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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

6 unspectacular quirks

Well in my last post I said I was going to write from the rollercoaster of an alleged player, blame JINTA for this cause he decided to tag me. Just when I thought finally I’ve escaped tagging Jinta appeared and played a fast one.

Regular visitors am sure u must have thought u came the wrong way when u appeared on my blog, different template and totally different kind of song playing and the whole dark angel and naked lady silhouette. I really cannot explain it too. I know that lollipop song is one that caught me off guard. I never ever, ever, listen to lil’wayne. I have no idea about any of his other songs but my friend was complaining of how her housemate is using the lollipop song to taunt her and why she doesn’t know what the hype about lollipop is. She came to me the next day and was singing lollipop. Am thinking ok wot happened to lollipop taunting you? She went further to say ‘that song is catchy menh’ am like if you say so. I went home got the song on my phone, listened to it once, said ok, listened to it the second time and I think the beat got to me. It was on repeat all through yesterday. There you have it. To listen to my regulars, just skip it if you’re not a fan. Better still put ur respective PCs on mute.
Right! Let’s get to this

The rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you - Jinta
2. Mention the rules in your blog – here they are. Yeahhhh this one. Arhh wot u r like????
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours – six, not more. Let me think, do I have up to six??? We’ll see about that.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them – would do, hopefully they have not been tagged yet.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged – ok ok, can I breathe now? Gosh!

1. Unspectacular quirk…. I see all my results in my dream. In full detail too. Whether good or bad. This often happens 2weeks before exam or before results.

2. Be sure I would have a crush on you if I ever find out you have a crush on me even if I have never noticed you before. Guaranteed I’ll start seeing you in a different light. But please don’t make the mistake of taking the crush further because the moment you come up to admit it face-to-face. The crush in me dies. Aint that weird???

3. I cannot sleep at night without having a cup of tea or at least a hot drink, if I don’t I better have a huge jug of water by my bed side; because I am sure to cough throughout the night. Literally cough through the night. Arrghh! Sometimes it really is frustrating, honest.

4. I cannot keep a malice; not because I am a good person or I am nice or anything, cause honestly I am not that nice believe me. I don’t keep malice because; wait for it; I am too proud to keep a malice. I’ll explain myself; I don’t think anyone is worth my time enough to keep me angry. I know, I know, that is really horrible of me to say but it is true. That's exactly how I feel. Am sorry, really, I am.

5. I have a tasteless habit of not keeping in contact with family. I haven’t spoken to 2 of my brothers in like 3weeks, I know you may think 3weeks is not that bad, but they call me almost everyday, not exaggerating. I miss the calls, cause I am either sleeping, or at work, or in the bathroom. And I haven’t picked up my phone to even ring back to say I saw your missed calls. I have had the intention to get a phone card since last week but the hours I live now are weird. I get to sleep at 7am in the morning cos all night I am doing school work or my final project.

6. I often think about myself in the future with my grandchildren, not my children, never my children, always my grandchildren. I don’t know why, I don’t even know who sits down to fantasize about their kids, let alone their grandkids. Boy! I amaze myself sometimes.

And there you have it, I'll be back since I seem to be on blogville so much these days, wonder why.

I tag jaja, atutupoyoyo, bumight, la reine, jaycee, and pink-satin

Don't know wot happened to my lollipop song but here's the video, u can knock urselves out.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Stuck in middle of my crossroad.

Don’t y’all find the word who’s your daddy during sex utterly disturbing? Isn’t it the sickest ish you ever heard in your life? For starters why would I want to have sex with my daddy, second why should I picture my daddy having sex with me when u are pulling my hair in hot xtacy??? All I can say is y’all have a nasty nasty mind. Lol! (for the randomness).

Sure u’re wondering what came about this mind, I miss love. Damn! I haven’t been in love for what seem like 2years now. HELP!!!!! Am frigging lonely. I never thought ill ever say this, but there you have it, I am shouting it, LIGHTY IS FRIGGING LONELY.

I can’t be bothered to start a relationship with the people asking. They are not my cup of tea, and even loneliness would not claim the better part of me. Can u imagine I almost entered into a long distance relationship because of loneliness? I am talking Nigeria- England kind of relationship. Nahhh menh! Ern ern.

I know you would conveniently say it is not about the distance but the person. Yeah yeah yeah wotever. It is so about the distance, mehn I can’t. Am sorry.

The guy in question is good looking though, got his own business and all and oh so dresses to impress. But along with all this comes his arrogance. That I know am fly and I know you know kind of arrogance. That is one absolute turnoff mehn. I can’t deal with that. But to be fair he’s been on my case for what seem like 4years now though. He was in my Uni before he finished and transported himself to naija to settle into family business. Obviously when he was on my case I had a boyfriend and didn’t even give him the time of day, with his fly self and huge arrogance lol! After I broke it off with my ex. His plea was very much intense and I actually considered a relationship with him then the goat picked himself up and did a marathon all the way to Nigeria. Now he’s back to hunt me again. This time he wants me and long distance. That is 2marks down for the guy. Arrogance and distance.
On the other hand Lighty is in like with someone else. Someone that I don’t think is in like with me though. Now isn’t that a damn shame??? Argh! Life is so funny.

This person I talk to a lot of the time, almost everyday and have shared a few ‘fun’ times with too. Only for him to turn around to say am his good friend. F good friends. The funny thing is in as much as I have a lot of pride and ego. I just can’t get this person off my head. Note; he just might be reading this and I really don’t give a F if he is. I believe my blog is made for my mind and even He wouldn’t stop me from saying exactly what I want.

As I was saying, I really like this person that may be reading this post but does not like me in the way I want, I can’t stop myself from liking him still. Even though I have never told him this, I expect he knows I do.

Damn! I need to fall in love, and I think he is holding me back because 1) I cant like 2 people at the same time, I have a problem doing that and ever since I started rolling round this guy i have refused to like any1 else. 2) I have missed out on 2 of what I presume would have been good relationships.

I am beginning to think maybe I really don’t like him that much, and maybe because I am still trying to figure out why he does not feel a certain way about me, I am so attached to him. So until I get to the bottom of it I am going to be chained to Him. Honestly, sometimes I think I punish myself sef. Thing is I have never had any1 I am close to not like me in that way. I guess there is a start for everything or should I say welcome to the real world Lighty, alas! the world doesn’t revolve round you. Damn! That hurts. Lol.

His excuse is he is not ready for a relationship; my explanation for this is I am not his type of person. But my question is why all this then? I think the phone conversations and visiting should stop because he is really getting in the way of what I am feeling.

I also believe that no matter what, if anyone comes across their kind of person, they would be ready regardless or what do y’all think.

So here I am, stuck in the middle, cant move forward, not ready to pull back, giving guys a hard time and lonely as hell. Damn! Am lonely.

P.S. if you are reading, I really don’t give a shit. I still like you anyway. I have never said this to you before, so there you have it. Prove is prove. Lol!

My next post would be from: THE ROLLERCOASTER OF AN ALLEGED PLAYER. stay tuned.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Unacceptable Ordeal

Sad story, every time I remember it, it chips the top left corner of my heart. Lol.

Here is the gist.

I think there was something about me in high school that made people automatically think the worst of me. I swear then teachers look at me and just want to give me a whipping. Why? Cause as far as they were concerned I was bad. Not like I made it easy on my self though, my school skirt was short and tight, my school shoes were always high but I was mighty good and clever. I only wish they gave themselves time out to know me before head-on judging me.

An incident occurred one day. A terrible, terrible one. It was a week after mid-term break of my last year in high school. My friends had spent the short holiday in my home but we decided to stay a week longer just so we didn’t have to sneak out of school to attend a party we were dying to attend. It was either staying home the extra week or not going to the party at all. Sneaking out of school was one thing I never saw myself doing even though I had friends who went clubbing frequently and didn’t seem to have a problem with sneaking out. I on the other hand was extremely grounded and too deciplined for all that.

Getting to school there was a meeting in the main hall of for final year students and all the teachers and soldiers (in case u do not know, I went to a military high school) seem to be there. Unfortunately one of the girls (C) that went home with me had a brother in the same year, the other (L)’s father was a teacher. Apparently, L told her father she was spending the holidays at C’s house because L and I lived in the same city, it would have been pointless saying she was coming to mine. Now because C’s bother arrived school a week before C and L, it was chaos in school with L’s father worried has to where his daughter had spent the mid-term break. So as soon as we arrived, there were messages waiting.

We were summoned to the teachers department by my English teacher, and she took it upon herself to do the questioning. At some point during the holidays, she had waved at me from a moving car while I was with a friend in front of my friend’s house. At another point, she had walked passed my house with me standing in front of the gate with my bothers and 3 of my bothers’ friends (six guys in total) and we had a little chat on how the holiday was going.

Would you believe the heifer after this took it on herself to say she had seen me with my friend wearing a micro- mini skirt and an extreme low cut top? What a huge lie. I was bewildered because 1) I didn’t have a micro mini skirt and even if I did I was never going to wear it to my friend’s house, for her father is a pastor and they don’t even wear trousers in that house, let alone mini skirts. 2). my skirt was below knee length and my top covered every inch of my upper body. 3) I had no idea why on earth she was lying.

The idiot didn’t stop there? She went on to say I was prostituting and that she had seen me with guys in front of a house, she said there were about 11 guys. At this point I was weak. I actually spoke, told her that she knew they were six guys and that half of them were my brothers. This woman went further to say she knew my brothers but that on the day, none of them was there.
She said she knew I had a boyfriend and she wants me to give his name. This was before I had a boyfriend (B) and prior to B I had never been in any form or sort of relationship at all. So I was oblivious to what she was saying. She started whipping me and slapping my cheeks telling me to give her my boyfriend’s name. I told her except she wants me to make up a name, I had no boyfriend.

As her mission was not yet accomplished, she looked around and told the other teachers that it was such a shame I didn’t have a boyfriend, what a pity that in all the guys that use me, none of them was happy enough to make me his girlfriend. The others opened their mouths and one of them said ‘oh my God; so u mean they use u and dump u?’ u wouldn’t believe what happened next. All the female teachers started to cry, they said they were crying for me and asking why a beautiful intelligent girl like me let men take advantage of me like that? They cried because they said the world is such a cruel, cruel place. They cried because they said they wonder how my future was going to turn out with me being a disaster at such a tender age. So I decided to break down and cry with them. I cried because I wanted God to answer my prayers of not prospering any of them in life. I cried because I could see them bear pain all through their remaining years in life. I cried because all their daughters would be used and dumped in the future.

After an hour of interrogation and serious tears in the teachers department, they let me go and do u know that through all of this no one paid attention to L and C? Absolutely unbelievable.
It turned out that L’s father didn’t have a problem with her spending time at my house or coming into school a week late, because there was no teaching that week for some strange reason. Although he was angry with her for not letting him know and getting him worried.

After the ordeal, that stupid English teacher had the audacity to enter me into a nationwide poetry competition. Idiot, idiot, stupid idiot. I gave her the nastiest piece of art imaginable; I just couldn’t be bothered with. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about myself. Too bad.

I don’t think I can ever forget that day of my life, my meeting with a bunch of useless haggard looking fools.