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Monday, 24 September 2007

Broke ol' me II (cont'd)

Right… so where did I stop.
Suffering 3.
OK, the three of us went outside and stood, wondering what will become of our fate?
L remembered that some Malo (Hausa Nigerian) guy, her friend told her to come chill over at his place earlier that night and she had turned him down because she didn’t see much sense in it. At this point, we felt the need.
She decided then to call him up to see what he’s saying. Unluckily for us, the guy was still bent on her coming over. I’ll call him J.

L told J she was coming over but she was with two of her friends, the night had turned out messed up so we could do with the chilling. Little did he know we were stranded in the cold and little did we know what they had in stock for us.
J arranged a cab to get us and I must say, J lives in the very posh part of the area. As in, this part is where you’ll see the likes of Henry taking out his trash or Ronaldo jogging round the area, you get the gist?

We got into the apartment; it looked like there was a miniature party going on. So I loosened up, plus we received a warm welcome. ‘Welcome of doom’.
It was brought to my attention that most of these youngsters were influential, as their fathers are very well to do and well known Nigerian men, from the Malo (Hausa) side. If you’re Nigerian, by the time you think of two very well to do Hausa men in Nigeria, know that their kids were amongst this gathering. That night they were all under the influence of something because most of them were not acting right.

They offered us drinks, drinks they brought from within the house. Whatever drinks were in those cups I wonder, only God knows. I refused to drink anything so did R but L had some, oh well. Shortly after, J spoke to L about going indoors and she followed.
R was falling asleep and I couldn’t just imagine why she should since we were in a strange environment.

I tried to make conversation just to keep everybody focused and got to find out that one of them actually writes, he is more of a Nigerian critic who wouldn't blog (I asked if he ever considered blogging) because he doesn't believe in hiding his identity and wouldn't like to make known his identity because most of his write ups focus on the fathers of his friends ( he told me this in confident. i saw some of his work, Good stuff).

R was fast asleep on the bed we saw in the lounge area when we came in, so I joined her in order to cover myself up under the duvet, I was feeling uncomfortable with all the vulture eyes around so i decided to go into hiding.
T one of the guys brought in another mattress and placed it close to the one R and I were laying on and started stroking my hair, can u imagine? I scolded him and he stopped. So I decided to act asleep so they don’t be getting any ideas.

A, the most influential of them all came into the lounge and you wouldn’t believe what I heard him say. He said ‘why are these girls sleeping, wake them up I want to fuck’. I thought I would jump out my skin. Before I knew wat a guan this stupid guy was bending over me, I screamed so hard at him and he took a standing, the other guys were like why you are bothering her, leave her alone, she’s sleeping (Dear Lord save me tonight I promise I would never go out broke, that was my prayer).
They began to speak Hausa, I was so scared at this point I put the number 999 on standby in case anything was to go down. I was so scared I thought of calling my mother to save me from this hell hole. I tried calling MIMI but this was about 5:15am in the morning, her phone was going voicemail. I tried calling my close male friend K voicemail too.

Before I knew what was going on, A started going about them waking R up, why is she sleeping he said, and was about to pull the cover off her when I told him to go find somewhere to lay his head and leave her to sleep.

The guys left the lounge, and I quickly woke her up, telling her she must be crazy to sleep in this mad house. She woke up feeling confused and I told her what had been going down. She asked after L and I said L hasn’t returned from where she disappeared to.
The guys came back into the lounge with some girls that were chilling in the kitchen, apparently, one of them was supposed to be A’s girl, the other was super high and was chatting super shit. The one that was A’s girl told A they need to start heading home, so the two girls and A headed out only for A to come back into the house and head towards me with his phone.
A: can I have your digit?
Lighty: what for?
A: to take you out for lunch sometime
Lighty: not interested in lunch
A: dinner?
Lighty: I try avoiding dinner.
A: breakfast maybe?
Lighty: I don’t eat breakfast.
A: you must be on a mega diet; you don’t seem to eat at all.
Lighty: oh well that’s the way it is.
A: since you wouldn’t give me your details, it’s Lighty right? You will most definitely be hearing from me.

Was that supposed to be a threat because it damn right sounded like one to me, P the writer suggested since we were sleeping already, it will be more comfortable to go in the bedroom. I thought he meant R and me, in truth he was suggesting me and him. What? I decided to play along. He wanted for him and I go in the bedroom and R and T remain in the lounge area. R had drifted asleep again. I wonder how some people can have such peace of mind.

Well P came back to me to let me know the room was ready. I woke up R and told her they had set up a room for both of us. she was ok with the idea, the way the girl was sleeping sef, one would think she was drugged.
So R and I followed P as he led us to the bedroom. We got into the bedroom, and R tossed some pillows to P telling him he would need it to sleep in the lounge. He took the pillows from her and said ‘I’ll come join you girls shortly’.
R looked my way as if to say wot da hell is going on?
As soon as P left the room, we both raced to the door, to check if it had a lock, thank God it did, locked the door, lay on the bed, feeling safe but sorry because we still didn’t know how we were going to get back to the house.

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Zephi said...

am I first...yes

Zephi said...

just had to reserve my spot there....ok

This story is crazy...sounded like some movie...

I cant believe the guy said "wake them up, I want to fuck"

This rich kids are off the wall...
Im guessing you came out safe...hopefully

hurry up and update jo...i want gist



long but nice post

guys sef..

Afrobabe said...

I want to fuck kuh...can you imagine how crass some men can be...and they actually expected a response like...ok love,come and fuck,bring your mates...fools!

diary of a G said...

just reserving my spot..I'll be back after reading

Ugo Daniels said...

Oh dear, did he really say that? wake them up, i want to fcuk. What an a$$hole. Bet he was on some kinda alien crack or something similar.

bimbylads said...

some men deserve to be killed.

Queen of My Castle said...

OMG!! This sounds like a rave party. I would have been horribly terrified. I thank God you and your friends are well! Never go out broke again, Missy!

*Oh gosh, I am turning into my mother* *sigh***

100%Lighty said...

@ zephi *hiss* rich kids shea? do i blame them? i blame me for being in their house at that time. pity.

@ guyz? these kind of guyz, i have no word for.

@afrobabe, extreme fools (thier mama, no be their fault). lol!

@ diaryOfaG still awaiting u.

@Ugo. oh yes he did and i believe he was on sum really high crack, he acted it anyway.

@bimbylads. calm down love, we av not come to that part yet! lol! some of them deserve to be burnt.

@queen, i was horribly terrified and i am mos def never going out broke again, ever. thank God.

Olamild said...

Na how u take hide this blog fro m me?

I love your template gurllllllllll

Zephi said...

part 3 nko?

100%Lighty said...

@ olamild, lol! na how u take find am??? lol! welcome to lighty's spot love.

@zephi, very soon, in a jiffy.

Carlang said...

Lol. win the craziest weekend award.

I'm with everyone. i'm dying to hear what happened in the third installement..
The guys are all obviously jerks.
There are a couple of us out there,.
I apologise on his behalf.
Guys can be such beasts...
particularly when the girl in question happens to be as smart , cute and as funny as you.

So tell me you poisoned him and flushed his body down the toilet..

Do you need an alibi?
I'm open..
we'll say we were out on a date...

Lighty said...

@ carlang, award ayy? lol

sure they are 100%jerks. apology accepted.
about guys being beasts, u can say dat again. hell! i'll say it 4 u

lol! about poisoning him, u lot av such strong imaginations. why am i not surprised? y'all are writers, u should be. but seriously, lol!

ill take ur word 4 dat alibi, i dont need it in this case, but in future, i know where i'll be running, TO YOU!

diary of a G said...

wow so does A stands for As$hole?
spoilt jerk

but word of advice,
I see you're very wise and have already stated ur mistakes
take it from a guy how's been there
if a vulnerable female is in the presence of druken boys especially in their house. they are gonna play by their druken rules...
lets just say, if you aint like that....
try to avoid those situations

glad you ok
is there more to that loooong night?

unshined congo said...

nice posts. Guys!!! Anyways im happy u handled it nicely and hope part 3 is coming soon. blogging nor easy oh!!! lol

Queen of My Castle said...

Update! Update! Update! LOL

diary of a G said...

Liked ur comment on my blog
twas on point

so what? u think ur cool cos u got a blog n u don't update it? lol
update already
thanks for coming thru

Teediva said...

really,u get the crazy weekend award lol. havent ben here in a while. update o, we want to know what happened next. good to seee u've learnt ur lesson.

Opinionated Diva said...

Wow...definitely lots of lessons to be learned in this story.

Can't wait to read the next installment.

Lighty said...

@ D of a G: will update as soon as time bids me. coming soon love.

@teediva: darling, i have learned, most definitely. and you would know soon.

@opinionated diva: my dear, we all live and learn.



still reading

cally-waffybabe said...

LMAO. Girl, you should have bitten that sugar daddy plonker HARD!!! That'd teach him. I would have walked from Elephant and Castle to Camden Town just to see him etched in pain!!! Brokeness is a bish!!! lol.