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Sunday, 16 December 2007

8 things that could officially make me a weirdo.

Imagine how busy i have been, it took me almost a week to post this. i started by writing one at a time until i finished 5days after i started. This is serious. some1 please help i need ideas for dessertation anyone? (what do you know about globalisation and UK trade market? i cannot narrow it down and am sweating. i need a target point, otherwise i might have to change my topic altogether, that would cut like a knife after all these research).
Finally anyway here it is;
Written, Stamped, Signed, Approved and Tossed ur way

i laugh to relieve tension and any sort of confronting emotions.

say some1 is in a rage with me and attacking me on the aspect, i start to laugh, very annoying i know. but as every1 says now, its not you its me. lol! that line is the perfect shut up line.

i talk to myself on a regular

conversations, question and answer sessions, arguments, confrontations, everthing u can imagine, i even rebel against myself, just to make my alter ego get the point. it's so bad sometimes that i put on my ear piece so on-lookers would think am talking on the phone. lol! i know, horrible shea? but i really enjoy it.

i sing alot.

on the road, at work, on the train, on the tube, in the bathroom. and trust me, i dont have the best voice but i just love me some singing. reason why i love musicals; so i can sing along, and why i cant do without a music player. dont sit beside me on the train if u dont like people who hum to whatever they are listening to.

music is my fix

u'll see me having a dancing fit with any song i consider good enough to move to, on the road i shake side to side in what i consider an un-noticed way, am sure u'll notice. never try surprise hook up with me at a bus stop, ill surprise u if am alone, u just might find me grooving away. lol. most of all, i bounce alot in the car, like a little spoit brat. ha, sometimes i tire myself, honestly i dont know what ill ever do without me though.

i stand infront of my mirror naked

every morning when i wake, i take off my pj's or nitey and stand in front of the mirror, when am in my bedroom alone that is. so dont think u'll be seeing me naked if u come spend the night. sorry, that wouldnt happen.

i am a sucker for books.

i love reading, novels, manuals, intructions, everything. ill get a new phone and read every single little booklet that comes with it, or buy cereal and read every writing on the box. i guess thats how i successfully set up a glass dining table and 4 leather chairs i bought my mum from argos for her 50th almost 2years ago, that took me like the whole day. my mother was so amazed, and no mistakes were made too.

i have also formed an habit of buying two books every month; like i pay my rent, phone bill, card bills, cable bill and whs bill for 2 books lol. as much as i love reading books, i hate love stories i cannot stand reading a book based on love. yuck! mills and boon pure trash, i've read two my whole life, absolute waste of my time, i wish i could actually have the times i spent reading them back. in as much as i love reading, when it comes to studying, am a lazy bugger! thatz my weakness, i find it really weird.

i am terrible at keeping records

here is the thing, you take me to a restaurant and believe me, by the next day i dont know what area it was in or what the restaurant's name is called, i just know i had a good meal. this happens all time especially when some1 takes me on a night out, my friends get so pissed off with me cos i come back to talk about how lovely the bar or club was but never remember what location or name it is. all i need is my mobile phone and bank card and i believe i can follow you to the ends of the world and come back home in one piece, by His grace.

i lost 3 ipods, a psp and a mobile phone all in one year.

tell me that aint weird? trust me, am extremely careful i dont know how i managed that? now i have gotten the gist, there's an ipod karma working against me. am totally on mobile walkman now. my house mate who loves morning sleep ran down the stairs from sleep one morning on my way out to work because i told him the night before that ill be borrowing his ipod. guess wot he came to say? he went lighty, with sleepy eyes and all, please i beg u, dont lose my ipod, please please please be extremely careful with it, and bring it back home. how embarassing is that? he could lend me his life and not worry about me losing it, because he'ld be sure i wouldnt but with ipods? *shaking my head* different story. Sorry apple that product is not just made for me, OBVIOUSLY. as for the psp and mobile phone, total fluke! it just so happened.

24 finger tappings:

laspapi said...

I talk to myself too, lighty, but not running conversations where I have to wear an ear-pice ;P And I love to sing. I practice dance moves while driving. I bet there's a chance for a sport called The Drive-Dance.

Carlang said...

In one post you make me push and pull me away.
You love standing in front of the mirror in the nude.
Dont get me started on the visions i have of that image.

You lost a Psp.
In my world that's cardinal sin number one. Psp? The worlds greatest e-companion?
You lost it.
Isnt that a federal crime.

SO with one push away and a pull towards , we are exactly where we started.

Me missing you terribly.
Where have you been my dear?

And yes..
I did notice.

lovely Nighty by the way.


Oh my, you have a knack for being careless with expensive electronic gadgets, eh? Pele oh! Hahaha. This was good to read.

Enjy Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

desperate lady said...

O darling ur not weird, if i think ur weird then i must be weird cos we're so much alike. I sing everywhere even at work or before and after a meeting. People are sick of me and you'll think i have a good voice right.....nope!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, ur such a sweetie, no wonder those anons won't let u be.
And yeh my dad was very very naughty.

Zephi said...

hehehehe...weird girl..that fact we established a long time ago

i stand naked in front of the mirrow, the slightest opportunity I get...morning afternoon and night looking for the any changes..

glad your back

little miss me said...

3 ipods,PSP and a,you are definitely a weirdo.

Afrobabe said...

hi weirdo, nice to have you back...was begining to think you had gone and gotten married on us...

loose ipods and psp??? that is like loosng a mobile phone...a NO NO...

diary of a G said...

wow you should have told me you were a walking freak!! I kid

I get carried away with that talking to myself thing also

Olamild said...


Complements of the season

desperate lady said...

hey dont deprive us of an update before the newyear.

che-e-ly said...

Everyone with an active mind tends to soliloquise so, don't worry ur head. u neva reach the borderline.

"i lost 3 ipods, a psp and a mobile phone all in one year."
e be like say U dey do Yahoo Yahoo so ur magas dey pay big time. (LOL)

but u really suppose dey careful. Money hard gan, esp for 9ja!

guerreiranigeriana said...

did i say happy new year yet?...if not, happy new year!!!...i loved reading this...i talk to myself too...sometimes in portuguese or spanish, just to practice while i work out an issue...sometimes the sessions are so intense that i make myself cry... did you lose all that stuff?...geesh! must have your head in the clouds!!...haha...nice post...

Anonymous said...

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teediva said...

and i thot i was weird! weirdo, u are so but we all have our own little scoin scoin.

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