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Monday, 1 November 2010

*Much ado About absolutely noThing*

oh my dayz its been a lonnnng time. but as old flames always find a way back into your life. i found my way back to blogging but this time ' settling in with life in Nigeria...@ least 4 a year. That is what i say to myself to get by.

Been 4months and a bit in far... so good. i have gone beyond all that culture shock...but i must say my shock absorber gets a overload sumtimes...metaphorically speaking. However there is absolutely no place like home, nowhere else will accommodate you like your father land and somehow 'mama's cooking always taste beha'.

omo there are no decent men in abuja o. chai! i don suffer. so so married men na e dey. after the married men we have the golddigger single men...a step down the ladder, there are the young lads who have total disregard for women. Abuja is on a whole 'nother level on its own. it has so much inside information...nothing on the outside. like how everybody is lazy with work but yet manage to rake in billions of naira. only in anuja town do you see decent looking guys with flashy cars who literally live in their csrs. yes! they do no have a place to call home. whereever they end up is where they crash and when they do not succeed in finding a place for the night they simply crash in their cars. Abj is the only place you hear extremely bizzare stories on a daily basis and no one is surprised. for instance as i type a girl lies in the national hospital, her breats are extremely swollen and worms r coming out of them. how so u might wonder. she was proposed 1million in cash for her breast to be sucked. she got the money before the act, later rendered her service and the result u already read. 5 girls went out of kubwa nysc camp and 1 has gone missing. a body of a girl was dumbed infront of the gate with a 100thousand on her chest. to us abuja residents...this is absolute day to day activity. a liltte bit like waking in the morning and brushng your teeth. the days weeks and months roll into my year...follow mi on my journey into discovery abuja the great. i hold backs...i'll let it all out. look out for my first installment...monday 8th of december. it'll blow your mind.

miss y'all.....ur one and only
Lighty Neferet.