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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Just a little different....

Yeah... so i havent done this for ages just cos i never felt the spirit to but somehow this has been cripping on on. Been sneaking in and out blogville to see wotz up. Through my observation, aint much as happened really. Boi! have i been on a rollercoaster ride this past year??? my answer to that will be OH YES!!!! but somehow through what appears to be life's way on trying to throw me off balance, I remain steady, happy and not shaken. I has a bizzare fling/relationship with some dude that thought he was making a fast one on me. You know one of them people that think they are playing you and deep that you think to yourself you aint man enough to play me how dumb of you to think you're out-smarting me? so with him i had this rubbish relationship, apart from the fact he was soooo shit in bed, he was also the most jealous, insecure and sad sad muthafucker i ever met in bwt he started acting funny so i let him go. it appears he wanted to go anyways. so shall i say i released him. If it was in a situation whereby i actually really cared, i would say i got played. noooooooooooooo. yea it would have been that. it i couldnt careless. thereby, it didnt really work out as he planned.

ohhh... this is funny, i had another relationship this year. oh this one was actually my boyfriend, for two weeks. aha ha ah ah ah ah. thinking about it makes me laugh. cos as soon as i broke up with him, i forger i had a boyfriend. i only just remembered him now talking of a relationship, how wierd?

forget boiz, i have had the most amazing year of my life. the most successful for me for far. and the most progessive year too. been on 3 holidays including Nigeria and i just might be relocating to naij early next year. we shall see. hopefully i will cope. considering am a tough figther. or ammmm i??? no be naij??? i go survive jor. and if i cannot... abeg jand is only but six hours away. ill just come back. e no hard.

well hopefully am back on blogville. i will return to share all my turnovers in details, right now i say Thank you Jesus. for through it all u keep a smile on my face.

this was free style so free any typos aiit????