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Sunday, 25 November 2007


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I give thanks to God for after three boys HE finally granted my family's wish and blessed them with one beige colored looking girl, guess who? MEEEEE!

I thank God for through the years I have not seen suffering and he has always swiped me dry after the rain.

I thank God for the few friends I have, because they; I can truly call friends

I thank God for the confidence in me, that which has taken me places.

I thank God for up coming close friends, with them I know I can lift up my face and smile.

I thank God for the whistles on the street, even though that is really rude, it only means he's work is beautiful.

I thank God for always watching my back and lifting me up when I need to be lifted

I thank God for good music, its my drug, my daily dose of living.

Thank God for high fashion and couture, what could be better?

Thank God for that spirit in me, that gives me the bad vibe radar (rings the alarm; you are now stepping into a foolish territory, use your head and step outside the line, I repeat place both legs outside of the line).

Thank God that I have never suffered the loss of a loved one, every one is safe and kicking.

I thank God for blog, it brings out my free spirit. (singing: am like a bird I will only fly away. but I know where my soul is and I know where my home is.).

Thank God for the love that surrounds me from family and friends

Thank you for my mother who if does not hear my voice for 2days in a row, we argue for 15mins based on why my love is fading (seriously mum, you call like 3times a day, 2days isnt that bad, remember my mailbox is full of your voice messages too? what chance do I have in calling you? you've taken it all from me. I love you really, I do but don't always make the first thing you say 'where are you'? whenever you call. like I would be somewhere in a cave, eating corn on a cob with Osama and discussing what we make of the foot and mouth disease).

oh yeah! cannot forget this, Thank you dear God, for my Husband. the loving, caring, understanding, grounded, respectable fun-loving and most of all God fearing good looking man. I know I have not met him yet. maybe I have and don't know it. but you know dear God. Thank you for helping him find his way to me.

I thank you for hugs, kisses, and more hugs that you provide me with in abundance enabling me to share with blogville. They've been wonderful.


I tag: Zerkhezi, Zephi, Baroque, Teediva, Queen of my castle, C for Carl, Isi.

30 finger tappings:

~Mimi~ said...

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! he he he he he

i thank GOd that 13 years ago, i formed a friendship with a beautiful girl called Lighty

The Last King Of Scotland said...

i thank God for all

Carlang said...

Hi puppet.
You tagged me i see..
How much time do i have to reply to it.
How are we dear.
I tried replying your last post but the server was crazy.
Having fun are we.
You;re absolutely right.. Sex is overated.
But making love....
Now that my dear is pure heaven.

Miss you.
Thanks for the tagg.
Thanks for being on blog.

teediva said...

ok so i've been tagged....again. i just hope i actually do it this time. so what day am i tagged for? i think i'll just do this thankful thingy cos most ppl think all i think of is s*x lol. laters girl.

ps: just so u know i read all the previous posts i missed out on even tho i couldnt leave comments cos smthn went wrong with my connection.

30+ said...

Lighty you do know you are something else "eating corn on the cob with Osama Bin laden, discussing foot and mouth.
YOu know Mumsie is just showing love in her own way LolO serious.

Dear father thank you for lighty.

Olamild said...

Very nice post

Ugo Daniels said... sweet. I thank God for YOU ;)

Unknown Blogger said...

awwwwww dear dis is sweet, infact u were d sugar in ma cereal this morning.
Girl i feel u on d husband part lol, I thank God for d same thing o(not d same husband abeg, i want my own-dimple, slight bowlegs, flexible tongue n all dat).

Lighty said...

@ mimi... hurray. we thank God sweety.

@LKOS.... Thank Him.

@Carlang... my sweerie sweerie pie u made it back. yipee!
am fine. sure u're good too.
i told them about the sex thing. they disagreed. on having love. absolute bliss on we on the same page.

miss u too sweerie.
by the way, u've got till end of november to write ur post. plus u're day 25.

@teediva... u're welcome dearie. lol. dont worry its not all sex with u. u've got till end of this month to do it. plus u're day 25.

and for reading my other posts. why to go girl. take care luvvie.

@30+... lol. i know it's love but mumsie has to easy on always first asking where i am. lol. its all love though, i agree.

thank God for 30+ thanking God for lighty. lol!

@ olamild... thx darling, how've u been?

@ugo... lol. thnx.

@UB... is dat so lol! thx luvvie.
we all av to pray for these husbands now. you know how the world is today?

Zephi said...

nice one..especially the bad vibe radar

biko make una stop to dey tag me oh...chineke

lawd knows I am thankful sha

diary of a G said...

lighty one question:
what do u mean by:
"the whistles on the street"?

thats the spirit girl
thanks for stopping by

diary of a G said...

lighty one question:
what do u mean by:
"the whistles on the street"?

thats the spirit girl
thanks for stopping by

guerreiranigeriana said...

*drops to knees*...i don't know her, but thank you God for lighty...*promptly jumps up and dusts her knees off*...

...i love the spin on whistles (i'm assuming you are referring to catcalls and the like) from guys on the street...maybe i won't snarl at those fools when i think of it in that manner...thanks for the moment of clarity, lighty:)...

...rotflmao about the convo with!!...haha...why were you guys eating corn on the cob?...*holds side, cramping from laughter and walks away*...


We join you in thanking God, my sista!

UnNaked Soul said...

I have only one sista :-D

Good thanksgiving post ;-)

darkelcee said...

Thanksgiving is in the air girl

so I thank God for Lighty

QOMC said...

Nice one Lightly. Ha! I understand where are you coming from in regards to the whistles in the street. Annoying yet flattering all in one. LOL

Carlang said...

Hi dear..
Sigh.i just finished typing a Tag only to find out that it's a diffrent one.
Seems everyone;s taggging me..
And so.
I'm tagging you.
You;ve been tagged!!

Isi said...

a thankful moment on blogsville...really refreshing indeed.
i thank God for u lighty, how have u been?

cally-waffybabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lighty said...

zephi... lol. u better be thankful love.

DoG... like guerreira said, catcalls. u welcome luvvi.

guerreira... lol girl u're a character. dropping to ur knees like that. and as for the clarity, i tend to take everything positively. so, there goes.

by the way, osama and i go way back, trust. thatz how we do.

solomon... let us give thanks.

unnaked ... u're sure am no ur sis? av u done ur research? u never can tell u know?

darkelcee... as thnks giving is in the air, i can only thank God for you too.

qomc... u can say that again sweetie, extremely annoying.

carlang... alright, and ill make sure i do it right this time.

isi... ive been good, a lil here and there, no too much stress, just living straight.

Olamild said...

U never update ehn

Afrobabe said...

hope u are ok love...

Queen of My Castle said...

Babes, I know you are busy, but we NEED an update!!!! LOL



I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loving the song on your playlist

take every part of me
and use me as u please.... i don't even know the song and I'm singing along already

Tayo said...

Hey Lighty, happy birthday ... in arrears. I just saw the message on Mimi's blog. Hope you had fun? Many happy returns

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Happy Belated ;-)

30+ said...

LIGGHHHTTTTY, where art thou o Lightty.

Imagine I only found out by chance that 'twas your birthday.


Why now? Hope all is well with you. I dey miss you plenti.

Afrobabe said...

december is almost finished oh, where art thou???

cally-waffybabe said...

Just to wish you a lovely xmas and new year in advance girl. I hope you have a swell time and may all your dreams be fulfilled.