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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Broke ol' me.

Before I start on my suffering ranting, if you ever hear me say I am going out with no money in my purse and my current account close to 0.00, don’t hesitate to hit a terrible slap on my face and shake me until the wool over my eyes fall off because for me to say that believe I must have been jinxed.

Remember in the post prior to this one, I talked about suffering in the past weekend; well here it is, brace yourselves.
I’ll split it into 4 categories.
Let me take you through the prologue before I start
I had sufficient fund enough to last me precisely seven days before my big bucks arrives. Haven spent so much on important things in life alas I was left broke. But I would rather be broke than not pay my bills. Stupid I though, even in my broke days, I still find myself living a bogus life (I believe when there is a will, there is a way and there has always been a way for me, so I am spoilt).
If you have ever read some of my old posts, you will know my party area is 4hrs 20mins away from my work area.
Whenever I go like that, I go for 4days as in enjoy myself to the max. This was not to be different and I intended to have my fun, broke! Lol!
I booked my trip that was no problem, arranged to chill with a close friend, that became little problem and partied for 3nights that became a huge problem.

Suffering 1: well I arrived at my party area, I was over joyed, and I had my outfits planned out as I had done some shopping specially for the purpose, damn! I thought to myself; its gonna be so much fun. I called up my friend told her I was in the area, and she said should give her a call when I get to her vicinity. Blogville, only for me to get to my friend’s vicinity and call her to come pick me up and her phone was winding up on voicemail. Dolls, I called for two hours and thirty minutes, VOICEMAIL!
I was tired, weak and confused actually more frantic than confused. Damn I had no where to stay, time was running out. Shit shit shit. I was calculating in my head, I am very picky when it comes to staying in people’s houses, I don’t sleep in just any house its hard enough to get me out my house cause I love my bed so so.
I know my friend said something like her being in training but she also told me that it wouldn’t be a problem contacting her when I reach her vicinity. As if, this has become a major problem. Now my phone battery was running flat chai wahala, I am there sitting on my suitcase like a motherless child, I had to quickly transfer some 2-3 number that are important on this journey onto my blackberry I hardly use it to make calls don’t ask me I use it mainly 4 emails and the lot. But on this day, it really saved my butt. Fortunately I succeeded in saving 3 numbers before that phone went off. Problem now is my blackberry had just one bar of battery life left, been on the net all through my journey, reading your blogs. See? Its’ your entire fault, blogville and its addictive stories.
In my thinking and tiredness as I have gone seven hours already without rest, I decided I’ll just go home and forget about this party. Sad shea? I know. By the way, home is 45mins away from party area and it doesn’t make sense traveling to party area from home things are different there. Like no transportation at all during late night and bleak roads, too quiet. Just when I was about to pick up my suitcase, another friend of mine called and asked me where I was, she was like she’s been trying to reach me that I need to bring my butt round she already organised her cousin’s place for us to chill. Let’s call this friend L. I told you, there is always a way for me.
Suffering 1 cleared. After 3hrs and 15mins suffer head.

Suffering 2. That first party was ok, no biggy, second party, I, L and L’s friend R couldn’t get a cab number so on the mission to get a taxi to the second party we were lucky to ask some young dudes who were actually going next door to where we were going, they offered to give us a ride delightfully, it was fun, the trip I mean, little ranting, complimenting and exchange of numbers. They actually gave us a ride back to the house and asked to give them a call tomorrow if we would be going out. awww how sweet. Moreover, it was £30 just to get into that party let alone the Moet and things, in order words; I totally blew up my 7day sustainer. I officially became Broke. Lucky we got that ride back to the house. See? Always a way…
I was supposed to party with some of my homies, in short all I needed to do was get to the arena and all will be sorted, VIP and things, it was bound to be fun, but the problem now was getting there as home gal lighty was dry on funds. Behold R gets a call from one of them dudes of the night before and he offered to come for us. Yippee! Only for this dude to arrive at 1:10am at least he came. We got to the venue, this guy said he was gonna park his car and guess what he did, he ran off. Lol!!! Now how da fuck! Are we gonna get back to the house. WE WERE ALL BROKE and stranded as well, yea ohh! Lol! We went in, I saw some of my folks and this place was kind of dry. I mean I didn’t dress this nicely and bring my broke ass done here for this place to be dry. This was 2:10am, the place shut down at 2:45am what???? I look around the few people I knew damn which mouth am I going to use to say I cant get home, not me, they don’t expect that from me. Luckily, L spots a friend before I could say Jack Robinson there was yet another means of getting to the house. But there was this little commitment to it, we had to follow him to another spot where he said the music was live and they will be kicking it till 5am in between since he doesn’t live too far from where we were crashing he’ll drop us off
So we all went to this place, getting there, the door was closed, there was no more entry allowance but the guy kept to his word, he pulled some strings and they opened the doors. There is always a way, but not this time. Got behind the doors and it turns out there was £20 to pay. Lighty has reach rock bottom lovies aint no 20quid coming out from no where. Wait for it; this boy told us to go wait for him outside till he’s done partying.
Chai! Lighty you have suffered for fun ohh I mean how did I think anything would be fun if it doesn’t involve money? On the other hand, how broke is this boy? Not that I was expecting him to pay, I promote independence in women, if I were in his shoes, I would have handled it, so I half expected him to, although I have never met him before sha! And coming out while broke, WRONG!
We were to wait for this boy from 3:05am till like 5:00am in the cold before we could get to the house, I looked down at myself and thought HOW DA FUCK DID YOU DO THIS TO YOU. So we went outside and although we didn’t get to the house with the boy, the night took on a whole new dimension.
To be continued…

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diary of a G said...

sorry to say but How many females can relate to that same situation you've written about? alot!
lol the boy had nerves to tell you to wait outside for him to finish partying lol
but at the end of the day girl, I can relate also...See I figured a long time ago that having Fun is a luxury with a huge price tag, especially when you're broke
so for the reason...I might be 24 but I now live like am 30 so hopefully when am 30 If I want I can party like I just turned 19 or other words am stacking my Ones...if you know what I mean
I have a feeling Miss Lighty's late night escapade turned out to be the shizzle-dizzle and all that good stuff...well lets hope
like Arnold said I'll b back

~Mimi~ said...

kk hunie i didnt read this just cos i got the gist first hand and if u other bloggers bribe me...

i might just tell u the rest of the story on my blog.. he he he

Chameleon said...

lol... oh sweetie, this one na real die-hard partying oh!
but come oh, what kind of fake ass guy is abandon babes like that wether or not he knows u is just wrong. abi he doesnt have women in his family?
waiting for more gist oh....

Number4 said...

DIE HARD ROCKER!!! lol umm you paid 30 pound to get into a club? That's like me paying $60 to dance? Sounds ridiculous.

Ugo Daniels said...

Damn that dude, yea he helped but should hav gone the whole nine yards rather than keeping ladies waiting outside in da cold :)

Anonymous said...

wow, u sure party like a rockstar o, lol! Honestly, i never even reach half of ur partying level.
But that guy slacked, how dare him leave u out ....hiss

100%Lighty said...

@ diary of a g, well u just might have to wait to find out won't you? luxury sure has a price tag, confirmed now.

@ mimi, u're trying to get sued shea? u better watch ur fingers. dont be typing me. where u dey?

@ chameleon die hard indeed, u can say dat again love. i dont think dat bonehead has sisters ohh, sum silly dude u know?

@ number4 about £30, u can say dat again, i refused to believe i was payin dat much especially with the fact i was broke. but hey!!! i had mad fun tho.

@ ugo, damn him menh! plus it was cold and worse with the skimpies and light clothing.
it was obvious he was ready to av his fun to the fullest. he didnt care if we died out there. after all, he didnt take us out i dont blame him.

@chicala, darling coz places i operate are so far from each other, it takes a while to party and when its done, it is maxed. coz it might take another 4-7 weeks, na why ohh. but it usually is so much fun tho.

30+ said...

Where does that shiken head of a boy live let me go and give his arse some whooping. Did his mama not teach him how to take care of ladies.

Kpele o hope you did not catch cold. All this wahala for party you tried o

Kafo said...

na wa oooo

Carlang said...

Aw come on.
The world just isnt fair.
Here we are..
lovely girl..
beautiful flair for words,
the softest of twinkles in her eyes..
a girl any guy..
( and that would include me)
..would give an arm and limb for.
( dont take up the offer..)
and what happens..
some jerk wastes his time inside..while she waits outside.
It;s so not fair.
What he should have done was walk out the club,
drop of your friends ..
spend the last bit of his cash on icecream and cakes..
and driven you to some quiet location where you could gist about nothing,
dance on the bonnet of his car..
( without him doing the ciara move).
then when you both wore yourselves out..
you would sit on the dented bonnet and hug each other staring at the stars..
that;s what he should have done.
(A kiss would have been nice except that would have had me insanely jealous!)

i hate him.
i hate him.
i hate him...


hi dear.
Yes i;ve been away.
What's up..
great read.
Not so great circumstances.
So what happened next..
how did you turn the bad to goood..?

Afrobabe said...

Lol...I will be grateful if there is this much activity in my life while broke....but wait oh...the bobo left u guys out in the cold...kai babes, we dey suffer oh...

100%Lighty said...

@ 30+ i wish i knew where he lives, i would av posted his address to u sharp sharp!

and thank God i didnt catch a cold. sniff!

@kafo na real...wa.

@carlang wuld only be happy dancing on the bonnet of the car and the rest if it were with u. so u wuldnt av gotten insanely jealous after all.

i hate him too.

wot happened in the end wuld be for another day.
i can only say the bad turn into worse. sad story.

@afrobabe, my dear it's a risk only the strong hearted take, can u handle it? lol!
asper that suffer aspect, u can say that again.

Anonymous said...

u play hardddddddd!!

100%Lighty said...

@ geisha, i agree.

diary of a G said...

update na people are waiting

~Mimi~ said...

pls who is carlang coming here to psych my own sister???

ehhm xcuse u, dont u know u have to pay family dues???????

and lighty let me catch u blushing there, i will beat u black and blue!!!

100%Lighty said...




Carlang said...

*hard swallow*
Hi Mimi..
Family Dues huh?
That;s going to be really difficult..
How do i figure out how much Lovely Lee ( Er that's what i call her.. i also call her Lee darling, Lightly lee, Lightly, Mimi's lovely sis.... er... lovely Mimi;s lovely sis..).
Now do i figure out how much a girl as lovely ( SIgh) as lightly is worth...
I'll have to se if Hawai is for sale..
and that;s just for starters.

...toyintomato said...

...haha, girl, oya update, we want the continuation of this torry.

Zephi said... adventure you had there...

Lighty said...

@ carlang: lol, boi oh boi.

@toyintomato: madam i dey come, in time, in time.

@zephi: definitely love, i totally i agree.

OLAMILD said...

R u fweaking SERIOUS?

cally-waffybabe said...

Awwww you poor darling, that must have been awful. You won't believe how i discovered you. I just clicked on your name from QOMC's blog, thinking i'd just have a quick glance and rush off, but i found myself just glued to your posts. You write so well and so deep, like from the heart- nah mean? I actually feel your honesty seeping through your posts.
I have to get my l'il un to bed now. I must come back and devour your archives. Where have you been all along? I used to have a blog but...well long story.
I'd be back to read the sequel in a bit. Would also check out your talent site.
Nice work girl.