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Monday, 8 October 2007

Broke ol' me III (cont'd)

There was a knock on the door, it woke R and I up from our deep sleep. After that stressful and scary event, that deep sleep came natural. R asked who it was and it turned out to be L, it was 10.30am. She said she was worried about us and was wondering where we were, she was apparently sat in the lounge for some time until one of the guys told her we were in the room.
I asked L when we were to be heading and she appeared to be clueless about it, that didn’t make me a happy bunny. Just as we were talking J let himself in, told us he was making his way to a library, telling us in other words it was time for us to get our asses out his crib (that would have been the first thing we would have done, if we knew how da hell we were to make our way to the house punk). It would have been easier to get the bus home, but R was not dressed comfortably for that, plus she had no jacket to conceal herself in.
Well so far so good, J managed to arrange a cab to take us back to the house. It was an extreme long journey but at least we got to the house safe.
Suffering 3 cleared.

Suffering 4.
Remember my close friend I was supposed to chill with in the first place, the one I sat on my suitcase and waited for fruitlessly? We had been talking and she was really sad and sorry for how it all turned out and pleaded that I at least come spend some time with her before I finally left the area. So I conformed,
I spent a day with her; it was blissful, fun and refreshing, different from all the madness of the previous days.

If you recall, I told you I had enough funds to last me 7days and I had managed to blow it up to minimal, I was convinced I had enough to at least get me to the station so I could take my broke self back to my work area, to my house (take note, not my home). So I packed my stuff and made my way to the station while my friend made her way to work.
Got to the counter and the sales guy said it’ll be £4 from my friend’s vicinity to get to the station that would take me out the area. No biggie now, I should have that in my account, WRONG!!! Behold I didn’t, and so at this point I was back to square 1, plus my train out of the area was to leave in 45mins. (missing that train would cost me a lot more, plus I’ll miss work the next day, I couldn’t afford to miss my latter train) so I thought to myself; lighty think, think think think, what to do, what to do. First I stepped out the station shamefully, and decided to use a cash machine to at least know what my balance was. It was £3.75. Damn! Just 25p short? As I looked across the road, I saw my bank, which happens to be a branch of the one I work for.
Shamelessly, I walked into the bank, looking all fly and sharp and extremely broke not to forget. I plastered a huge smile on my face and told the cahier:
Lighty: hello, I would like to withdraw some money please
Cahier: hi, how much would you like?
Lighty: precisely £3.75 please.
Cashier: oh! Ok, I see you’ve got a gold account with no overdraft facility, would you like to set up one?
(Why? Because I am broke? It doesn’t mean I would be broke all the time does it chicken head? Does it?).
Lighty: love, 'your-bank' wouldn’t set up one for me, you know how they do.
Cashier: oh you’re an employee?
Lighty: doesn’t it state that on the account?
Cahier: oh yeah, I see it, well then lighty, would you like a receipt?
Lighty: what. For £3.75?
Cashier: money is money love, you never know.
Lighty: well it wouldn’t really matter; I am using it now anyway.
Cashier: there you go, have a nice day.
Lighty: you to.
My goodness, going in the bank to get £3.75 out? Ah that just has to be the lowest anyone would go. I guess when there is a will, there is a way. I wonder what she was thinking in her head. Well not that it mattered, I needed to get on the train quick as possible.

I had a pound on me already, so I got myself on the train quick as can, and made it to the train that got me out the area.
Suffering 4 cleared, I made it safely to the house. I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.
The End.

N.B: Am sure everyone is wise enough to manage their funds wisely when short. I know now, am over bogus lifestyle, especially when my bank account light is blinking, or am I? At least I know to stay put when am broke, no going ANYWHERE, NO CAN DO.

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Rinsola said...

awww, pele.. But thank God you were able to get enough money to make it back, and thank God u have a job, so by the end of the week u have some money in your account again. Have a great week ahead

Ugo Daniels said...

Oh dear!! It must have been one terrible experience, to say the least.

Beaing broke can be such a biatch though, thankfully, i'm yet to experience such (as in BEING BROKE)

femme said...

ugo hasnt ever been broke?
anyway,do u pine for everything around you when u are broke. when i am broke i salivate when i see things id never eat in a million years.
hope it ends soon and u can treat ur self to something good.

Anonymous said...

Ugo this your lie fit move mountain..
lol @ femme, i was about to say that. Ugo thats a BIG lie.even if your Bill gates

Anonymous said...

Ugo am still in shock, so ur tryna tell us u haven't being broke in your whole entire life.ugo this ur lie eh, it has a comma oh. anyways nothing do

olamild lovita said...


diary of a G said...

Hey lighty, just stopping by
I'll holla soon times

Lighty said...

@ rinsola: thx darling, thank God i av a job really. thx sweetie.

@ugo: yep! it was terrible, but i guess it's one of those things in life.

@femme: well its a good thing i av treated myself to alottttt of things after then, to compensate my wounded soul.. ahhh.

@anons: u guys should please leave ugo. and take his word for it. am guessing he manages his money well. not everyone end up broke at some point. sum pple just never do.

@olamild: i see u.

@diary of a g: al-rigthy.

Isi said...

the whole broke thingy happens to all of us. may be not on your way from one destination to the other, but sometimes you sit at home watching a stupid soap and you are wishing you could just step out to a fun spot and enjoy yourself. but you'd have to remain in that position (on your couch) much longer because you ain't got a dime to ur name at that point in time.


Very very interesting
I believe we have a lot to learn from this

But u are one naughty lil tigeress
to take such risks.

Afrobabe said...

Next time sit ur ass down at home and get some pop corn and a few friends over.....

No risking such in the uk,if it was naija you must find some jobless person who will come pick you up and take you where ever....

Now, UGO: you said you have never been broke in your life?????

Mennnnnnnnnnnn that your lie no small oh.

unshined congo said...

hmmm. that was a huge risk oh. nice story though! make sure u stay home (sorry house damn WTF am i saying??) when ure broke.,.

@ugo: cool down!1 i nor one attack u. If u've never been BROKE then thank ur heavens cos its a really terrible experience. guess lighty agrees wiv me..

Anonymous said...

Chei Ugo wan kill person with lie here. Ugo u've never ever in your life being broke before.It is a big lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Lighty said...

@ isi: i feel u love.

@olamild: i 4 one av sure learned. risk is one of my very interest in life. sumtyms i like to dare myself(tigeress, i am). but this kind of risk is not for 4 mi to take a gain. once beaten twice shy baby.

@afrobabe: right on point babes, everyman 4 himslef in this country menh! trust mi, i dont even mind sitting and eating my popcorn alone sef. anything to bring such shame and 'sufferness' to me is erased from my memo.

@unshined congo: lol about home and house. my bad for emphasizing, only i never mix no place with home. home is home, my house is my house, never home, aint no place like home. lol. plus they are milessssssssssss apart.
and am mos def staying at home, believe u me in bwt i totally agree with u.

@ anons: abeg u guys shuld leave ugo 4 mi ohhh. abeg now.
frankly not everybody goes broke, some of us have it handed to us, some of us work for it and some of us steal it. at the end of the day, it works for everybody different and we dont all walk on the same path.
so if Ugo says he's never been broke, take his word on it. mos def his path way is different from mine and yours. that good enough an answer 4 u?
woof! now everybody is happy, yes? no? maybe?

Carlang said...

We really should turn this story of yours into a movie.

i can just picture the shocked gasps of mothers when you head to the night club.

The concerned gasps of fathers when you're left outside the night club.
The annoyed hisses of sisters when he says " WHy are they sleeping. I want to fuck!"

The wistful glazed eyes of hormone driven teenagers when you lock yourself in a room to escape the sex starved journalist.

The combined gasps of relief when you finally have a lovely day.

The shouts of laughter when they find out you dont have enough money.

The overwhelming apllause as credits roll on the finale of the movie.

The hoots in the corner as i kiss you whilst we share the final moment of your victory. Oscar nominee for best script writer.
Naturally i kiss your forehead!

SOrry dear..
i;ve been so busy...
but i have missed you!!

30+ said...

I did not know your sufferhead get part 3, I had to laugh at the collecting £3.75 from your bank.

I don't think I have ever been that broke to just have £3.75 there must just be some £10 or £20 somewhere sha ni.

So dey wan give you receipt....hmmn (lol)

I second Afrobabe, sit your behind at home next time, then again we will not be getting this gist if you had...

Anonymous said...

Sory but i had to laugh about the £3.75. And the yeye cashier was gonna give u a receipt. Like what do u need a £3.75 receipt for?

Obviously u'v learnt ur lesson, No will definitely do .... when u'r broke none of the friends will come to ur rescue or if they do it prably wont do talking from experience, lol.

How have u been dear?

Olamild said...

thanks 4 the comments u left (song)

God bless

Lighty said...

carl... lol, ha ha ha. tell mi, what shuld we title this movie? maybe we should just make it a romantic one, with the caption; how a lady lost her way in the world and found it back to her love all in one weekend.
what, you think that would make a lot of hits? i cant help but think it would.

try not to be stressed with all ur busy-ness, and i've definitely missed u too.

30+... surprisingly it has part 3. dear sis, dont laff at collecting 3.75 oh, it was either that or making my situation worse off. so shame was not even an option to consider, it was farrr from it.

am mos def sitting my butt on my couch.

chicala... help me ask the silly cashier ohh.
i hear u miss, 'when money come ur way, everybody busy body'

i've been gooooood.

olamild... no troubles love, we all r proud of u.

Isi said...


יש (Yosh) said...

Wow, just read all the "broke" sequels and my, u really did go thru some serious shit back there. I'd rather suck my thumb @ home than risk getting embarrassed or stranded without cash! But glad u survived it sha...where there's a will, huh?

I had a good laugh on the Ciara-repping bf! That shit was funny! :D

By the way, that lady in the 'shimmy' on this page is doing something to me...

Lighty said...

@yosh: exactly, when there is a will there is surely a way. but that dont mean i will be doin this again tho.

lol!@in the shimmy.funny u. lol.

cally-waffybabe said...

Babe, i've also been to the bank before to withdraw £3. lol. So trust me, we've all been there. Those my student days ehn...