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Tuesday, 1 January 2008


So? It’s the new years again right? Good. I know what you are all thinking. New year means new decisions, targets, goals and everything that follows along that line of strenuous-ness with fulfilling your dreams. Here is what am saying, I wish you all the best of whatever you wish for. Miracles and blessings darlings, and kisses too.

Well I have decided this year to start a series called ‘what would you do’? So you beautiful people can always have something new to read whenever you come round. Kind of like a skit in between my diary updates when nothing interesting is going on in my life, I will give you something to ponder upon. Orite?

Here’s the first one.

What would you do?

If you were sat down by your parents and informed that in true fact, your father is your grandfather as well. They both started this ludicrous liaison when your mother was eight, and instead of your mother to feel disgust and hate towards your father/grandfather like most normal people would do, she loved him, and would do every and anything to satisfy him including agree to marry him and have you,

Obviously now it's all clear to you why you have never seen your cousins, you don’t know of any blood tied aunties and uncles and both your maternal and paternal grandparents died before you were born.

It comes clear why mum has so much respect for dad and why he is way older to. She doesn’t argue with him, she does everything he says and he treats her just like he treats you.

When last two years you stumbled on mum talking to someone on the phone and she used the word ‘sister’, when you asked she told you it was a nun on the phone, one she used to know a long time ago. It felt strange because you were sure of what you heard, it couldn’t have been just a nun, it was well personal, she talked to the person on the receiving end as being the only sister she had and why nobody is acquiescent with the fact that she loves dad very dearly. You could have sworn your grandparents were not alive, so who was mum referring to? Well she managed to soothe the turbulence in your temperamental soul, so you forgot about it.

but now this is it, mum and dad sorry granddad, no, dad-granddad, oh granddad dad arrrh! whatever; are sitting staring at you waiting for you to speak.

Go on darling, what do you say? Speak.

17 finger tappings:

Zephi said...

ewwwwwwww...that is like so gross

what I'll do?

umm stay far far away from them.

little miss me said...

really messed up situation! would probably move out,advice my mum to go to therapy and hate my dad or granddad or dad-granddad or whatever he is forever

Afrobabe said...

speak??? ok...just 3 words...You all disgust me...Ehmmm that was 4..

Don said...

I would only ask why would they tell me this, and turn around and mess my head up. Seriously, I would.

I wouldn't look at my father/granddad the same. Ever again.

Mom would still be mom.

UnNaked Soul said...

uhmmmmmmmm... can i have 2 shots of vodka and a well wrapped ganj? after that, call me Guinness Book of records and the Discovery Channel.
I have a story to tell... lol...

then, get me a paper and a pen, I have to psych test to run.

I'll be very amazed, plus I'll hope they haven't passed their mentality to me genetically... that won't be funny at allllllllllll.

Naapali said...

What would I do? probably move out and start trying to find out more about this family situation and cicurmstances.

What would I say?

desperate lady said...

Wut i'll say? Y'all are so fucked up!

Ugo Daniels said...

damn, is this in any way personal, hope not.

Anyways, i wuld prefer not to EVER know but if eventually i did, i pray i have enough will to survive it. It's so so disgusting and disillusioning

Queen of My Castle said...

Lightly, you too, are a woman after my own heart. Am LOVING your playlist. Dwele and Goapele are slept on by many but are awesome! I like Dwele's Weekend Love, Goapele's First Love and India's Brown Skin

Okay okay, now on to the post at hand. I think I would look at them both in disgust, try to find out more about my family, remain SANE, and start my own life as an adult.

30+ said...


Re: The post, I will take a good look around and if they insist it's true called the Doctors in white to come with 2 straight jackets.

guerreiranigeriana said...

happy new year sweets!!!...eventhough there is no maxwell, i love, love, love your playlist!!!...

...regarding the post and what i'd do...after i blinked for a long time...i am one of those people that needs time to gather my thoughts after hearing shocking shit... is strange...humans are complex...i would ask them if they would pay for my psychological treatments...if they agreed, i'd refrain from speaking to them until after months of treatment...if they disagreed, i'd definitely have no words...maybe letters when i needed money...

Isi said...

abeg lighty, which one be dis one nah! lol!
happy new year babes!

Afrobabe said...

hello sweetie...tot you would have shed more light here by I know...amebo..

...toyintomato said... an extremist.
shoo , do nothin,
live your life the same way,
its not like you are physically harmed, just a little emotionally traumatized,hurt and betrayed.
..its just things time will definitely heal.

Baroque said...


GOD forbid, which kind story be this one naa???

darkelcee said...

haaa, that makes me a product of what?

I will run from them nad detach myself completely from my mum, dad/grandad!

crazy stuff!

SouLBoutiQue said...

This is disgusting.

This is how i would reply sha: I'm a taboo!!! No wonder no family members ever talk to us, no wonder i don't know any of my cousins, no wonder, no wonder....NO F-In WONDER!! Is this a sick joke? you are my father and grandfather? no, no...NO!! That is disgusting how could you? both of you? Who will i marry? No one will want to marry someone with this kind of wa ha la and family history. You know what i have to take a walk....Oghene mae!! Hey! see me see trouble!

something to that extent....