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Saturday, 17 November 2007

This is me.

Well am back from the rollercoaster ride of different kinds of illnesses. First I thought it was flu, then I thought maybe fever, but doctor said it was tonsillitis coupled with crams. So I have not blogged and I am sorry about that, I have been weighed down. But missed y’all though.

Since my brain is still on its way to recovery, I think ill just do the meme, that was tagged on me by Baroque, Zerkhezi and Zephi all in this post roll with me.

I am
… sleeker than your average.

My ex-boyfriend was … too much of a liar.
Maybe I should … take my clothes off and dance in the rain
I love … high heels and skinny jeans, they bring out the sexiness in me.
I don't understand … why people are so ignorant of the fact that we all are born different.
I lost my… babyphat wristwatch in my bedroom a year and some months ago, still have not found it. it beats me.
My current boyfriend is … somewhere in the world, thinking am somewhere in the world. find your way to me babes, i have been waiting.
People say I'm … a light, ill shine regardless.
Love is … what you choose it to be.
Somewhere, someone is… thinking; 'what da hell is inside her head'? and i will tell u, it is what it is. lol!
I will always … be to you what you defaulted your brain for me to be. open it up, come on, see the true me.
Forever is … forever.
I never want to … wake up in front of my class naked. oh my God, that was a nightmare.
I think the current President is … ummm! who??? is it Yaradua? oh my God am disgracing myself, who is it? I know Gordon Brown is the prime minister though, does that let me off?
When I wake up in the morning … I listen to Andrian Rogers on ucb radio on cable or put on my music player, depending on what time it is.
Life is full of … pretenders and skimmers.
My past is incredibly … the stepping stone of my future.
I get annoyed when … people underestimate me. ill surprise u. you can count on that.
Parties are for … happy people. we all need a break.
Girls are … the greatest snitches alive. thats why i operate around women.
Sex is … overrated. you know it is. but no one ever admits it. i can already guess ur replies; speak for urself lighty. maybe I will. OVERRATED!!! lol!
I wish … i could soar on wings like eagles'
Tomorrow I'm going to … see Anthony Evans in the morning and Jill Scott at night. wot a day, wot a dayyyyyyyyyyyy. I have waited 4 months for both of them. hurray hurraay hurraaaay
I really want some … Baileys cheesecake. I see myself growing fatter just thinking about it. God help me.
I have low tolerance for people who … just cant clean their shoes. cant u see it looks like shit, come on, do the nation a favor, give them up for recycling or wash the damn thing.
If I had a million dollars … i'll rather it were a million pounds. regardless, ill sleep for 2 weeks.
My job makes me … feel i can achieve a lot in life. something like my stepping stone.

and the other one, from Z and Z.

um: my life seem interesting, you will be surprised to hear I consider myself extremely boring, but I do have a great sense of humor though.

dois: I have often wondered what it would be like to have a white boyfriend, but whenever a white guy comes up to me the thought disappears, ummm! Thatz interesting; thinking out loud.

tres: I consider poetry an escape route to free thought. I can write what I feel and you can think what you want of it. now thatz fair, dont you think?

quatro: I have always considered myself a lucky head. I think I did really good in my past life, if a had any.

cinco: sometimes I wonder how my life would turn out, I really want to be on television(not as an extra though) receiving an award. Ask me for what, I have no idea. Lol. I want to become a dancer someday, but a famous and well respected one. Same time, I want to be the hottest banker on wall street. So many things my people, many many many.

sies: I once fell face flat when I went for a university open day. I never went back to that uni, bad omen! Lol! More like the shame was too much to bear.

siete: My life is full of butterflies and rainbows, I have my God to thank to that. Thank you Jesus.

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CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Lighty is intriguing

The Last King Of Scotland said...

i know i was missing someone....yess u! i tag you

diary of a G said...

B4 I go any further
I gonna say I love me some ladies in skinny jeans n high heels...shhh
yawl don't know what yawl do to me

diary of a G said...

this was very enjoyable and not just the part about you falling face
all praises due

zerkhezi said...

Maybe I should … take my clothes off and dance in the rain

fantastic idea, i need the longitude and latitude of where this is going to be taking place.oh...lest i forget, and the time too. Thanks

Zephi said...

lolz...your adorable...
yes skinny jeans and pumps rawk.

Ugo Daniels said...

You know what? Take those damn clothes off and dance naked...with me though :)

Oracle said...

An alternative to dancing in the rain is dancing in the shower.

If you fall, then you've found a new step.

Queen of My Castle said...

I love your style, babes, I love your style. I agree wholeheartedly about women, which is exactly why most of my best friends are male.

Rayo said...

Hmm...I think we have like-minds...minus the sex thing; Sex is definitely not overrated.

chicala said...

skinny jeans and heels? get em girl, i love em too anyday! Lol@ falling face flat that musta been well embarasing, hmmnnnn and a very bad omen indeed, lol.
Is sex overated? Hmnnnnnn, dont think so, :).

30+ said...

It's meme time. Abeg if you wanna dance naked in the rain go in your garden or somethin and make sure Ugo is nowhere near. I am begining to suspect that boy now (lol).

Aburo pele hope you are feeling much better. Take care of yourself and don't overwork too much.

Oya take hugs and kisses mwah.

Olamild said...


Olamild said...

u wanna dance naked in d rain?

Lighty said...

@kitty-cat... u think???

@LKOS... yet another tag? sure, i have too much to be thankful for, way more than 30. ill be on it like white on rice.

@DoG... u know that ish works magic, fantastic combo. trust me, falling face flat is not that funny.

@Zerkhezi... so you wanna come watch, is that what u're saying?

@zephi... thanks sweetie, u r too and i believe thatz the best thing in the fashion industry that happened to women.

@ugo... lol! what time and day u think we should do this? call me. lol!

@oracle... what good would it be? i want undiluted natural water, straight from the Almighty Himself. i've had shower rain all my life, am bored of it.

@QOMC... i really did mean to write men, but that would be spitting on the faces of blgville women, so instead of going the opposite, i stayed on the same line whilst still trying to convey my point.

@rayo... lol on sex not being overrated. u think???

@chicala... em skinny jeans and heels rawkkkkk. i mean isnt it amazing how u can wear them to anywhere and still look hot? falling face down is way more than embarrassing, best believe.

@30+... i hear u sis, lol. honestly, am beginning to suspect ugo too. lol

am feeling much better, but was really down earlier today.
giving u a good hug back and more kisses. thx so much.

@olamild... lol! i know, i know it may seem krazie but trust mi, u wanna come join me. stay positive that we aint gonna catch a cold. lol.

Rayo said...

Oh, I don't think--I KNOW! lmao!!

bimbylads said...

loll.. funny meme... we both share the light thingy tho...see, another thing in common :)

30+ said...

Did I tell you gurl you have been tagged on my page for the thankfulness month o.

Sha said...

nICE BLOG.. I Feel u on the heels n skinny jeans.

jus passing.. :-D

fantasy queen said...

skinny and love
boyfriends are a girls bestfriends, girls cant be trusted, well ot always tho..or maybe
and yes, sex is definately overrated
and i'm in the thots too of BF being somewhere in the world thinking i'm somewhere in the world and.....
k, enjoyed my read, still cant sleep, so continuing my stalking spree....nice blog

princesa said...

Nice answers.
You sound interesting.

Olamild said...


~Mimi~ said...

u want to become a dancer? ok we need to see...

Lighty said...

@rayo... u sure??? lol!

@bimbylads... um u're sure u not my long lost sister? i need to check with u ohh. lol. darling, we'll shine regardless.

@30+... ill be on it mos def.

@sha... u feel me? way to go girl! join the wagon of sexiness.

@princessa... i believe i am interesting, thx for spotting that, and stopping by too.

@olamild... i hear u ohh.

@mimi... wot about? plus u never knew? i am dissapointed in u. u need to widen ur horizons u know? mimi, there are so many types of dances. u do know that right???

Afrobabe said...

babe.... sex is not overated when you get the right man...if he hits the right spot u will change it to "sex is underated"..

Rayo said...

Lol! I think I've incriminated myself enough.

Afrobabe said...

hope u feel better soon...

guerreiranigeriana said...

i guess you didn't see my blog about little herbs and remedies to keep around to ward off the virii and bacteria...*shakes head*...glad you are doing better...i loved this post!!'re an interesting wonder indeed... know of somewhere you can dance outside in the rain naked and not get arrested?...abeg, tell me oh!!...i've been dreaming of this but don't want the haters to call the police on me:)...your seven facts were cute and fit your name...lighty...

...i'm with afrobabe..find a man, man and you'll lay feenin' in your bed on the nights when he isn't around:)...not that i know from experience or anything;)...