MY Addiction

Monday, 23 June 2008


Deeper, deeper, deeper arghhhh ! Fill me up babbbbbbbbbbbby. Ummm. Yeahhh. I feel your hardness deep inside of me, your, brick body pressing against my soft succulent supple breast, your sweat smoothing our bodies in this celebration of our sexual connection. I have wanted you and you me. And what a blissful wait it had been. Now am here moaning endlessly under your hardness.

You had called me telling me you were coming over just like you always do. You would come over and we would sit in front of the fire, read erotic poetry while feeding each other ice cream and cakes with soft music playing in the background. It had become a ritual like somehow without saying a word for 2months we were carefully and tactically nursing our sexual beast. Feeding it with thick raw sexual fantasies, harshly teasing and driving it to an insane territory where it cannot be contained no more.

Today you came along and just in the middle of our ritual we exploded simultaneously, as if possessed you poured the ice cream down my neck instead of my throat, and in the process tore open my shirt where my ever bouncy breasts were tugging to be freed. My breasts bounced at the intensity and like a command by them you slowly took one of them into your mouth; the left one, a mouth full of it and started to make a circular rotation on my hard erect nipples with your tongue. I tilt my head backwards and make a loud ah sound whilst grabbing hold of your head. You lift up your head and meet my eyes with your hot passion longing eyes, moved closer and engulfed my lips with your thick pillow soft lips. We kiss like we would devour our lips and possibly tear them into shreds. Slowly and ever so passionately you raise up both my legs, your lips still full on mine.

Feet on the ground, knees up, your hand makes its way to my between and at the first contact with my cunt I take a deep breath, you partition my panties and glide a finger into my hole, sliding it in and out in a circular motion. Now am gasping for breath in sweet ecstasy and you respond by sliding two fingers in, pushing them in and out of my honey jar of love. At this point my honey is flowing freely and I beg for you to step into my chambers. Ignoring my plea you pull me up, turn me around unto all fours take off my skirt and pull down my panties. You spread my leg apart and bury your head into my sweet goodness; I moan louder now, head up facing the roof while you eat me out like a hot piece of cake. Your tongue licking my free flowing juices, and sucking me out as if sucking on oranges. Come to think of it, I thought you would suck me into a desert.

You grab my rounded ass and squeeze them, then you slap both cheeks tenderly so they bounce in crazy excitement. You bury your head back into my jar and this time I explode in hot bliss into your mouth, my liquid free flowing and you seeming to love it. I look over my shoulder to meet your eyes, my eyes telling you how sexually savvy you are. I come over to you and take your erect hardness into my hands rubbing it gently and kissing you softly on the lips. You respond breathlessly and motion me down. I peck the tip of your manhood allowing myself build a rapport with it then open my mouth wide enough to accommodate your fullness. With you in my mouth I tighten my lips on your hardness and slid in and out, when I get to the cap of your hardness, I form the habit of caressing it with my tongue then take you full in my month again, slide down, come back up and caress the cap in with my tongue.

You cannot take it anymore so you pick me up and settle me on your hardness, my legs tight around your waist. You back me up the wall and drive me in that position deeply thrusting. I moan and whisper softly in your ears; deeper, deeper, deeper arghhhh! Fill me up babbbbbbbbbbbby. I hear a loud disturbing sound preventing me from concentrating and pulling me away from you. I open my eyes, look at my alarm. Damn! Am late for work. I dash into the bathroom wash up, dress up and rush out the house again for the third time this week.

Thursday, 12 June 2008


Oh this ish is funny i have to share. Am here still at work by the way and am so sorry am hardly even on blogville not to talk of updating. Am too busy, am getting a transfer to another city so i need too much money to move and all that. ummm! the way i perambulate this UK sef! u'll think my father owns the land. i am very well acquitted with 8 cities that is i can take you on a tour in those cities. Dont even ask how many i have visited instead ask how many i haven't visited. ok ok maybe datz exaggerated but u get the gist.

so baroque!!! that reward am i eligible??? (YES? NO? i mean, i found me, don't that count?)

To my 5mins ago gist: was here sitting at my desk tending to customers when this cute sounding bloke comes on, am sure the guy is fit too, from his voice i could tell.

age; 26
occupation: mortgage broker (ummm...)
vehicle (BMW),value (£64,000). (wow! 4 his age the guy is pimping honest).

so i was here flirting my way to his pocket sounding in my sexiest voice and all and believe me, we bonded. well. lol! (i love his pocket and his pocket love me back. ha ha).
only 4 bloke to ask for my name again coz he didnt get it initially.
i tell him Lighty.
bloke: lighty?
me: yeah lighty, still on sexy voice mode.
bloke: oh! my dog's called Lighty.
me: face red, not happy, not amused, not having it. at all.

say i manage my way to bloke's pocket, what are the chances of calling your girl the same name as your dog??? arghh!!! thatz awful.

bloke senses my dissaproval and goes on to say; but 'he's a very beautiful dog and am sure if you are half as beautiful as he is you are a very lucky lady.
argggggggggggggggghhh!!! STOP right there, but i didnt say that tho.
To be honest anyone in his situation would be short of what to say, so i let him off, at least he tried.
we'll be speaking on wednesday, lets see if my surname would be his gold fish's name this time around.
but he sounded real cute tho and for his pocket Lighty can be his zoo's name for all i care.
love u all. fingers crossed i'ld be rolling blogville in no time (i beg u give me 2weeks and u'ld mos def chase me off).

~kisses my pretty pebbles. muah~