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Monday, 30 July 2007

Fellow bloggers, this is disturbing.

I went home yesterday because I need a break, I have been working really hard since I got back from the States so I arranged with my family friend to come spend some time with me because we have not spent much time in each other’s company lately. I picked her up from my party area and we headed to my home.

She discovered that her friend whom she hasn’t seen for a very long time lives not too far from where I live and arranged with him to come over so they could have a miniature reunion. We could not host him yesterday because we were both tired. I on one hand had come a very long way, made a stop over at hers’ and got back home to cook some lovely dinner. On the other hand, she wanted to get settled and familiar with her surrounds before having anyone over.

Anyway today we met with; call him RF as in for reunion friend. RF came round and we had a fantastic time. We all went round my beautiful town and RF loved the fact that the major stores were at your convenience and promised himself to come back shopping. He ended up getting my friend and I a pair of shoes each. Those shoes are Gorgeous and he insisted so who am I to say no. we went to the movies to see transformers, good movie, so overall like I said we had fun.

Got back home and shortly afterwards RF gave us a call. He spoke to my family friend for a while and she handed the phone to me. This is the conversation that ensued.

RF: so Lighty I was talking to your friend and the thing is I am very lonely.
Me: ha ha why are you lonely?
RF: actually I need a girl in my life I use to have one that your friend knows about, I put everything into it and it ended in a muddle.
Me: why what happened?
RF: after I left Nigeria, the girl became an aristo chic and she suggested we break up after realising I found out.
Me: how long ago was this?
RF: its been three months now and when I see what I like I go for it. I talked to your friend but it seems like she has someone already and I am not someone to break up a happy home. So I saw you today and I like you.
Me: say what? (now I know this boy is on drugs, I think he grows weed on his head).
RF: I am saying I mean we are not kids here, plus I need a girlfriend and I think you will be the right person.
Me: ( err ehh… so that is what those shoes are about? I have always known that nothing goes for nothing in this life, no wonder). Love, I think you are broken hearted, and what you are looking for is a rebound. This is not the way forward boi! You just cannot float amongst friends and expect to get something real out of it.
RF: I mean I know what I want and I think you will be right for me.

To cut the story short RF decided that asking my friend to be his girlfriend and she turning him down was liberty enough for asking me the same on the same day, what a fucking liberty. I told him I don’t even fancy him in any way and he said we could start on friendship, it might lead to something. I told him that there was no point starting from somewhere when it would lead nowhere.

Guess what the guy says to me, he ask if my friend is still awake, I tell him to hold on I will give her the phone and I hear them talking about me and how he said I said I wasn’t his type in a horrible way. Anyway after that, he returned to asking her to be his girlfriend. And she let him down nicely.

Ahhhh!! What a desperado, or on second note what does this guy take us for? Is it the shoes? Because that would be the last time I will accepting a gift from any man.

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Number4 said...

You are going to get yourself in trouble with this blog of yours! lol Hmmm. Take your time oh. Oh and do I know this family friend???? :-)
Indeed, nothing goes for nothing. Free shoes huh?

100%Lighty said...

lol. free shoes ohh. plus indeed you do know this family friend of mine. lets just hope all this people wouldnt navigate their way to my blog. lol!

Anonymous said...

at leastu got ur self a pair of shoes!that guy is such a desperado wat the fuck!

30+ said...

@Lighty lihgt followed your blog from 9ja mommy your comments had me in stitches.
@post Ah ah na yam, what is he feeling like. so because he is lonely that equals to what? It is because of shoe now abi why will he not turn mouth to you on the same day.

Will stop by more

100%Lighty said...

@30+ abi ohhh. u can say that again, just imagine the rubbish.

about my comment on 9jamommy's post, lol! i was just speaking my mind, lol! these dayz u neva know. God help us sha.

hope to see more of you. thanx for stopping by.

Calabar Gal said...


Baroque said...

that guy is a major desperado, & please make sure you wear those shoes! NO FEAR! he's such a fraud

100%Lighty said...

@ baroque, whether u know say i even rocked the shoe dat day sef, in front of him, cos it went better wit my outfit. silly dude. he even tried added mi on facebook the nxt day sef i still havent accpeted his request.

Baroque said...

ride on sugar, GROOVE on...

Baroque said...

i failed to mention, Corinne Rae Bailey? YOU RAWK!

100%Lighty said...

@ baroque, i love corinne; she's fantastic. wot do u think about christion? alot of pple like just one or two songs from them but i think they fabulous.