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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

6 unspectacular quirks

Well in my last post I said I was going to write from the rollercoaster of an alleged player, blame JINTA for this cause he decided to tag me. Just when I thought finally I’ve escaped tagging Jinta appeared and played a fast one.

Regular visitors am sure u must have thought u came the wrong way when u appeared on my blog, different template and totally different kind of song playing and the whole dark angel and naked lady silhouette. I really cannot explain it too. I know that lollipop song is one that caught me off guard. I never ever, ever, listen to lil’wayne. I have no idea about any of his other songs but my friend was complaining of how her housemate is using the lollipop song to taunt her and why she doesn’t know what the hype about lollipop is. She came to me the next day and was singing lollipop. Am thinking ok wot happened to lollipop taunting you? She went further to say ‘that song is catchy menh’ am like if you say so. I went home got the song on my phone, listened to it once, said ok, listened to it the second time and I think the beat got to me. It was on repeat all through yesterday. There you have it. To listen to my regulars, just skip it if you’re not a fan. Better still put ur respective PCs on mute.
Right! Let’s get to this

The rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you - Jinta
2. Mention the rules in your blog – here they are. Yeahhhh this one. Arhh wot u r like????
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours – six, not more. Let me think, do I have up to six??? We’ll see about that.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them – would do, hopefully they have not been tagged yet.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged – ok ok, can I breathe now? Gosh!

1. Unspectacular quirk…. I see all my results in my dream. In full detail too. Whether good or bad. This often happens 2weeks before exam or before results.

2. Be sure I would have a crush on you if I ever find out you have a crush on me even if I have never noticed you before. Guaranteed I’ll start seeing you in a different light. But please don’t make the mistake of taking the crush further because the moment you come up to admit it face-to-face. The crush in me dies. Aint that weird???

3. I cannot sleep at night without having a cup of tea or at least a hot drink, if I don’t I better have a huge jug of water by my bed side; because I am sure to cough throughout the night. Literally cough through the night. Arrghh! Sometimes it really is frustrating, honest.

4. I cannot keep a malice; not because I am a good person or I am nice or anything, cause honestly I am not that nice believe me. I don’t keep malice because; wait for it; I am too proud to keep a malice. I’ll explain myself; I don’t think anyone is worth my time enough to keep me angry. I know, I know, that is really horrible of me to say but it is true. That's exactly how I feel. Am sorry, really, I am.

5. I have a tasteless habit of not keeping in contact with family. I haven’t spoken to 2 of my brothers in like 3weeks, I know you may think 3weeks is not that bad, but they call me almost everyday, not exaggerating. I miss the calls, cause I am either sleeping, or at work, or in the bathroom. And I haven’t picked up my phone to even ring back to say I saw your missed calls. I have had the intention to get a phone card since last week but the hours I live now are weird. I get to sleep at 7am in the morning cos all night I am doing school work or my final project.

6. I often think about myself in the future with my grandchildren, not my children, never my children, always my grandchildren. I don’t know why, I don’t even know who sits down to fantasize about their kids, let alone their grandkids. Boy! I amaze myself sometimes.

And there you have it, I'll be back since I seem to be on blogville so much these days, wonder why.

I tag jaja, atutupoyoyo, bumight, la reine, jaycee, and pink-satin

Don't know wot happened to my lollipop song but here's the video, u can knock urselves out.

48 finger tappings:

soupasexy said...

ist? just checking.

Jaycee said...

Lolll @ seeing results in ur head before ur exams. U're not the first person I've heard that from. You guys are weirdossss...lolll!!!

So you skip ur children and go straight to ur're prophesying that u'll live a long and properous life. It's a good thing.

Thanks for the's a miracle that I've done

soupasexy said...

lol u r really quirky!
i also love that song even tho i dont like him. love the template, love the sexy silhuoette, love the naked picsha, dont know those songs or artist tho.
yah!!! am also on ur blogroll
cyber high five love...muah!!

Free-flowing Florida said...

hahahahahaha. fantasize abt grandchildren! d farthest i've ever gone was 2 dream of being pregnant.

Charizard said...

"Be sure I would have a crush on you if I ever find out you have a crush on me even if I have never noticed you before. "

all of a sudden I have a crush on u...

darkelcee said...

this new blog template is hot

Am i on the right blog?

this is beautiful!

Afrobabe said...

wow....I see the furniture has been rearrange in like, me like very much...

Afrobabe said...

I also have a problem with keeping own is that I usually forget we are not talking and receive a shocker when the person blanks

Lighty said...

@sexiness... yep! and ur present???? a box of victory secret and a camera so all u do is take pictures, nothing more. sasha must stay in no going out, dat shuld keep u busy. lol!

@jaycee... can u imagine? d thing fear me too sef. and the grandkids thing, amen to me living long.
but it is weird to me tho. i never picture my kids. i see myself playing with my grandkids, taking them to parks, shopping and the rest. lol. *shaking my head*.

@sexiness... thk u, thk u and thk u. and about the artists on my play list. if u dont at least one of them now, i guess u're porlly never gonna know any artist on my playlist. i only listen to soul, therefore i only av soul and neo-soul artists on my playlist.

@flo... lol. i do, i do. really weird i know but its something i cannot help. wonder why!

@charizard... ha ha at u aving a crush on mi. lol. u got jokes. lol

@darkelcee. yep! u r on the right blog. thx sweetie.

Lighty said...

@afrobabe... thx sweetie. lol @ u gettin a shocker wen the person blanks u. bless u.

Abbie said...

Like your meme, cool.
Have you ever heard the phrase "if I knew grandkids were this fun I would have had them first"??

Lighty said...

@abbie... thx sweetie, i guess i follow the saying then. even mi find it weird.

soupasexy said...

hey, at least i know asa and corine bailey na...i try i try!

Charizard said...

heeey dis babe thinks am jokin...

I have a crush on u...period...

Lighty said...

@sexiness... see??? u gave mi the impression u didnt know any. goood, now it means u'll know at least 2people on my playlist. lol.

howdy do sweets????


well datz the spirit. i av a crush on u too. we dont see face-to-face. so the crush stands. joker. lol!

guerreiranigeriana said...

wow...*looks around...lifts the naked lady up looking for a naked man behind one*...i like it a lot!...interesting as your name is 'lighty' and its so dark... for this lollipop song...kai!!!...God forbid!!!...i have this love/hate relationship with weezie...he hurts my eyes...and the rubbish he raps about just repulses me (can you imagine giving that nasty little gremlin head?...blech!!)...but sometimes his delivery is great...(my lil bros brought that to my attention)...this song sucks!!!...nobody wants to lick his nasty lil ass like no damn lollipop or back up anything to him...anyone with such an ass as he describes would probably knock his lil gremlin ass over...anyway...onto your meme...

...the results you see, are they correct?!...that's crazy yo!...2 weeks before too?!...i wouldn't bother studying...haha... at coughing through the night...sometimes i should just throw this my mind away...all i could think of was, 'gees that would suck for her partner having to hear her coughing all night!...i wonder if she coughs through sex too?'...go figure...just make sure you get your tea/hot drink before bedtime...

...your reason for not being able to keep malice is hilarious...don't be sorry...its funny though... sound like my bro...he'll tell me to call him...when i call, he fact, both of my brothers are like that...but God forbid they should call and you don't call right back...they will start asking you all sorts of if!...

...your grandchildren?!...well, at least you know you'll have children...

...and i hate this raheem song!!! friend was trying to tell me how fresh ole boy was and this song came on...i looked at my friend, like 'what the fuck?'...i started to openly question his ability to identify good music...he assured me the guy had better songs...sorry this comment is sooo long...

Lighty said...

@guerr.. goodness mi babes geesss menh! u made melaff thru this comment of urz. thx for the comment on my beautiful blog. sorry about not aving a man behind the naked woman. trully i am sorry.
i think weezy is greasy too, more slimmy than greasy.

u know my blog has always been light, with the beautiful lady right beside it and all. well there r 2 sides to a coin. like how a woman can be a lady on the street and a freak in bed. yeahh that kind of side. lol. figure?
we all know this is beautiful like u already said, i concur. lol!
@ me coughing thru the night omo menh! me sef i tire. but i try not to forget my tea sha.

me not being able to keep malice, see why it is a quirk??? lol!

yep! we thank God at least i know i would av children

and raheem is great. dont worry i'll zip his latest album to u. tell me wot u think when u're done listening. deal???

bumight said...

if T.I says he doesnt want me, lil wayne is my back up plan...

I'm tagged? hmnnn....lemme go and think of what to write...

Jinta said...

i was going to have a crush on you but since you say you dont want to be told...better not tell so it doesn't die

Lighty said...

@bumight... no bumight no no no, not weezy, step away from the slimmy slug wit medusa hair. u r not allowed to like weezy, i repeat, u r not allowed to like weezy. as for u and T.I, guy has 3kids ohh can u compete with his baby mama??? u sure???

and yep! i'll be over to urz to see if u've come up with anything.

@jinta... so this crush of urz when u av it, is it sasha in ur head? as in u put the name lighty in sasha's sexy image uhhh! make sure when u do that sasha is light skinned sha.
i dont mind so long as u call my name its fine with mi, i dont av to know who u're cooking up in ur head. like the saying goes "wot u don't know don't hurt u"

now i know u av a crush on mi. we'll do just fine with this crush of ourz. we're not seeing face-2-face.

remember, 'lighty'.


Anonymous said...

crying cos u tagged me!!!!

Carlang said...

Rotten Potatoes.
Smelly fish.

I'm convinced that your blog is out to get me.
It eats up every single comment i leave behind.

Which is why i'm lacing my comment with as many disgusting things as i can think off.
Dead rat.
Maybe then it'll leave my comments and go eat someone elses.

Micheal JAcksons left ear.

My my.
You do have a lot of perks.
All of them really sweet.
I especially like yor forcasting abilities.
Is there any special trick to this happening?
Like say you must be wearing red lingerie when you dream?

I hope this gets through.
SMelly cat.
Smeeellly cat

I never did get that leter you sent me.
Anychance you could resend it?

I dont understand it.
Your blog hates me.
My mailbox hates you.

This relationshp of our must be really cool!

Osama's left foot's toenail ring

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

that lollipop song makes me hella honrny.there is just something about lil wayne voice that arouses me, I jusr replace his face in my head with my boyfriends or some fine boy I have been fantasizing about

you are indeed

Lighty said...

@pink-satin... unfortunately u'll av 2 suck up those tears and get wit it. lololol! sorry darling, its all luuuuuuuvvvv.

@carlang.... lol @ osama's left foot toenail ring. wtf???? things u come up with carl, honestly menh!

by the way, i av no idea why ur comments got eaten up, like u said, my blog must be mos def out 2 get u, coz that must av been pretty annoying.

about ur letter, i've sent it 3times, if it doesnt turn up this time i dont wot more 2 do.
maybe u shuld check ur bulk or junk, who knows it might av found its way there.

@zephi...haaa so the lollipop gets u???? i seeeeeee. lol!

Honeywell said...

mehn, that nonsense lollipop song has grabbed me too oh!! chei! nonsense....

You dream of your results..... good... therefore you don't need to wait for jamb/mcat/sat/toefl/ whatever results to come out before you make your plans....

you just skip right along to grandkids huh? i think i can rationalize that... its hard work raising a kid, but with grandkids, all you need to do is spoil them.... you don't need to do much, hence the thought of having them is more appealing... :)

Uzezi said...

quirky? seeing ur results in ur dreams? i like that. like the thought of u and the grand kids. good luck on that.

LG said...

@no 1 and no 6, Can u explain this phenomenon? is it just u or is it hereditary?

Lighty said...

@honeywell... lol! @ the lollipop grabbing u. and u know the funny thing? the song is useless, but i loves it and so do u. lol!

i do menh! some serious sturvvs. well i am delighted to let u know that i have conveniently passed all them stages long time ago and saw all of my results in my dream.
u know the sad part of it? when i see a bad grade, but the good part is i know wot to expect.
in situations of bad grades, i pray deligently for it to be reversed and hope and hope but it never does so i av accepted my fate. all i do now is work hard and wait patiently for the revelation.

ur theory of the grandkids sits well on mi. who knows it just might be that.

@uzezi... well, i guess thx would be appropraite.

@lg... i dont think it is hereditary and if i could explain it i would be happy to but i can't, its just something that happens.
all i know is the result thing started when i was to enter senior secondary school. i saw my results grade for grade. that was freaky. this i kept to myself coz i thot it was all a dream. but when the results came out, it hit home.

Olamild said...

`Loving the new look

uNWrItten* said...

interesting stuff...let me go read the other posts.i love the look tho :)

diary of a G said...

feel you on the keeping in contact
issue...2 weeks is nothing. got year old neices I aint even seen yet.(well once)

bout to check ur previous post
I saw something that caught my attention

lol @ GN comment on weezie

its about time someone re-newed
a commericial pitch for sucking dillies


cally-waffybabe said...

check this out sis. some crazy shit. lol.

Lighty said...

@olamild... thx sweetie

@unwritten... u can say that again.

@DoG... i think it is something when u see missed calls on ur fone like every single day. dont u think???

@cally... that is wayyyy interesting. added to my blog roll already.

diary of a G said...

well yea, that's true u r horrible!
am playing just lonely, sorry ur cool mannn lol

Aphrodite said...

Nice interesting quirks.
You see ur results in ur dreams for real??

Thats really cool and the new look aint bad at all.

Lighty said...

@DoG... LOL! i know. i said i was sorry, i meant it. lol! u're lonely? i would av said welcome to my world but am beyond dat world now. he he.

@aphrodite... aww thx sweetie.

diary of a G said...

i guess get lonely sometimes but still I was referring to u
who seem to not be any more


Jinta said...

lol. lighty-sasha?

Smaragd said...

if it makes u feel better, i picture myself wiv my kids a lot, and i enjoy doing it too.

i like the fact that u cant keep malice even if the reason is weird, but if u are proud, what do u do when c d person the next day? if u greet them and act as though nuffin happened, doesnt that make u "not proud?"

i like the new look.

Lighty said...

@DoG... ohh i see. now i get it. lol!

@jinta... i like u, u're sharp. u culdnt av said it better. indeed. lighty-sasha it is.

@smaragd... am happy we're on the same boat. alas am not the only one who think of the kids.
fantastic stuff!

thing is the pride refuses mi to be weighed down by staying angry with some1 because then it turns out they would be claiming the better part of mi.
for me it works in the reverse hence why it is a quirk.

u like d new look it???? aww thx sweetie muah X

30+ said...

And I am no 40 something, ludicrous.

Please carry phone now now and repent, see all this folks calling and no pick up.

So you see your result in dream that's cool. Skipping to grandchildren, tryna get my head around that one

30+ said...

BTW so has he realised he is in like with you? Or we are still rigmarolling

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

baby oya update quick quick

Lighty said...

@30+... i know right 40 sumn, datz not good enuf sis.

yes oh! actually in my dreams. it appears during sleep as one of my dreams.

me sef i tire. it only just hit mi one day, that i dont actually even bother thinking about my kids at all but always see myself wit my grandkids.

shey the chickenhead??? i dont even know if he has realised it, i know i dont pay him any attention no more. interpretation; i av fallen out of like with him therefore i cannot even be bothered.

@zephi... i will soon i promise.

La Reine said...


teediva said...

glad i did mine before reading this, i wouldnt have known what to write!

girl na wa for u. water before u sleep? not keeping malice(good thing actually)? dreaming about gradkids? lmao!

i totally read the previous posts and loved them. missed ya!

Tyger said...

the results idea is cooollllllllllllll....

i fantasize about grandkids too... never kids... so that makes two of us...

Anonymous said...

nice music and good story , sounds like you have a future but your looking to get started. well then here you go make yourself a bucket list. you know like the move because your going to nearer to the end than the beginning before you know it. great movie even if your not dying.
PS. love is the most important thing in the world.