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Monday, 22 October 2007

Help! I see sweaty and almost naked men.

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who left wise words and sound advice on the post prior to this one. To be honest those words have left peace in me, you guys worked tremendous magic. I find myself more relax and open, may the good Lord's will be down. Wherever my compass points from here, I promise to fill you in on it. A big thank you, *mauh*.


In one of my previous posts I told y’all I started out at the gym and frequented my visits, well this was another one of my visits only this time I was curious. Isn’t it a damn shame curiosity killed the cat?

After my normal round, I decided to go in the sauna, in my gym you have to put on your swimming costume plus it’s separate for male and female. Usually in the shower room.

I’ve been seeing this fire exit door with a note on it saying please wear costume before getting in the sauna boldly written on it but because it’s a fire exit door I restrained myself from opening it. Na so amebo carry me open this door oh, one faithful day like that.

As soon as I opened and got into the room, the door shut behind me. What did I see next, half naked men walking up and down the shower room, this is me with my swimming costume, and a little towel wrapped around me. The men didn’t seem to mind. I thought something was out of place because I couldn’t seem to find the women and all the men said was are you ok sweetie? I said yes and went on to look for a sauna to sit in, totally oblivious to my surroundings.

I found one packed full with four sweaty men, imagine what lighty did, I entered into the sauna and bid the men create space for me. Na so I siddon ohh staring into space and wondering why I still haven’t seen any women yet. Trust me, sweaty men reek in the sauna I wonder if my friend's fantasy of sweaty men would still remain if she was in that sauna with me. Anyway the men didn’t seem to mind, until one guy bless his heart came in and asked me if I knew I was in the men’s shower room. This is me thinking to myself; dang lighty, you should have known.

If you see how I blushed errrr, you’ll think me a plum. I was immensely embarrassed, so I stepped out the sauna room back into the open shower and couldn’t go out the front door; apparently it leads straight to the gym, noooooo. No one’s gonna see me coming out the men’s shower room with a little tower and swimming costume, HELL NO. So they called one of the guys that work in the gym and he organised a woman to go open the fire exit door for me, it took good ten minutes. In the space of ten minutes you should have seen me having a laugh with these men, you would think it were my place to be there.

I wish I was a dark fantasy writer type person; it would have been a whole other ball game how wild my imagination would have been. Anyway, I put anyone who is capable to the test. Use my experience as a basis to your imagination on your next post. Iight?

Hell... let my imagination run wild, Here goes….

The sweat dripping down his chest, bring the hairs on my body alive, I feel them charging as if trying to explode the softness of my skin, out of the corner of my eye a DARK CHOCOLATE hunk makes his way to where I am standing, stood so closely behind me I could feel his breathing on my back. He gently pulls my hair to fall my head on his chest and devours my lips with a hard kiss that sends my spine to work. He, full on hard against my voluptuous backside, our hips swaying to the rhythm the music in our hearts is playing . Slowly, his right hand with a mind of its own make it’s way from my lower abdomen to my right breast. I make a ah sound of welcoming, my SWEATY SENSATION bends, takes hold of my legs, slowly and steadily licks his way up and settles in-between my already parted legs while DARK CHOCOLATE is getting ready to take me... STOP.
My oh my. There, I tried. Abeg make una no vex ohh I am not a fantasy nor raunchy writer. So you might want to continue this one on your blog Orite???
So, which one of you is taking up the assignment?

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cally-waffybabe said...

Trust me sis, you know i'd have gladly and muahly taken up this assignment, with my (non sweaty) hunk, baroque, as my fantasy man, but as i no get blog again...

LMAO at you turning plum with embarassment. I bet you really did, being 100 lighty as your name suggests. Me i no see any difference between dis babe for ya blog and you oh. Oya fess up, who drew this painting of you?! LOL.
Yuck yuck yuckety yuck with some more yuck on top to sweaty men though, cos i gat my OCD thing going and am big on hygiene

Funny story. Reminds me of once when myself and my friend were travelling and we began arguing heatedly at the airport. It was so bad that i even wanted to rebook my flight to later to distance myself from her.

Next thing, i saw her heading for the gents. In the confusion that had ensued from our argument, she had forgotten to look up. I tried hard to hold back my laughter as i watched her blindly stomp in furore towards the gents (damn i'm even LMFAO so hard now as i'm recalling the incident). She soon ran back out in terror, by which time i was already on the floor laughing my arse off and my luggage was sprawled all around me as i fought to regain my composure. Her face was a picture. It was fcuking funny!

The funniest thing was that she also broke down and fell on the floor laughing with me. People were just staring at us wondering if we were aight. She kept on saying, "you really loved that dincha"?! Wot da...course i did! I had such a good laugh at her expense. Good thing was, it broke the ice and we automatically made up as a result. Laughter, as they say, is truly the best medicine...

cally-waffybabe said...

Chai babe abeg remove this bloody word verification o! Ah ah! Do you know that i was successful on my fourth try?! If to say you no be bera pessin, i for just waka. And the annoying thing is that i also had to enter my password AGAIN each of the four times. Mbok afia ofiop word ferification! *hiss* Nonsense and ekpangnkukwo!!!

~Mimi~ said...

i remember this day. i clearly told u that the sauna was not joint like u thot!!!!! but noooooooo u were arguing...i laughed my head off that day!! hee hee hee.

kk, darling, Spanish it is!! I ABSOLUTELY WUV IT! MWAH!!!

~Mimi~ said...

oh yea, call me ASAP!!! Very Important!! I kno u will see this soon.

Number4 said...

Bad child! Thats all I have to say.

Zephi said...

CWB...I see you miss blogging as you were writing your epistle was a funny story with your friend...I am cracking up here

@lighty.....that was hella funnny......So did you get any numbers *wink* *wink*...fill us in

I wish I could help you with the raunchy writing as I am myself am handicapped in that area

zerkhezi said...

u naughty naughty lady,lol. u got a couple of buzz words going there...err....u'v got dripping, charging, explode, voluptuous (very important), lower abdomen and so on. Not bad at all. Someone had better take this story up cos i'm interested in knowing how it ends.


Stop lying, my friend. You went into that room on purpose! Come on, just confess. Na man wey you go find der shebi?

Just kidding. This was so funny.

cally-waffybabe said...

@ zerkhezi: Someone had better take this story up? So what's wrong with you being that someone? Shey you just started your blog? So this is a good topic to blog about. Abeg take it up jo nack us better tory. You already gave us a mini "mojo" story, so here's your cue to erm...elaborate. *expectant grin*

יש (Yosh) said...

hot damn!

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO!!!! Lighty!

Babes, wish I was a raunchy writer I would so finish this story, but I am as square as they come. LOL

I petition Cally to write the ending, send it to you, and you post it on your blog since Cally no longer blogs (which really sucks BTW). So...what do you say?

cally-waffybabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lighty said...

@ cally... lol @ ur friend. ha ha ha. and girl there is nothing stopping u from taking up the assisgnment. i can see u already started only a conclusion is required.
about the lady on my blog and me, menh! it beats me too, i guess dat was wot drew me to her.

@mimi... well i sure learnt didnt i? when did u mention it??? mimi, have u been drinking again? omo i tried callin u now, but u know how u do, never pick up ur fone. God knows when u started the bad habit. u know where to find me tho. kisses. and spanish it is. but i see the blokes on ur blog totally dig irish.

@number4... we all have a lot of bad in us, only we curb it and sometimes it explodes in us. i on the other hand am not bad, i am a mere writer. i call it art.

@zephi... sista, update now in bwt numbers ke? all my laffs was to subtle my embarrassment menh, dont watch dat. lol!
about my story, well u never know, put ur mind to the test. lol.

@zerkhezi... trust me, i too would like to know how it ends. and like cally said, wots stopping you from taking it up. lol!

@solomonsydelle... i can recall u put to the test to go into that room now u left it all on me. man ke, no ohh na sauna tatafo carry me enter.
it's all luv bruv!

@yosh... u can say that again.

@qomc... YES! well don't we all wish??? i guess it falls on cally now shea?

Afrobabe said...

In fact I didnt read anything again after the don't spoil my sweaty man dreams oh...

Here goes...

His dark eyes bore into mine,You have the most glorious lips he says..I just feel like biting them..What is stopping you I reply in my sensual sexy voice..he shudders at my words,just as I meant him to..He walks up to me, grabs a handful of hair and jerks my head back...oh pure, sweet nectar...

hehheheheheheheheheheheh...yes I read enough mills and boons..

N.I.M.M.O said...

CWB is here. daQueen is here. Afrobabe is here. It seems we will all just leave whatever we are doing and settle here to read (and complete) this 'sweaty story'

@CWB: Babes, see how everybody is 'earnestly' yearning for you? Reconsider this thing now. If not for my sake, at least for daQueen.


cally-waffybabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unshined congo said...

ROITFLMAO!!!! guess CWB has said it all.. i would have loved to but u know...hmmm abeg e.

nice one sha.. ur imaginations are not that bad..

...toyintomato said...

lmao..naughty girl, didnt it ocur yo you , when you did not see any girls there.."shaking my head".

i am sure callwaffybabe is up to the challenge. and the award goes to callywaffybabe..."applause"..haah

Obinwanne said...


Isi said...

LMAO!!!! imagine if it was a man that missed his way into the women's shower. all hell will let loose! lol!!!

Isi said...

LMAO!!!! imagine if it was a man that missed his way into the women's shower. all hell will let loose! lol!!!

Isi said...

LMAO!!!! imagine if it was a man that missed his way into the women's shower. all hell will let loose! lol!!!

Olamild said...

Not me
but I'll read

On NO u DID Not enter the GUY's SHOWER ROOM

I cannot imagine myself in your shoes
I'll forever be embarassed

diary of a G said...

hehehe..."No one’s gonna see me coming out the men’s shower room with a little tower and swimming custom, HELL NO"
yea you can imagine what people would start to think
talk about from bad to worse
loved this story

cally-waffybabe said...

How come it's only toyin tomato that gave me an award? toyin babe, you be bera pessin jare.
In fact i came on here to complete the story, but since una no send my side...*sulking and pouting*

Isi said...

time to update o!

confused child said...

looooool Girl u crazy i swear.So tell me, was anyone naked? were they all sexy? i have so many ?s bu better still i should go try out my self. I'll go to the mens' shower room in my school and see what happens. who knows maybe they'll kick me out.

30+ said...


Lighty is this what you have been doing behind my back. How are we sure you did not intentionally get lost to the mens sauna.

Oh gosh you are a case, no way am I entering the gym coming in from a male's shower room dres in towel.

Oh dear I just a good rib cracking laugh, na wa o.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

hmmmmm lighty gat mad skills...bring it out gurl!

Carlang said...

Hi dear..
Guess who's back!
I'm so taking up the assignment.
Just wait...

laspapi said...

lighty, you might be the elusive "Man Whisperer", able to stay in surroundings like that and not freak out.

You were doing very well with the 'Dark Chocolate' attempt. Go on...give it a try

Olamild said...


lindwee said...

I can see them!

Afrobabe said...

hey,what escapades have u been up to recently?

Lighty said...

@afrobabe...i can really see m&b in motion. lol! dont worry ur sweaty man dreams is intact. well done darling.

@nimmo... tellme wot is stopping u from taking up the assignment.

@cally... dont mind the dude.

@unshined...well love it is not too late to re-consider. dear,i knew sumthing was amiss, but culdnt quite figure wot it was, culdnt understand why all the girls were no where to be found either.

@obi... u can laff out again.

@isi... u and i know all hell will break loose indeed. men it would av been a roit.

Lighty said...

@olamild...why not u now??? lol! well i would be quick to let u know who took up the work

ohh yes i did. it was embarassing but honestly men have a way of making it seem natural.

@DofG...u can just imagine. i can just see people pause on wotever they are doing and follow me with their gaze till i fade. ha! that would have been worse.

@cally... trust me. the award i give to u, is king to the oscars. u know now, so my dear no need to pout, sulk, swipe asmile on ur face. time, in due time.

@confused... non of dem naked. and yaa they were all FIT!!! dang! about u going into ur school's shower room, u just might not want to see what u see. lol!

@30+... this is what i payed amebo ohh. and no i totally ignorant of the fact it was the men's shower room. i simply thot i was an extention, possibly a unisex suana. well now i know.

na real wa.

Lighty said...

@LKOS...i know, i know. lol!! trust mi it wouldnt burst in me. if i feel it coming, it comes out, straight up. lol!

@carl... i see u. welcome. i know u'll do a good job with the assignment, we'll all be waiting.

@laspapi...well the men made me comfortable. they were really nice. and who knows i just might be the 'MAN WHISPERER' u just never!

on the dark chocolate, i leave it to u. work ur way round it. wot u think. yes? no?

@olamild... i see u babes.

@lindwee... i see them too. thx 4 stopping by.

@afrobabe...coming up soon as i can deliver. u just hang on.

zerkhezi said...

love the track, can't get enuf of them. downloaded the album and all. I don't know how to tag but ur tagged anyway. visit my blog to check it out.

Anonymous said...

thats funny!
next time u know- curiousity kills the cat... and gets her some nice catches!
(sorry, poor attempt at humour but u get what i mean)


@ Isi: Lol!

@ Lighty: LMAO! and this is the 3rd time I've come looking for an update....

Lighty said...

@Z... am on my way.

@geisha... ha ha about the nice catches, lol! joker. well it wuld av been good if i got some catches. but hey! i got a fantasy out of it. thatz if dat falls in a good catch category.

@solomonsydelle... bear with me, tight schedule. but by the begining of the coming week ill have something up.

make una no vex, ill be bringing a new post up soonest as can.

Carlang said...

AS promised..

He trailed his tounge slowly down against her skin.
She could feel her heart pound ceaslessly.
Her legs were damp with pespiration and her.
She gasped as his tounge settled over her. His hands cradled her butt as he slowly licked her lips. He swirled his tounge lazily against her before he reached for her clit.
The feel of his tounge on her clit sent a warmth of heat through her.
She clenched her legs against his face.
Not wanting him to stop what he was doing.
He didnt want to stop.
" Oh God ." She gasped...

BiMbyLaDs** said...

come and write my chapter on wale n sade's attraction.... meen ur talented

Lighty said...

@ carl... not bad at all. well written.

for those of u who took up the assignment. u've got a surprise comin g ur way.

@bimbylads, email mi the lowdown, i'll be happy to take up the good work. thatz if u're serious pretty lady.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

1. love the template. it's gaddamn!!!

2. na wah for you o...physics and shoulder leans

3. Update...HABA!!!

Oracle said...

The guys in that bathroom were really cool.
It would have been another story.
Good thing you were able to escape

che-e-ly said...

U sure say na mistake? we no dey know finish. (LOL)

Anyway, when next U go to a(nother) gym, ask for a map with English descriptions!