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Monday, 22 October 2007

Help! I see sweaty and almost naked men.

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who left wise words and sound advice on the post prior to this one. To be honest those words have left peace in me, you guys worked tremendous magic. I find myself more relax and open, may the good Lord's will be down. Wherever my compass points from here, I promise to fill you in on it. A big thank you, *mauh*.


In one of my previous posts I told y’all I started out at the gym and frequented my visits, well this was another one of my visits only this time I was curious. Isn’t it a damn shame curiosity killed the cat?

After my normal round, I decided to go in the sauna, in my gym you have to put on your swimming costume plus it’s separate for male and female. Usually in the shower room.

I’ve been seeing this fire exit door with a note on it saying please wear costume before getting in the sauna boldly written on it but because it’s a fire exit door I restrained myself from opening it. Na so amebo carry me open this door oh, one faithful day like that.

As soon as I opened and got into the room, the door shut behind me. What did I see next, half naked men walking up and down the shower room, this is me with my swimming costume, and a little towel wrapped around me. The men didn’t seem to mind. I thought something was out of place because I couldn’t seem to find the women and all the men said was are you ok sweetie? I said yes and went on to look for a sauna to sit in, totally oblivious to my surroundings.

I found one packed full with four sweaty men, imagine what lighty did, I entered into the sauna and bid the men create space for me. Na so I siddon ohh staring into space and wondering why I still haven’t seen any women yet. Trust me, sweaty men reek in the sauna I wonder if my friend's fantasy of sweaty men would still remain if she was in that sauna with me. Anyway the men didn’t seem to mind, until one guy bless his heart came in and asked me if I knew I was in the men’s shower room. This is me thinking to myself; dang lighty, you should have known.

If you see how I blushed errrr, you’ll think me a plum. I was immensely embarrassed, so I stepped out the sauna room back into the open shower and couldn’t go out the front door; apparently it leads straight to the gym, noooooo. No one’s gonna see me coming out the men’s shower room with a little tower and swimming costume, HELL NO. So they called one of the guys that work in the gym and he organised a woman to go open the fire exit door for me, it took good ten minutes. In the space of ten minutes you should have seen me having a laugh with these men, you would think it were my place to be there.

I wish I was a dark fantasy writer type person; it would have been a whole other ball game how wild my imagination would have been. Anyway, I put anyone who is capable to the test. Use my experience as a basis to your imagination on your next post. Iight?

Hell... let my imagination run wild, Here goes….

The sweat dripping down his chest, bring the hairs on my body alive, I feel them charging as if trying to explode the softness of my skin, out of the corner of my eye a DARK CHOCOLATE hunk makes his way to where I am standing, stood so closely behind me I could feel his breathing on my back. He gently pulls my hair to fall my head on his chest and devours my lips with a hard kiss that sends my spine to work. He, full on hard against my voluptuous backside, our hips swaying to the rhythm the music in our hearts is playing . Slowly, his right hand with a mind of its own make it’s way from my lower abdomen to my right breast. I make a ah sound of welcoming, my SWEATY SENSATION bends, takes hold of my legs, slowly and steadily licks his way up and settles in-between my already parted legs while DARK CHOCOLATE is getting ready to take me... STOP.
My oh my. There, I tried. Abeg make una no vex ohh I am not a fantasy nor raunchy writer. So you might want to continue this one on your blog Orite???
So, which one of you is taking up the assignment?

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Serious thoughts of a mature mind

Lovely people, I am glad to tell you all that since my broke weekend, my life has bounced back to normal except I am still single, and true to say, I don’t know how I feel about it at this point. Thing is I actually think I have a problem, I am not sure what it is though so I’ll rely on you lot to help me out.

I’ve been single for 1year and 3months, and I still can’t be bothered getting into a relationship. I find myself pushing guys away intentionally, for no reason. Cool able guys for that matter too.

On my phone you’ll see random names like ‘don’t pick’, ‘disturber’ etc. could it be that I am scared of getting into a relationship? I don’t want to believe my last relationship is having an effect on me because I believe I am a strong woman, but psychology is a b**ch and it just might be the reason.

I believe I was everything a man would want in his woman, I was down with pleasing, motivating , advising, playing, cooking, looking fly on his arms and he cheated, in a cold way too. Can somebody tell me why men cheat? Because up to date he is asking to get back with me even though the mofo stayed with this girl for 4months after we broke up plus his mother still calls me.

Anyway, that is by the way. I have been talking to this guy for a while now, but every time anything relating to relationship between us comes up, I shut it down. I really am feeling him though and he is not hiding the fact he wants to WIFE me. Lol! we flow really well, my kind of guy.

So why haven’t I accepted to be his girlfriend after 6weeks? I don’t know, and to be honest, I don’t think I would for the next 4weeks either. Here is where my problem sets in, even though I like him, it doesn’t seem to bother me if after two more weeks of these, he decides to move on because he is not getting anywhere with me, of which I really doubt but then I cant be too sure of myself, it just might be. Hey! It doesn’t seem to matter though. I don’t know if I want a boyfriend.

I would like for us to be together, only if I had more time, then again how much more time do I want? I have shut myself from everything that represents a relationship, I don’t miss cuddling, kissing etc, it doesn’t even touch me to see couples fooling around, I just can’t be bothered. My heart has been closed and I really don’t know when it’ll open up again. I believe it wouldn’t be fair to enter into a relationship with a closed heart. To be honest I could do with another year of being single, I have learned a lot, grown spiritually and mentally too. It’s like my life took a boom in every aspect and I am grateful to God.

Why my heart has refused to open beats me, because when it comes to the list below, he foot’s the bill

Good Rapport
Level of intellect
Dress sense
Attentive to my needs.

I don’t make up list but these are some of the many things I like about him and now because I know we could be starting something beautiful, I look for every excuse not to go places with him, meet up or go for a meal. I am always busy, tight schedule, dissertation stress, work, etc. I am afraid of starting anything because in any relationship; I am extremely committed, very loyal, giving, loving etc and all these just might be kicked to the kerb again or am I just enjoying being single and making excuses? I am not getting any younger, in fact in less than 2months, I will be a year older. What if this is the only chance i get of a good man and end up missing it because of my blasé attitude?

Blogville, I need your help on this one, I don’t think I can go through this alone. I need strong words of advice, honest and open minded. Don’t worry I am strong enough to take any shots you might want to shoot at me. Let’s hear it from you guys, bring it on.

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Monday, 8 October 2007

Broke ol' me III (cont'd)

There was a knock on the door, it woke R and I up from our deep sleep. After that stressful and scary event, that deep sleep came natural. R asked who it was and it turned out to be L, it was 10.30am. She said she was worried about us and was wondering where we were, she was apparently sat in the lounge for some time until one of the guys told her we were in the room.
I asked L when we were to be heading and she appeared to be clueless about it, that didn’t make me a happy bunny. Just as we were talking J let himself in, told us he was making his way to a library, telling us in other words it was time for us to get our asses out his crib (that would have been the first thing we would have done, if we knew how da hell we were to make our way to the house punk). It would have been easier to get the bus home, but R was not dressed comfortably for that, plus she had no jacket to conceal herself in.
Well so far so good, J managed to arrange a cab to take us back to the house. It was an extreme long journey but at least we got to the house safe.
Suffering 3 cleared.

Suffering 4.
Remember my close friend I was supposed to chill with in the first place, the one I sat on my suitcase and waited for fruitlessly? We had been talking and she was really sad and sorry for how it all turned out and pleaded that I at least come spend some time with her before I finally left the area. So I conformed,
I spent a day with her; it was blissful, fun and refreshing, different from all the madness of the previous days.

If you recall, I told you I had enough funds to last me 7days and I had managed to blow it up to minimal, I was convinced I had enough to at least get me to the station so I could take my broke self back to my work area, to my house (take note, not my home). So I packed my stuff and made my way to the station while my friend made her way to work.
Got to the counter and the sales guy said it’ll be £4 from my friend’s vicinity to get to the station that would take me out the area. No biggie now, I should have that in my account, WRONG!!! Behold I didn’t, and so at this point I was back to square 1, plus my train out of the area was to leave in 45mins. (missing that train would cost me a lot more, plus I’ll miss work the next day, I couldn’t afford to miss my latter train) so I thought to myself; lighty think, think think think, what to do, what to do. First I stepped out the station shamefully, and decided to use a cash machine to at least know what my balance was. It was £3.75. Damn! Just 25p short? As I looked across the road, I saw my bank, which happens to be a branch of the one I work for.
Shamelessly, I walked into the bank, looking all fly and sharp and extremely broke not to forget. I plastered a huge smile on my face and told the cahier:
Lighty: hello, I would like to withdraw some money please
Cahier: hi, how much would you like?
Lighty: precisely £3.75 please.
Cashier: oh! Ok, I see you’ve got a gold account with no overdraft facility, would you like to set up one?
(Why? Because I am broke? It doesn’t mean I would be broke all the time does it chicken head? Does it?).
Lighty: love, 'your-bank' wouldn’t set up one for me, you know how they do.
Cashier: oh you’re an employee?
Lighty: doesn’t it state that on the account?
Cahier: oh yeah, I see it, well then lighty, would you like a receipt?
Lighty: what. For £3.75?
Cashier: money is money love, you never know.
Lighty: well it wouldn’t really matter; I am using it now anyway.
Cashier: there you go, have a nice day.
Lighty: you to.
My goodness, going in the bank to get £3.75 out? Ah that just has to be the lowest anyone would go. I guess when there is a will, there is a way. I wonder what she was thinking in her head. Well not that it mattered, I needed to get on the train quick as possible.

I had a pound on me already, so I got myself on the train quick as can, and made it to the train that got me out the area.
Suffering 4 cleared, I made it safely to the house. I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.
The End.

N.B: Am sure everyone is wise enough to manage their funds wisely when short. I know now, am over bogus lifestyle, especially when my bank account light is blinking, or am I? At least I know to stay put when am broke, no going ANYWHERE, NO CAN DO.

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