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Monday, 23 July 2007

Gay Torment

Ummm… people, I am in trouble. I mean what is going on around me? Why is it that every moving picture I focus on, there is gay action happening? I am thinking there could be three possible answers to this;

1. Either the world is now standing on its head or free will is overly expressed.
2. I am a bit too slow with the world’s revolving.
3. I have been oblivious to my surroundings.

I believe in free will and I have nothing to say about gay people, for or against. I mean literally, I don’t have anything to say. I don’t think about the issue, I don’t debate on it and as far as I am concerned it is just another trend people in the world have decided to follow. However, in the last month it has become too frequently thrown in my face.

It all started when I was in the States a month ago and I picked up a book titled ‘On The Down Low’ by J.L King, I read with great perplexity as to what the world has turned into. Like that was not enough dose for me, the Sunday programme on BET ‘Meet The Faith’ decided that the DL issue was to be the topic for that week. I decided to watch the programme with my mouth shut, leaving my head spinning.

I know by now most people are familiar with the DL issue. Its basically about men who in the eye of the society are 100% straight, some of them married with kids, but seek sexual intercourse in private with other men of their calibre and in the process increase the rate of HIV/AIDS among their women. These men are black men by the way, African American. But I am sure African men in Africa are guilty of the same.

However that’s not the issue for today. The issue for today is why gay attitude have become full-on in my face. Anyway, I came back from the States, forgot about the matter and carried on with my life, but nooooo, it had to come back to me.

I have been a member of the gym for a long time now, but just recently became a frequent visitor. I go for a 20mins run, 100 sit ups, 15min sauna a little bit of this and that routine, which includes a movie to take back home just to ensure my return to the gym the following day would be happening ( because knowing myself I probably would be too lazy to return. The movie keeps me in check).
Problem now is all the movies I have taken out recently have turned out to have gay substance in them.

The first one was ‘Broke Back Mountain’, how come nobody warned me about that movie? The sight of two men kissing is not attractive, nor appealing nor sexual nor anything. Anyway, that was that and I thought well it is over. Haaaaa not. The next movie I took out was ‘Night Whisperer’ based on a true story, good movie but surrounded by gay attitude, as if that wasn’t enough I worked round the clock on the few days following that, only for me to wake up on Sunday morning happy to have a day of rest (I go to church in the evenings), sat up on my bed, put my TV on, and what did I see??? I am sure by now you know, yes oooooooooo umm… It was two men touching on each other’s face in the omnibus ‘Hollyoaks’. At this point I begin to trace back my week and I become very aware that on each day of last week, there has been a content of gay nature popping it's head from my TV screen. Now, why I have decided to write this is not because of any of the above but because to top it all up I was walking into the train station from work this night and guess what I saw???????? Two men kissing and groping on each other.

Diary, am I imagining this? Or has homosexuality become part of the world’s day to day activity? Like you wake in the morning, take a shower, brush your teeth and step outside your door to see two men kissing?
Whatever it is, it is ringing a help alarm in my head. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!

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Number4 said...

Wake up and smell the coffee. Yup it's happening all around. I am not surprised that being in Yankee makes you notice it more.

In Naija girls hold girls, even guys hold guys and that's considered normal. Well now, being in Yankee for so long makes me think "Ah! Whats going on? Are they together".

Well, unless you are contemplating going to the other side. lol lol, just do your own thing and quit being SO aware.

Oh and one time I was in an elevator and one guy was feeding another guy grapes. Not as graphic as your kissing experience though.

How come you never heard of broke back mountain? It was all over the news here. I think it won some awards here too and ofcourse its actors were at the mercy of most comedians.

Number4 said...

Ohh and you do 100 sit ups??? IMPRESSIVE!

100%Lighty said...

darling! i have to if i want to get my body tight. lol! thanks. thing is the name of the movie rang a bell, i think that was why i took it out in the first instance. but hey! i need to stop being aware like you said. i think cos it was just so rampant last week that i took notice.

Anonymous said...

Is this not Nkem, ummmh?

100%Lighty said...


NaijaBloke said...

Thatz what we endure on this side of the universe o.U can imagine taking a nap on the same bed with my best friend when he came over and this were(mad)chic started looking at me somehow.Omo I curse her mama die the day she try insinuating if am swinging that way just cos of that ...LOL

Welcome to blogsville jere

stuphs08 said...

i read about it in an issue of ebony and it was too disgusting to me. but i think maybe they are just trying to explore. but it's kind of crazy.

100%Lighty said...

u can say that again.... crazy is an understatement. i wonder what we will be talking about in 4years.
@ naija bloke: datz mad ohhh.

Baroque said...

crazy huh? i don talk tire, i have nothing at the moment to say about the whole thing. let me join you i chorus

new link coming up...

100%Lighty said...


kokolette said...

I feel you...

Magnolia said...

Interesting to know.