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Thursday, 22 May 2008

The beginning of the End.

Looks like there has been confusion somewhere, somehow. Just the other day, I was asleep, only to be woken with a touch light full on my face and flashing snappy lights. Ciara, Ciara, someone’s voice I can’t quite make out was screaming from behind the touch light man. I was stunned as to what was going on around me, sat up straight and opened my eyes wide to look around me. Then something changed, I could see smiley faces turn quickly into angry faces. Someone else spoke with anger in her voice. What? It’s not Ciara?

Let me answer that question; No! It’s not Ciara. Ciara use to be a MAN. Now Lighty? Never a man, not a man, never would be a MAN. If you don’t know; Lighty is too Beautiful a woman to be a MAN. Now you know.

This is for those of you still asking that horrible question about my last post. Now you have it. The post is a biography of a friend. Do you have any idea how many times I have had to say that over? Its all love though, I understand most people’s dreams would be shattered if I were to be a MAN and so I can happily say to you; your dreams are intact.

Label: THE ROLLERCOASTER OF AN ALLEGED PLAYER, not lighty’s story, but lighty’s friend’s story that Lighty writes, now get with the program, all clear? Lets move on.

To our feature presentation...

I went back to Steven’s house like I use to and like I said; started the gaming with the new maid. Now this one, this one was hot. I often wondered how she became a maid and to me I saw her getting married one day to some rich bloke that would find her hard to resist but before all that, I was happy preparing his bride for him.

She had no problem with playing our games, I remember how I baptized her with the rules, it was on a Monday evening that day and Steven’s parents were not home. It was a bit difficult at first because after Steven’s mum saw what happened with the me and the other maid, she hired a boy and then decided to take up a girl after some time. So now there were two of them, the boy and the girl and it was mad difficult getting her alone without the boy appearing from somewhere. If you ask me, I would tell you he had the hots for her too.

On this particular day, I guess the boy was busy having a chat with the guard; gate front. The girl was in the kitchen and when I entered she asked if I would like to have something to eat as the food was ready to be served. Nervously I walked up behind her and just stood there, she not knowing what to do just froze and asked why I was standing so close. I responded by sliding my hands under her top, settled it on her firm breasts and squeezed tightly. She did not make a sound, so I guess she wanted it to. I told her to meet me round the back in five. She came around the back in exactly five minutes and the game was on. It was a wild time round that back but ten minutes into it that stupid boy (the butler) came round and just stood over us staring. Caught the second time??? This time I just zipped up my jeans and walked away.

The boy came into the house when I was playing Atari (remember Atari????) with my friend and kept looking at me. This time I didn’t tell Steven what happened, I was tired of getting caught. So I swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on what I was doing. When I could not take it anymore I stood up and walked towards the kitchen and told the boy to come with me. He followed and just then I warned him never to tell a soul of what he saw. He promised not to and from that day he became my look out boy. His way of getting money from me, I didn’t complain.

Things were rosy, I was having free time with the hottie without the fear of being caught just before this happened.

On one of this hottie day, I had sorted out the boy, set up the place, hottie was waiting for me in her room, I went into the room and about to climb on hottie when I heard a male voice that wasn’t the boy’s . My heart was too heavy this time around, where the hell did the boy go? What happened to my look out? It was not Steven, or Steven’s dad, it was Steven’s uncle. He told me to get off the girl and make my way out, shutting the door behind me. I ran out nervously only for me to hear cries from the inside. The maid was screaming and shouting No… in between loud sobs. It dawned on me that I was witnessing a rape situation so I started for the locked door and started banging on it shouting for him to stop and leave her alone. He seemed to go on forever, that made me start to cry, I couldn’t believe I was crying. Steven was not home this particular day. I could not go out for help because I was attached to the situation I just sat on the floor and cried out of guilt. After Steven’s uncle finished with the maid, the boy went in and continued what that foolish uncle started. All I could hear was sobs and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

That day I went home and promised never to go to Steven’s house. I had started something I had no idea how would end, I had caused that girl’s life to be miserable and I hate thinking about it. A month later there was chaos in Steven’s house. It turned out the maid was pregnant. Alas my ordeal was just about to begin, first I couldn’t live with myself, and now the maid was pregnant?

I just kept thinking; would I be the father? Possibly not, I always used a condom, but you just never know. Was it the stupid boy? I doubt if after that day he slept with her but I decided against asking him the question. Steven had traveled abroad and there was no one to give me the low down of what exactly was happening. It turned out that the uncle was responsible and like I dreaded, he had gone back for more and more after that day.

The baby was aborted but Steven’s family had a lot of making up to do to the girl, she lived in the house with them as an adopted child, went to university and married four years ago. I relocated to London till this very day. No one knows about my dealings with the maid but the people who already knew. I only hope her past has not crept into her future. I wish for her the best.

So that’s the maid’s life there, mine continued from where it stopped with too much drama for one person.

Till I return;
Save my spot.

45 finger tappings:

Abbie said...

I think there should be a reader warning at the beginning of this post, I would have prefered not to read this.

I feel so hurt for that poor girl.

bumight said...

LIGHTY IS A MAN AND SHE IS A PLAYER!! *off to spread the rumour*

seriously though, a lot of housemaids go through that on a daily basis especially in naija.

Calabar Gal said...

Ur story was captivating. Ur spot is saved lighty. (smile)

Calabar Gal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
guerreiranigeriana said...

wow...pathetic the uncle absolutely awful!...i still don't understand how anyone can enjoy raping someone else...i too hope her past hasn't crept into her present and future, although i wonder how such couldn't creep in on some level...hmmmnnn...

Baroque said...

rape ke?...anyway, the woman that brought a very fuckable maid should be prepared for all that...this is some sad sickening shit going down...anyway, something wey dey kill person dey first block him ear...after the first busting you should have been wiser...& i know lighty's a bloody fine ass chikito...mwuah.x

Afrobabe said...

what have I missed???

Who dey shag maid....hmmmm..going to the achive now...

Lighty said...

@abbie... am sorry sweetie, i shuld av warned. i was touch wen he was telling me this, could clearly see the pain in his eyes.

@Bumight... lol! wait, dont forget to tell them ur caught off ur balls 4 years ago too. lol.

its really sad tho. now women wuld not take in maids. 1. they corrupt the kids. 2. they may be witches. 3. oga might just fancy her.

like a friend was telling me 2 days ago of his uncle sleepin wit the maid, he caught them in the act, but they didnt know apparently she went to church wit the rest of the family, went back home, had hot sex wit her boss and went back to church like she was there all along.

@calabar gal... am just going to smile too, now y'all r playing wit my mind. lol!

@guerr...very pathetic, stupid man. i hope she has peace at least, because am sure that would be difficult to 4get. how r u mi lady???

@baroque... to be a maid is the easiest way out 4 the least future, if every1's avoiding 1 these days, wot will these gals do? i feel sorry for them coz i think they are caught in the middle. and the foine ones, surely they cannot help being pretty. how sad.

temptation, the maid was fine sha and she was ok getting sum, so being cuaght by the boy was not really big deal, especially wen he agreed to be the look out. but we live and learn dont we?

now we're talking baroque thank u, thank u. i just might 4give u, but i need to go to ur blog to see if u said sorry on a sticky note in the comment box. lol!

Lighty said...

@afrobabe... u really need to archive, hit me wen u done. how av u been luvvie?

Jarrai said...

That uncle is a horrible man.....

Eh ya, the poor maid. At least she can put that behind her... now she has her own family.

Nice story, well written xx

Standtall said...

What a poor girl. She was taken advantage of by the uncle and Steve's friend. Who knows how many others.

I pray she had turned her exprience into a useful instrument by helping other girls in faced with that situation. I hope she is not still traumatized. I pity her

And Steve's friend usung condom and all, was he that civilised back then?Now he will be afraid and become overprotective of her female child if he has any in the future

OluwaDee said...

The things maids go thru.
I really pray her past hasnt crept in2 her future.

just 2 sad.

Lighty said...

@jarrai... i tell u, the world is a horrible place all together.

@standall... about was he that civilized to use a condom??? dats funny. of course he was. the guy is a medical doctor now so am guessing he had always gathered medical sense, if u know wot i mean.

for the maid, i just hope she has a happy life now.

@oluwadee... we all pray the same.

Charizard said...

Lighty I too dey gbadun ur soft playing music o ahahn...

buh this guy na waski o...wan comment

darkelcee said...

hmmm very sad.

Maids dey suffer !

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

this is some nollywood sturves....mehn they took advantage of that girl...with stevens friend it was mutual sexual relationship...the uncle and the house boy are dam heartless..
Im glad she turned out alrite...she is married and has kids..

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

*notes to self to have a worwor maid if i move naija*
at least it will reduce the probability of someone tryna use her..but we know some guys will fuck anything that has a coojie, hot or not

Lighty said...

@charizard... i gbadun u too jare. well the music is 4 u my luvs. av fun listening and getting acquitted with neo soul. why no comment now? u 4 say now.

@darkelcee... u can say dat again luv.

@zephi...LOL about nollywood he he he. my dear even the ugly ones sef dey get problem. how u dey??

Atutupoyoyo said...

So say it again very slowly this were once a man right?

Please don't bite me I just dey find your trouble

soupasexy said...

of course i knew it wasnt u, u r too beautiful to be a
wow. c what girls have to go's sad..i hope she's happy.

Lighty said...

@atutu... i am shouting ur name, dont find my trouble o. ummm if u find my trouble, my trouble wuld find u and flip u o ummm i am warning u now.

of course i knw u're teasing sweetie. like i said its all luv isnt it??? lol!

@sexiness... thank u jare, see why i like u. small by small u gat my back. lol!

well unfortunately, dats wot the world is coming 2. aint dat just sad?

Anonymous said...

shit!thats some heavy stuff

Free-flowing Florida said...

hmmmm. am speechless. d lady was raped by 2 pple on d same day? poor her. it's indeed sad. but am happy her future wasn't permanently damaged by dat experience. seriously, maids r human too. am still trying 2 understand y most of dem give in easily 2 ogas of d house, or gate-men or d children of d madam & oga. is it low self esteem

& beautiful lighty, i've finally updated!

LG said...

Na wa o *mouth agape* lol!!!!!!
dis ur story jus dey do me one kain- one kain, as in d maid brought it on her self, but she didnt deserve all dat....., chei
hope she has put it all behind her now.

how body?

Lighty said...

pink satin... real heavy mateh.

flo... i think they give easy becos dey automatically think their fate lies wit him. say they say no to oga now, u do know dat oga would make thier life a living hell in dat hse??? which wuld result in them losing their jobs; their only way to a decent living.

lg... well we all hope she puts it all behind her.
by d way, body dey inside cloth menh!

Charizard said...

come...lighty u r mad o do u know that? @ wifey's haus...surfing blogs...

I open ur starts playing...wifey snuggles up behind me i drop the laptop....fill in the bloody blanks...ITs UR FAULT!!!!!!!!!

Aphrodite said...

Idiot uncle, he should have been made to marry the girl or adopt the baby by force!
Some men are beasts.

lol@charizard. did the laptop break?

Charizard said...

thankfully laptop no break but the thing wey hapn as a result of the mouth no fit talk...

Lighty said...

charizard... ha ha ha lol! come on mateh u knw u loved it. at least now u know where to come when u want sum and wifey is acting up. lighty's spot.


aphrodite... darling it is heart shattering, it wouldnt be worth it making him marry the girl. he would cuz more agony bcoz he wuldnt luv her and to him she would always be the maid.
am not a fan of abortions but its not healthy a child growing up in that environment plus it would remain a constant reminder of wot she went thru.

charizard... am happy ur laptop is intact. thnk goodness. call this blog ur getting sum blog. lol.

at least sum1's getting sum.

diary of a G said...

can only hope the maid is happy n now

Sting said...

That is some messed up shit right there!!!!!

Naija Idol said...

aww. this is really sad oh. im happy they at least took care of her and i hope her past doesn't creep into her future just as u said.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u write well

cally-waffybabe said...

wow lightie, this is deeep!!! poor girl. like afrobabe, i need to go to your archives to get the beginning of the story.

who thinks you're a man btw? they need to see dem MASSIVE yellow knockers you gat...then they'd know lol.

so how you dey now? missed ya. saw your missed call when i was at the airport. remember i was to travel that day? still in naija though.

when are you coming back to fb? would hola later.

big hug


cally-waffybabe said...

wow lightie, this is deeep!!! poor girl. like afrobabe, i need to go to your archives to get the beginning of the story.

who thinks you're a man btw? they need to see dem MASSIVE yellow knockers you gat...then they'd know lol.

so how you dey now? missed ya. saw your missed call when i was at the airport. remember i was to travel that day? still in naija though.

when are you coming back to fb? would hola later.

big hug


30+ said...


I feel so sorry for the housemaid.


Okay that was rather sad to read. But, you wrote that story very well.

The underprivileged suffer so much injustice. if one took the time to think about it even shortly, it could break a heart and soul.

Take care...

Queen of My Castle said...

I know I am late. I have caught up on all pieces of the story...

This tugged at my heart. I, like your friend, can only pray that her past has not hindered her future. I feel so sorry for her.

Lighty said...

@DoG... DON'T WE ALL HOPE? how r u sweetie???

@sting... ohhh it is. very very messed up indeed.

@naija idol...i think judging the situation, that is the least they could do.

@torrance... thank u darling.

@cally menelly... how now??? menh am back on facebook sha sha one leg in one leg out. how was ur trip now? u bring gala come?

@30+... well dat seem 2 be wot the world revolves round now; sad situations. it shall be well.

@solomon... it is, and thank u. and the suffering is everywhere. which is so sad.

@queen...better late than never luv. how r u my dear???

LG said...

jus shecking up on u,
hope u r gud?

Baroque said...

AWOL??? a handsome reward awaits anyone with useful info on the whereabouts of the beautiful light skinned sister!!!

Free-flowing Florida said...

jeez, dear. u've not updated! must b very busy. pele. take care

guerreiranigeriana said...

...we don save this your spot o!!!..but i don begin tire...come and update jo!!...

Smaragd said...

i read this story last week, how come i didnt leave a comment? *shakes head in confusion*

this story is so true in Naija, infact, callous as it may sound, this girl is one of the few lucky ones who got an education and a semblance of respect out of her dilemma.

good job lighty, oya update.

princesa said...

Geez! Gome men can be horrid!Glad she got some compensation at the end.