MY Addiction

Sunday, 16 December 2007

8 things that could officially make me a weirdo.

Imagine how busy i have been, it took me almost a week to post this. i started by writing one at a time until i finished 5days after i started. This is serious. some1 please help i need ideas for dessertation anyone? (what do you know about globalisation and UK trade market? i cannot narrow it down and am sweating. i need a target point, otherwise i might have to change my topic altogether, that would cut like a knife after all these research).
Finally anyway here it is;
Written, Stamped, Signed, Approved and Tossed ur way

i laugh to relieve tension and any sort of confronting emotions.

say some1 is in a rage with me and attacking me on the aspect, i start to laugh, very annoying i know. but as every1 says now, its not you its me. lol! that line is the perfect shut up line.

i talk to myself on a regular

conversations, question and answer sessions, arguments, confrontations, everthing u can imagine, i even rebel against myself, just to make my alter ego get the point. it's so bad sometimes that i put on my ear piece so on-lookers would think am talking on the phone. lol! i know, horrible shea? but i really enjoy it.

i sing alot.

on the road, at work, on the train, on the tube, in the bathroom. and trust me, i dont have the best voice but i just love me some singing. reason why i love musicals; so i can sing along, and why i cant do without a music player. dont sit beside me on the train if u dont like people who hum to whatever they are listening to.

music is my fix

u'll see me having a dancing fit with any song i consider good enough to move to, on the road i shake side to side in what i consider an un-noticed way, am sure u'll notice. never try surprise hook up with me at a bus stop, ill surprise u if am alone, u just might find me grooving away. lol. most of all, i bounce alot in the car, like a little spoit brat. ha, sometimes i tire myself, honestly i dont know what ill ever do without me though.

i stand infront of my mirror naked

every morning when i wake, i take off my pj's or nitey and stand in front of the mirror, when am in my bedroom alone that is. so dont think u'll be seeing me naked if u come spend the night. sorry, that wouldnt happen.

i am a sucker for books.

i love reading, novels, manuals, intructions, everything. ill get a new phone and read every single little booklet that comes with it, or buy cereal and read every writing on the box. i guess thats how i successfully set up a glass dining table and 4 leather chairs i bought my mum from argos for her 50th almost 2years ago, that took me like the whole day. my mother was so amazed, and no mistakes were made too.

i have also formed an habit of buying two books every month; like i pay my rent, phone bill, card bills, cable bill and whs bill for 2 books lol. as much as i love reading books, i hate love stories i cannot stand reading a book based on love. yuck! mills and boon pure trash, i've read two my whole life, absolute waste of my time, i wish i could actually have the times i spent reading them back. in as much as i love reading, when it comes to studying, am a lazy bugger! thatz my weakness, i find it really weird.

i am terrible at keeping records

here is the thing, you take me to a restaurant and believe me, by the next day i dont know what area it was in or what the restaurant's name is called, i just know i had a good meal. this happens all time especially when some1 takes me on a night out, my friends get so pissed off with me cos i come back to talk about how lovely the bar or club was but never remember what location or name it is. all i need is my mobile phone and bank card and i believe i can follow you to the ends of the world and come back home in one piece, by His grace.

i lost 3 ipods, a psp and a mobile phone all in one year.

tell me that aint weird? trust me, am extremely careful i dont know how i managed that? now i have gotten the gist, there's an ipod karma working against me. am totally on mobile walkman now. my house mate who loves morning sleep ran down the stairs from sleep one morning on my way out to work because i told him the night before that ill be borrowing his ipod. guess wot he came to say? he went lighty, with sleepy eyes and all, please i beg u, dont lose my ipod, please please please be extremely careful with it, and bring it back home. how embarassing is that? he could lend me his life and not worry about me losing it, because he'ld be sure i wouldnt but with ipods? *shaking my head* different story. Sorry apple that product is not just made for me, OBVIOUSLY. as for the psp and mobile phone, total fluke! it just so happened.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


So long it has been with me and blogville but never mind people I have just been busy. Hail and hearty though, plus my birthday was last saturday, wish me a belated one.

Down to this.

I went for this get together one of my male friends invited me to, it was full of young black and sexy people, beautiful faces, smily and happy. umm I wonder what makes so many people all happy at the same time. Am guessing it was the alcoholic drinks though cause that kind of excitement was far far beyond me.

AJ the friend that took me to this get together warned me about some guy chilling on our far right; keep away from that nigger, in his exact words and before I could even ask why he made his way to say wotzup to some prettygirllies in corset tops.

So there was me sipping on the champagne some guy poured me and thinking to myself when we gonna start making it home, not that I wasnt enjoying the party or nothing, it was full of cool people I presume but with no one I knew. In my thinking someone tugged me from behind, it was that nigger on the far right, I didnt even notice him making his way, this guy was so irrestibly cute. umm so cute I thought Ill melt into his eyes alone, kind of reminded me of Scofields eyes, some fine boy like that. If not for what AJ said earlier, I was ready to start my great rapport skills with him.

Am AY he said (trust me, its not AYO incase u started thinking that. AY is the combination of his first and last name). Well am lighty then, lighty kopearl LK lol! um lighty kopearl? he asked, looking at me with curious eyes. Yeah whatever, the guy was already pissing me off sef. I was about to walk away from him when he told me he was a good dancer and would like to show me his skills on the dance floor. Shea I like dancing now, I followed him to the middle where it was already noted to be the dance floor.

Imagine this idiot boy ohh, the energy he used in grabbing my butt was outta this world, I was more shocked than embarassed but his grip was too strong on me. I bagan to shake like a jelly fish, trying to break myself free, but his grin was extremely evil extra extra evil. Before I knew what was going on AJ came in and landed a punch on AY's face, AY broke me free and staggered all at the same time. In what seemed like a minute he threw a punch back at AJ that caused him a nose bleed. At this point, I was so confused on what to do, a couple of guys held AY has it looked like he was about to do something else.

AJ grabbed me and we left the place, I was so sorry for him and sad because he warned me about the silly surd, but then what would I have done? The guy looked decent at first, I thought AJ was being over protective, maybe cause the guy is cute and he thought I would probably be too happy to mingle with him but heyyy! am sorryyyy AJ about your broken nose, dont sue me. as for the knuckle headed roughian AY bugger off. U silly salami.

Well I helped AJ in dressing his nose when we reached his house and *cough* you would never guess what happened, he kissed me. This is serious, I mean AJ is fine and all but ehn I kind of see him more as a brother and this kissing thing made me extremely uncomfortable. I told him, he shouldnt have, and the look on his face was like someone gave him another punch that blew off his ears. Even with that, we managed to watch a movie and listen to some of the new songs on his playlist. He actually introduced me to AYO's down on my knees, one of the songs on my playlist, never heard of her till then. she's really good I think plus the girl is Naija, I couldnt believe it.

As for now things are cool with AJ and I but is it me or is he looking at me in that kind of way guys look at girls when they are attracted to them? Whatever! I think i'll have to shove the thought down, all the way to the back of me head.

Blogville, am sorry, I've been mad busy and still would be till like middle of febuary.

NB: That guy I blogged about thinking I could have a relationship with, if you remember that is. It turns out I cant. Infact I've kicked him to the kerb already and that one is a story for a another day. He had a twitch I just cant deal with and am not even ready to start trying this early. so, there.