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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

...Yesterday has Gone

Celestina sat on her front porch watching the rain, first it was pouring down then it starting to drop subtly that if you looked up to the skies it made like little drops of pearls all glittering to the glory of the beautiful afternoon.

Peace of mind was the only thing she lacked at this moment even the rain had failed to console her wounded heart. Being very artistic and interested in life, rain coming down had been a sign that all might go well today has opposed to the last twenty one days.

Normally she was one to object to the fact that even the worse of life’s turmoil could not be viewed positively, for her there was a light even in the darkest of life’s tunnels that would always lead you out. However Celestina sat on her porch today watching a pearl drop from heaven land on a leaf from the mango tree and then drop unto a snail that was happily carrying on with its day duties. The snail did not twitch and if it noticed a drop just landed on it, it paid no attention but carried about its business. Celestina suddenly wished she was that snail, she wished she could take no notice of everything going on but it was too hard to carry on like nothing was happening. The memories of it all flowed in her brain non- stop passing through every nock and cranny of it. She could have almost sworn that she constantly heard her terminated baby cry her name. It was easy for the doctor to try convincing her that it was only a foetus but Celestina knew it wasn’t just a foetus, it was her child.
She loved her husband and she had never felt guiltier killing his child but not to do so would have been the crime she committed, at the rate at which things are going, she has to save all her unborn from him. Either she keeps killing them or leave him alone which is out of the solution.

Her mind drifted to when she was seven in almost the same scenario, only then she was sitting on the porch of her father’s mansion on the lap of her mother watching the rain fall down. Her mother was talking to her, one of the tete a tete they shared once in awhile. She told her of how lucky she was to have Christ in her life, how glorious her future would be, and how brightly the sun shone upon her face making her so noticeable. She had prayed for Celestina, and told her that her blessings would be full and she would have a happy home with a good God fearing husband in the future. Celestina had sucked it all in muttering her Amen that was now defaulted to her lips whenever she heard words of prayer, saying it before even realising it had been said. A few days after that, Celestina’s mother; Agnes, died.

Celestina had married, she had achieved much more than she prayed for and better still, she had married one of the most gorgeous well to do men in the society. Ten years into her marriage she had discovered she was living with two people in the body of one but fear of the truth kept her in this miserable situation. Celestina watched her husband thinking he was un-noticed, sneak into their seven year old daughter’s room every now and then to have sexual intercourse with her, but she had said nothing to date. When her second daughter was seven Celestina could swear he started doing the same to her.

She has never brought herself bold enough to confront him partly because he was perfect in every other way during the day. So she stuck to her self-denial that a man so perfect, so God fearing and peaceful would never do such to his own children. Her heart burned for her girls but she was too into portraying the perfect family to save her own children. That was why twenty one days ago, Celestina walked into doctor Martin’s office for her scheduled termination, and this would become her first solution to resolving her agony. As it is, she already has three children and that would do. Lucky enough for her, the third child is a boy and she knows her husband hasn’t been going into his room. She promised herself that she would rather not bring any more children to the world than make more suffer in the hands of her husband.

The rain had stopped now and the earth smelt so beautifully of fresh rain, Celestina looked at her watch, it was only three o’clock and the driver would soon be back with the children from their different schools, a few more hours and her beloved husband would return too from work. She wiped dry her wet cheeks with the hem of her wrapper and retreated into the house to see if Kofo her maid had finished with lunch.

Looking around her on the wall inside the house, her thirteen year old daughter Anna’s portrait hung with a full bright smile that would light up any room, next to it was nine year old Nneka, light skinned with gap teeth and would have been extremely beautiful but for the huge forehead mounted upon her head. Nevertheless she could be regarded as perfection by any artist with a wild imagination. Junior at six was carbon copy of his father, it was already obvious that he would be tall and would well be the ladies dream in a few years to come was plastered with a goofy smile on his face, his portrait was next to Nneka’s. Celestina looked at her children, her joy and happiness and thought how their lives would have been perfect, how the story in her heart would have been different, how her smile in public would have been genuine not fallacious. She sighed and made her way into the kitchen her huge buttocks following closely behind her.

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Zephi Fahrenheit said...

yes i am first again

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

off to go read..second

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

lol! @ zephi. u know i was wondering why i avnt seen u online lately, now i know u're on my blog. how u dey now???
av u updated. let me go see sef.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

lighty come and sit next to me...have you sat down..ok
How do you think up these stories with such preciseness.ehn?
the darkness of all starts normal and then you just go on some unexpected tangent..I like it.infact i look foward to it
but biko how, why, would she keep queit. why?..celestina wants to keep this prim and proper appearance of her family when something is slowly dying inside; the spirits of her daughters are slowly dying..sooner or later shit is gonna hit the fan

hmm it will be nice if you could lengthen the story and flesh out the daughters characters..tha

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

yes oh my dear, I live sleep and eat on your
I have not been online lately..Dont worry I will soon update

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

lol! zephi i am seriously laffing here oh my gosh!!!

honestly dear, i dont know how i think of them ohh. but i always av the first two lines in my head, thats all i need and till i finish, i have no idea where the story is going or how it would ends.

in terms of the length. i hate reading long post, and i know how it feels to start to read one. so for everyone's sake i try to make the stories as precise as possible and very readable too. plus, short stories always hit the nail on the head it gives the story power. (all this one wey i dey talk na long story but u get the point sha).

by the way the stories are to make up for my poetry blog that i took down. i figured since poetry was gone, perphaps short stroies would remind y'all of my poetic side.

as to why the lady is quiet, just like poetry, that would be for you readers to decide, ive given y'all the options.

update quick sha, ive been stalking ur blog.

Chari said...

Lighty!!! u r 2gbaski! ur a wicked writer mehnnnn...ahnahn!!!!

bloddy catch 22 scenario there with the choice of the baby....

I like the way u twisted the mobius strip before our very eyes mayn

u deserve *stands up to clap* a standing ovation...well done...

Afrobabe said...

I must say I am with Zephi on this...nicely written but very dark...that has to be man's darkest hour when he sleeps with his own kids...

I would have killed him, I'd rather be a widow than know my kids are going through that...and yes, there might even be something to inherit!!!

Shubby Doo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shubby Doo said...

1st i'm loving carl thomas' emotional...i can't let gooooooo

anyway about the post...nicely done...wasn't the twist i expected...very sad that fathers can do this sort of thing to their daughters. she should leave with the children...she should tell anybody that will listen...this is not like beating your wife...sexual molesation of children might happen behind cloors doors but in 9ja people don't tolerate rubbish like that once they know...

if she does kill him at least her children will be safe from him but with her in jail they might fall prey to a sick unlce

i so thank God for my parents

vote tayo said...

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okay, what happened to my comment? Nice story and I hope you are well. I replied to your q on fb but much later.

Take care!


LG said...

nicely written but still gave me goose bumps.
*100% fiction rite?????

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

@chari... ah ah ah... thank u chari, i try dont I? bless.

@afrobabe... na so now, thing is one never knows wot others are suffering, all u see is the outside, glittery and gold. na so life be o.
we just thank God for protecting us from forbidden things like this.

@shubby doo... carl is just the bomb mate. powerful voice.
a good is one that does not entail the end u set up in ur mind.
but the world is surely a wicked place. we pray for light of God's direction.

@SS... am alright. ohh and yeah i left FB almost immediately i left u the message.

@lg.. sorry eyy??
and yes 100% fiction, no fear.

kay-shawn said...

That was so beautifully written. With constant practice, maybe, just maybe one day I'd be able to write like that.
Please assure me that it really doesn't happen in real life. A man sleeping with his seven years old daughter.

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

kay-shawn... am very sure even now, if u put ur mind to it, u wuld write much better than this.

and sorri to dissapoint u sweetie but this really happens in real life.

didnt u listen to the news earlier this year? an autrian man locked up his daughther 4 24years in a cellar and gave her 7kids.
my dear shit like this happens. only we never know.
take celestina for instant. u think anyone around her would knw wot is happening in her family???
i tell u some men are just plain sick.

Tyger said...

so her daughters have a lover in their daddy...
not good.. not good at all...
those girls know that she knows... Celestine should never doubt that...

i have been a silent stalker of this blog for so long... now i have come out of the

you are in trouble now!

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

tyress so u chose today to come out ur bushes eyy??? i say very wish decision.

and i so love trouble.

OluwaDee said...

I agree with afrobabe on this; I'd rather be a widow than watch in silence while my kids go thru such cruelty.

9cely written.

princesa said...

You have quite some talent there babes.

I don't like Celestine's character though. Too passive mhen!

Like afro, i would have made that asshole pay for his sins long ago in a way no one will ever suspect i was behind it all.

Naija Idol said...

This was really deep.Celestine seff too dey slack. how can she watch dat happen to her children and hide under the umbrella of wanting a happy family. dats crap.

Anyways looovely writing. i wonder the day ill be able to write half as good.

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Oh dear!!!

This is truly deep and touching. Really got me sober. Wont mind the continuation.

AlooFar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AlooFar said...

I really don't like reading dark stuffs. My brain can't stand it. But you got me on with this one ;)


Aphrodite said...

Really interesting but sad.
Men like that should not be allowed to go free.

Smaragd said...

iru nonsense wo le leyi? is Celestina mad? how can she be so laid back about such evil? it's not just about killing the unborn ones o, those poor girls will be effed up for life!

lmao @ her huge butts following closely behind her, the picture i had in my head of her was kind of different jo.

beautiful story babe, dont mind my passionate response, i know it's just a

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

@oluwadee... isnt that the way forward???

@princessa... thank u love.

i guess passive is the word for her. i even av no idea wot to think of her, i am kind of confused as to what she thinks is right and wrong. its like she's got it all upside down.

@naija idol... like the story suggests, she is denial i guess that is why her real problem lies.

@rita... its a mind wondering story. it gets u thinking. we'll see on the continuation.

@aloofar... well now, isnt that a trip??? happy it got u. thx

@aphrodite... true but wot about women who see it and let it happen???

@smaragd... well i sure do feel ur pain. no worries. lol

kay-shawn said...

Awww! Another awww! (Really yelping in pain) I came here thinking you would have written another masterpiece but you haven't.
Please dont mind me take your time. I'm sure the longer it takes you the more interesting it will be.

You Okay?

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

@kay-shawn... lol @ u being in aww(ing). please dont yelp in pain.

well i am guessing the next post would be more of a rant than a 'master piece'.

av blogged much in the last 2weeks i almost feel spent. but not to worry it takes only 10mins to write out a piece. so as soon as i get inspiration. u'll be the first to know.

am fine luv, got so many things to do. with gettting a transfer, sorting out things in my current end and trying to move stuff all @ the same time but am not stressing, i am more like taking my time. thatz how i am doing.

kay-shawn said...

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm back so soon. Just seen your comment on my blog and totally loved it. That's what my blog is all about! I wanna hear from the ladies, tell us what makes you tick, tell us what we are doing wrong. I'm sure you will want the guy you fancy to do the right thing without you having to tell him. That's the exact purpose of my blog. Hope you can feel the excitement in my writing.
Hmmm... wondering what I did to bring that out in you.
Lord show me please! So that I would always be able to repeat that magic.

Thanks again for the wonderful comment.

sona said...

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archiwiz said...

Hmmm...its sad that she chose this way. She could as well tie her tubes rather than keep aborting.

Its also sad that this is true for a lot of women all over the world today...not just in Nigeria. But she is sinning against her two girls much more than her husband. They will hate her and their father for life.

Great storytelling girl. You carried me from sad questioning, to finger pointing, to understanding, and more sadness. Then you ended with what I considered very funny, "her huge buttocks following closely behind her."

Jinta said...

yes, it does happen. what makes it worse is the denial of the women of the evil the men perpetrate

tobenna said...

Nice story, Neferet.
I can't be the judge of anyone but the woman should get her kids out of that house ASAP. That is, if she loves them.

30+ said...

*Sighs deeply*

Can't fault the piece.

However I would have loved if there was this piece added

"That night Celestine watched and followed closely, her backside a kettle of hot boiling water in tow, she crept carefully and pour the contents of the kettle on her husband's genitalia"

Just my own contribution sha :)

Adorable said...

"muttering her Amen that was now defaulted to her lips "

Fantastic imagery. Wish I could write like this.

About the story itself: Dark, that is sooo my thing. Bravo for doing it so well. Dark art need not be full of blood and gore but should be able to have your heart in the kind of breathless squeeze mine is in right now.

Part of the breathlessness is because i happen to be choking from anger. Yes anger because the story you told is sooo true. Makes me wonder why women in these situations will do everything but what they should really do which is dump the bastard on his stupid a**! Well, I guess it's not that simplistic now is it? May be I am naive but I am sure if more women learnt how to be self-sufficient, physically, financially and emotionally for themselves and their children then maybe they'll be treated the way they deserve.

My two cents. Forgive the raw emotion but this touched a sore spot!

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

^kay-shawn: well, i did exactly wot u asked. its all gravy.

^sona: ermmm...ok. is this a promotion kinda thing???

^archiwiz...maybe she hoped he will die one day so she can re-marry but na she know sha.

am not sure how she can even forgive herslef sef. for women going thru this i wonder why they stick to this, it has to be some insecurity issues somehow. which also goes further to say that everybody is selfish one way or another.

well am honoured to av carried u through the emotional rollercoaster but giving u a good laff in the end. thx missie.

^jinta...the denial is the problem. i dont know whether it is cuz they dont know how to go about it or becuase their happiness is first for them.

^tobenna...that is one way of doing it. instead of aborting babies. she hasleft the present to a hopeless situation but is trying to redeem herself by protecting the future. how that works out for her is left for only her understanding.

^30th... thinking about it, dat would av been a nice ending. but where then where the story lie??? life is too funny and in as much as we try to av happy endings so many things would av gone wrong.
so is happy endings truly happy or is it happiness robbed off 10 people to supply guarantee for 1?

^adorable...oh trust mi, u definitely can.

remember a lot of women are self sufficient, but at 41 some of them are still very much single.
wot i would say is people not only women should know when the line has be drawn.
life is simple but alot of us take it to be complicated.
she should av stopped it from the first instance she noticed and things would not av gotten far at all.
thatz the problem with us, we let things go on for too long, hoping it will stop on its own but by the time it does, so many things would av been beyond repair.

La Reine said...

Very nicely written, though it was a terrible sad tale.

-People like you make me wonder why I don't work on my short story writing.

Carlang said...

First of i love love LOVVVEEEE the new look of your page.

Next. I loved the post..
How are you dear?

Anonymous said...

hey- geisha's moved!
click to find me :)

ShonaVixen said...

i so lurved this!!!

ShonaVixen said...

and i lurv the music

Buttercup said...

wow....this def isnt ur average, everyday story...i like the fact that u ddnt make it predictable....u'v got a huge ass talent!!

1st time here n i love it already!

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

^ la reine... sadder cause it happens indeed. well miss thing it means u av to start workin on ur short stories.

^ carlang... awww thx sweetie and am fine. u???

^ geisha... i hear u.

^ shonavixen... thx dearie.

^ butttercup... well there BC, it'll be boring if it were predictable dont u think? and welcome my dear my door is always open.

Tisha said...

i have no sympathy for celestine
she is sacrificing the happiness of her daughters
on the altar of perfection
her daughters know
and when they are wild at 13, 16 or 19
she'll have no one to blame but herself
her husband's sick
if i were her
i'd leave him or to have things perfect, i'd poison him with a medical drug that would induce
heart failure
and still be the perfect wife
even if a tad haunted.
its better i be haunted than my little girls be haunted.