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Thursday, 22 May 2008

The beginning of the End.

Looks like there has been confusion somewhere, somehow. Just the other day, I was asleep, only to be woken with a touch light full on my face and flashing snappy lights. Ciara, Ciara, someone’s voice I can’t quite make out was screaming from behind the touch light man. I was stunned as to what was going on around me, sat up straight and opened my eyes wide to look around me. Then something changed, I could see smiley faces turn quickly into angry faces. Someone else spoke with anger in her voice. What? It’s not Ciara?

Let me answer that question; No! It’s not Ciara. Ciara use to be a MAN. Now Lighty? Never a man, not a man, never would be a MAN. If you don’t know; Lighty is too Beautiful a woman to be a MAN. Now you know.

This is for those of you still asking that horrible question about my last post. Now you have it. The post is a biography of a friend. Do you have any idea how many times I have had to say that over? Its all love though, I understand most people’s dreams would be shattered if I were to be a MAN and so I can happily say to you; your dreams are intact.

Label: THE ROLLERCOASTER OF AN ALLEGED PLAYER, not lighty’s story, but lighty’s friend’s story that Lighty writes, now get with the program, all clear? Lets move on.

To our feature presentation...

I went back to Steven’s house like I use to and like I said; started the gaming with the new maid. Now this one, this one was hot. I often wondered how she became a maid and to me I saw her getting married one day to some rich bloke that would find her hard to resist but before all that, I was happy preparing his bride for him.

She had no problem with playing our games, I remember how I baptized her with the rules, it was on a Monday evening that day and Steven’s parents were not home. It was a bit difficult at first because after Steven’s mum saw what happened with the me and the other maid, she hired a boy and then decided to take up a girl after some time. So now there were two of them, the boy and the girl and it was mad difficult getting her alone without the boy appearing from somewhere. If you ask me, I would tell you he had the hots for her too.

On this particular day, I guess the boy was busy having a chat with the guard; gate front. The girl was in the kitchen and when I entered she asked if I would like to have something to eat as the food was ready to be served. Nervously I walked up behind her and just stood there, she not knowing what to do just froze and asked why I was standing so close. I responded by sliding my hands under her top, settled it on her firm breasts and squeezed tightly. She did not make a sound, so I guess she wanted it to. I told her to meet me round the back in five. She came around the back in exactly five minutes and the game was on. It was a wild time round that back but ten minutes into it that stupid boy (the butler) came round and just stood over us staring. Caught the second time??? This time I just zipped up my jeans and walked away.

The boy came into the house when I was playing Atari (remember Atari????) with my friend and kept looking at me. This time I didn’t tell Steven what happened, I was tired of getting caught. So I swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on what I was doing. When I could not take it anymore I stood up and walked towards the kitchen and told the boy to come with me. He followed and just then I warned him never to tell a soul of what he saw. He promised not to and from that day he became my look out boy. His way of getting money from me, I didn’t complain.

Things were rosy, I was having free time with the hottie without the fear of being caught just before this happened.

On one of this hottie day, I had sorted out the boy, set up the place, hottie was waiting for me in her room, I went into the room and about to climb on hottie when I heard a male voice that wasn’t the boy’s . My heart was too heavy this time around, where the hell did the boy go? What happened to my look out? It was not Steven, or Steven’s dad, it was Steven’s uncle. He told me to get off the girl and make my way out, shutting the door behind me. I ran out nervously only for me to hear cries from the inside. The maid was screaming and shouting No… in between loud sobs. It dawned on me that I was witnessing a rape situation so I started for the locked door and started banging on it shouting for him to stop and leave her alone. He seemed to go on forever, that made me start to cry, I couldn’t believe I was crying. Steven was not home this particular day. I could not go out for help because I was attached to the situation I just sat on the floor and cried out of guilt. After Steven’s uncle finished with the maid, the boy went in and continued what that foolish uncle started. All I could hear was sobs and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

That day I went home and promised never to go to Steven’s house. I had started something I had no idea how would end, I had caused that girl’s life to be miserable and I hate thinking about it. A month later there was chaos in Steven’s house. It turned out the maid was pregnant. Alas my ordeal was just about to begin, first I couldn’t live with myself, and now the maid was pregnant?

I just kept thinking; would I be the father? Possibly not, I always used a condom, but you just never know. Was it the stupid boy? I doubt if after that day he slept with her but I decided against asking him the question. Steven had traveled abroad and there was no one to give me the low down of what exactly was happening. It turned out that the uncle was responsible and like I dreaded, he had gone back for more and more after that day.

The baby was aborted but Steven’s family had a lot of making up to do to the girl, she lived in the house with them as an adopted child, went to university and married four years ago. I relocated to London till this very day. No one knows about my dealings with the maid but the people who already knew. I only hope her past has not crept into her future. I wish for her the best.

So that’s the maid’s life there, mine continued from where it stopped with too much drama for one person.

Till I return;
Save my spot.

Friday, 9 May 2008


It had been sometime now since dad died and although things were not exactly back to normal, we took it one step at a time. I spent most times with my best friend Steven, you know the childhood friend you have in your neighbourhood, the one that tend to live right opposite your house? Yeah! Steven was a friend of the sort, he lived right opposite my house and due to the fact our age ranged the same, we followed one another round the neighbourhood causing mischief. Amongst our many mischievous acts is the games we played with Steven’s maids, one time we were so into one of his maids that we took turns playing with her on occasion. I cant tell you why but it’s just something we did.

At the age of sixteen, guys already know what sex is, we have the continuous urge of fulfilling our sexual appetites but as everyone knows, at that age girls are not ready at least during my time. I can’t talk for girls of today. Today even at the age of 10-11 girls have become sexually active.
So Steven and I needed to quench this fire burning inside of us, or in the case between our thighs and our first stops were with his maids. I spent most of my time having sleepovers at Steven’s house so that wasn’t much of a mission to accomplish. During the day, we spent our time pampering the maid, buying her all sorts like the likes of ‘suya’ (grill steak, garnished and spicy) and cold drinks just to secure our night ventures with her of which she didn’t have a problem fulfilling anyway. This particular maid was about 5-7years older than we were and to be honest, she enjoyed it. Everybody was happy.

On one of our many quests, I ventured to quench my inner fire and decided to have one of my many sleepovers. Steven and I share his room so we agreed on who was to go to the maid first and agreed it to be me as I was horny as a nut basket. I made my way down the stairs, past the corridors and into the maid’s bedroom where she was waiting. I started by caressing her body, rubbing all the succulent pasts I was so eager to touch all through the day, she responded with moans on every contact my fingers made with her body and I was becoming more and more hard for her, almost ready to explode. I pulled her pants down, brought out my private, slide into her juicy hole and the lights came on.

This annoyed me so much and my first thought was of Steven’s inability to maintain patience until I had conquered my quest. I turned with burning eyes towards the now opened door to see Steven’s mum, my private went completely flat and my heart right about jumped into my opened mouth. Slowly I got off the maid, pulled up my trousers and made it to the door. She gave way for me to walk by but asked why I was in the room. I never knew I was a natural stutterer until that day because I stumbled upon my every word so freely you would think there was a Guinness book of record contest on.

I lied that I was going to find the bathroom and mistook the maid’s room for the bathroom because I was half asleep and hastened my steps to Steven’s room. Soon as I got there, Steven stood up and almost started heading for the door when I pulled him back and told him of my misfortune, which made him retrace his steps.

The next day I went back home and trembled at the sound of my name everytime it came out of my mother’s lips but surprising as it is Steven’s mother never let my mum know, however I refused to go back to that house for what seemed like eternity.

I got to know from Steven that his mother told him about what she had seen and he acted as surprised and disappointed as he could manage but in the process convinced her not to tell my mum. When I finally started going back to Steven’s house I must say that we continued what we started with the new maid only this time something changed, something worse than being caught, something that put a capital STOP to my act. No! I didn’t get her pregnant and No! no disease was contacted and Yes! I was fully protected.

Till I return;