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Thursday, 10 January 2008


My role: a psycho-analyst, analysing your situation. take note, everyword written is total role play, i dont want any of you taking things personal ok loves?
for those of you mentioned in this post, u can leave ur comments following ur reply. if u're new on the matter u could comment on the previous post, and ill edit this for you posting my observation on how u're handling matters. hope that works for everybody. lets get this ball rolling. (by the way thx to kitty-catwalq for the idea of posting replies, fantastic stuff).

@ zephi... u'll run far far away? r u sure thats a good idea? cos u know u cant hide from this kind of stuff, not @ this age. think of all the betraying years you've grown into, just to hear this. i agree its gross. extremely bizarre, more bizarre than gross. so are u gonna be running into the woods with little red riding hood? i suggest u come down that tree and face the matter.

@LMM... hate is such a strong word u know that right? although it was sick for father to av done this, but how about mum loving it and actually marrying him? wouldnt u think she was probably hypnotized or sumn'? maybe she still is. whatever it is, u av to forgive 70*7 times. on that note see me next week.

@afrobabe... thatz all? darling, u av to let it out, surely keeping things in would one day burst out. i know u're feeling something, tell me what it is, what exactly do u feel, release urself.

@don... dats a good start; to ask. mom would still be mom? come on don, the sicko married her father surely u av sumthing to say than mum would still be mom? or r u and mum...? no no surely that can never be. i hope not. well the next time you come for ur session, i hope you have more to same concerning your intake with what you really feel about mum.

@unnaked soul... u do know drinking would only drive u 6feet under in this situation, coz u might not have the courage to stop. as for the ganj u'll blow ur head out.
so now u're telling me that this has happened and all u can think of is making money? guiness book of record, i mean come on boy. who does that?
as for the psych test, i run that not you. so here is what you would do, next session i want u to have a list of what you really feel and what exactly you would do. ok? thank you, ur meeting is now over.

@naapali... absolutely a way forward, i hope they understand what mess you are really in and open their hearts to you. cos for all you know they just might not want anything to do with that lineage, judging from the fact they av never seen u or asked to speak to u or meet up. i wish you all the best, fingers crossed it would go smooth. good luck

and you have something in mind you want to say? it would speed the healing process, trust me. so what do you say? see you next session? yes? no?

@DL... absolutely, and they fucked u up in the process. what would u do about that? think about it. and come back to me.

@Ugo... nope! its a scenerio. is it for u? (lol, no mind me, am still in role play).

a bit too late for that now, u know already. so what u saying? u just might end up in a mental hospital? i can understand that. but wouldnt u like to book another session so we can talk things through before u finally go wild on insanity?

@QOMC... i agree with you, this is absolute shit in the real sense of the word. disgusting, i wish u all the strenght meeting your family, hope they agree to see you. a good thing you're remaining sane. you didnt say anything about contacting ur parents/grandpa. so u're just gonna forget about them?

for ur wedding, would u rent parents or????

@30+... and where would that leave you? on a regular to my office or are u gonna go for cleansing???

happy new year to u too sister mi.

@guerreiranigeriana... right! i guess by writing them letters for money u're still accepting them as ur parents. literarily they are anyway. a good thing u're not in denial. looks like i wouldnt be making money from u, judging from the fact you just might never come back for more sessions. on the other hand thinking money in this situation is u making reasons for urself like this matter never arose in the first instance, stop holding back. come back next week 4pm.

and guerreiranigeriana... dont forget, next week 4pm. ok? ill be waiting.

@ isi... in other words you are just going to pretend like you didnt here what ur parents/grandpa had to say and go back to bed shea?

well when u wake, ill be standing in front of your door staring into ur eyes until u let it all out. am guesiing u're gonna be sobbing or probabbly run out the house with ur nighty and no slippers.

@toyintomato... so u're telling me u've just been told this and u are willing to live life as normal? no no nope young miss. thats the first stage of denial, its either u tell me wot u av in store for those two; because i can see through u, u look like u've planned to burn the house down. now unless u pour out ur heart to me, i am afraid u are not leaving my office.

@baroque... and after u stone them to death, where does that leave u? remember killing them doesnt change the fact of how u came into the world. i suggest u sleep for 2days straight, wake up and book an appointment with my secretary.

@darkelcee... u cannot run forever. there is no place to hide remember? come into my office, its ok, u av nothing to fear, am ur friend. now tell me, how do u feel?

On that note my fellow clients, ur sessions are booked, ill see u next week. b4 then give me a brief on how far u're coping.

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Afrobabe said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me

you can all eat your hearts out!!!!


Afrobabe said...

and second....ok..what would I really do? Beg them to never talk about it again.You do not stop loving people you have loved for long but at the same time I would thank them for telling me and beg them to never feel the urge to confess again....Please for my own sanity..

Don said...

dead @ or are you and mom?

Nah, I just have this unconditional & forgiving nature towards the woman who gave birth to me. That's all.

Zephi said...

lolz..lighty.. and to think i have been looking for a shrink, i did not know I had one already,you said the truth though..there is only so far i can run,,thr problem will be waiting.frankly, i am learning to deal with it..

how is the work going? dont stress ourself too much b4 you break down ya

Calabar Gal said...

Happy New Year Girl.

guerreiranigeriana said...

bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...oya...sit in that your office and wait for me o!!!...please...just siddon and wait o!...i dey week at 4pm?...i dey come o!!...just sit and wait...hahahahahahahahahahaha...*calls her assistant and tells him to book her flight out of the country to leave next week, at 4pm*...

desperate lady said...

i've been staring here for over 5mins thinking about what i'll do, honestly, i don't know. I'll be too confused to say jack......but if by God's grace i come out of my confused state, i'll tell them "FUCK YOU' and thats the last they'll see of me. That's just an abomination maaan.

diary of a G said...

lol @guerreiranigeriana
I was here


Happy New Year, Lighty. Went and read the last post and well, the cat's got my tongue...

off to read the comments above.

Jaja said...

Happy new Year... How u doing?

Ugo Daniels said...

interesting concept, might as well try it someday :)

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL...this is too cute. About my wedding, nah, I wouldn't rent parents. I would have a friend give me away.

bumight said...

I was going to say u've lost it, then I read ur last posts with the comments.
lol@ QOMC renting parents! only naija pple do that? then she's already 98%!

Lighty said...

@ afrobabe... u made it. u prize; free therapy session. well done luv.

well i like that, ur sanity is all that matters to u now, things av gone too wrong already.

@don... mate i still believe there's alot u're keeping in so therefore u need therapy.

@zephi... am happy u've accepted this fact, and as time goes by, u'll be able to deal with it to suit ur living.

as for now, am done with all the uni work, at least for a week. and as for work. am on holiday from work, i need it sooo bad. thx luv for looking out.

@calabar girl... happy new year to u too sweetie. miracles and blessings.

@guerreiranigeriana... i av the power to canx all ur bookings. as far as it still stands, even if u are to be dragged down, ure making it to my office 4pm nxt week.

@DoG... ur presence acknowledged. by the way, 'telly phone love' has got me stalking ur blog. plus i left u a voice mssg. sure u've listened to it now.

@solomonsydelle... happy new year hun! well u need to fight back for ur tongue. u'll be needing it.

@jaja... happy new u darling. am doing good, at this point am stress free, dept free and happy as a bunny. thx for looking out.

@ugo... wot concept??? and wot exactly are u trying? since i avnt gotten anything from u, am afriad i av to leave u case open.

@QOMC... ohh so u're not renting parents? good to hear, u almost gave me a heart attack. i wish u a happy life.

@bumlight... so wot would be ur intake on the matter?

guerreiranigeriana said...

*reclining in her beach chair on the most beautiful stretch of white sand brasil's northeastern coast has to offer, sipping her agua de coco*...lie, you fact, this an automatic response...on vacay for five months...won't be in to see, to save you money and folder space, case closed;)...

...on a serious note, you should go and get your money back from whoever gave you this psychoanalysis first response warranted a reward for the maturity, insight and sanity which i displayed...and yet you won chop my money for sessions with wa...;)...

bumight said...

ok, had to re-read the story for a min: at first I'll be mad, and I would display the madness for both of them, but of course I wont be mad for too long (can't stay mad at pple for long), but they won't know. I can't change what happened and I don't think I'd hate any of them, but I'd guilt-trip them with it for...the rest of my life!

Lighty said...

@ guirreiranigeriana... lol chic, u're so crazy. no saving folder space here, u got things bottled up ur chest. u cant just pretend this never happened and go on holiday.
and no one closes a case note until i say so.
so either u get back to my office or ur direct debit payment keeps coming out ur account. remember the contract u signed with me? the one dat says i can take ur session money till i close ur file?

its all love baby. lol!

@bumight... it seems u are capable of handling this situation. am happy u still made it down and happy to let u know u dont av to come back to see me. thank you for coming.

Afrobabe said...

lol @ guirreiranigeriana: you are crazy girl...


hahaha, geurreiranigeriana (man, can we give you a nickname? the length and complication of this ya name, na wa oh =) you funny sha

30+ said...

Ah but what you are not sure of is who the straight jackets are for one may actually be for me.

Since you have offered service now will take you up.

diary of a G said...

update hello, what is this? see me on ur next blog.

Carlang said...

God i've missed your craziness.
Lovely post dear.

I did try posting a reply to the prequel to this but my server had plans otherwise.

Fortunately i see the problem has been resolved.

How are you dear?
How has our love fared?

Now is it:
Out of sight is out of mind?
Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

little miss me said...

nice concept..i still say therapy for the mother,hypnosis or whatever her excuse might be,therapy would help..she should see you,you make a good shrink lol..
and the man,maybe hate is a little too strong,how about loathe? despise? resent? lol ok i kid..forgiveness is key.

Lighty said...

@30+... no no no, no straight jacket for u ohh, all we will do is talk. so , ill see u every thursday of the week. starting this week.

@DoG... lol! it is what it is. update is coming soon. ill see u then i guess. lol!

@carlang... i am alright love. i believe our love is good as new.

and its absence makes the heart grow fonder.

@LMM... u couldnt have said it better, forgiveness is the key my dear.

darkelcee said...

You are right about that concerning me.

I know how to run ! what i am running from is what i dont know.

Will definately keep that appointment *wink*

Afrobabe said...

Babes, whats up? you leaving us or what? missing u oh...

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh where oh where has our Lightly gone?

Carlang said...

please dear.

guerreiranigeriana said...

eh you don finish giving fake diagnoses? sef, i went and reconciled fact, i am now carrying my grandfather/father's true reconciliation be that o...if you no fit beat am, join be so?...abeg, my case don close o...

...stop this nonsense...come and update jo!...we miss you...

teediva said...

how u doing dearie? been a while.

Afrobabe said...

lol @ guerreiranigeriana...

babe hope u are ok...