; they do not settle (at least not everytime, sometimes they fall short thought). its amazing that only a few men stay miserable in a relationship becuase once they get bored they find other means to keep them happy; be it chill with their boys, absord in football, books, video games, other making money means or simply go get down with some next woman.

on other hand, the women find themselves settling for less for one to many reason or the other and end up miserable as fcuk in their relationship and for shame of pretend happiness being reveled they remain in the shit hole.

is life unfair or do we dig our well of sadness with out own hands.

i think i am begining to think like a man, because it looks like they are getting the bigger piece of the cake and like oliver twist 'i want more'.


until my schedule permits me another post.


before you start thinking i was done over by a guy, i wasnt. i was just thinking.