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Friday, 10 August 2007

And I thought racism was dead.

Imagine ohh , was at work today and some 66year old man called to renew his policy. From the begining of our conversation, I felt he was awkward. I noticed his reluctance when I ask for his policy number because he went silent for like 5 seconds until I said hello before he gave me the details. Below is how the conversation went;

Mr: all I want to do is change the card detail because I don’t want to use that card this year
Me: I do understand, but I would have to run through the policy before I take the payment.
Mr : I don’t want you to go through the policy if you just cant change the card number I would take my business elsewhere
Me: the problem is not changing your card detail, it is just that I have to follow procedure (before they decide to start suing because they didn’t know this or that, we have to thoroughly cover ourselves).
Mr: the problem is not the procedure, the problem is 'you bloody people'. He hung up the phone.
Which bloody people?????

I took his number down, my intention was to call the heifer to explain himself better to me, I was so very angry, but I got another call and this was such a lovely man, he actually made me laugh half way through the call. So I thought no point wasting my time on primitive people who don’t want to move on.

This also takes me back to when I first arrived in this country, after finishing high school in naija asper I finished at a young age, I had to go back to high school now. So there I was ohh in my English literature class, I had two classes for that, one of the teachers loved me because her class was first and I made an excellent first impression on her. My believe is she must has told her colleague about me because from the first day I entered that woman’s class, she gave me attitude.

I found myself failing in one class and passing in the other which was very weird so I decided to talk to that foolish teacher. First she asked me if English is my first language, my head went spinning. Guess what she did next she pulled out a year 5 English book, all them tenses, nouns, and pronouns kind of books with short stories inclusive. God! I could feel the tears gathering behind my eyes. But I made sure I beat her to her own game.

At the beginning of the class, she presented an essay to us saying it was the best in class and the rest of it was shit. This essay was from the girl I compete with in the other class ohh, and most of the time I had a higher score than the girl sha, so I wasn’t even bothered.

Unfortunately for the crazy woman, she set exactly the same question half way through the class and what did I do? I looked at the girl’s essay she gave to us months back ( I kept it because I personally thought it was shit), pulled out like 5-6 shitty sentences from the shabby work and put it in mine untouched, pure and shabby like she wrote it.

I couldn’t wait for the results to come out, it did and all the 5-6 sentence were marked out in red, along with so many other sentences, it was my day. After class I went up to her to discuss the essay along with the girl’s original, I asked why I got such a terrible mark and why most of my work was marked in red, she told me because it was bad and asked me if I have been reading the book she gave. I told her bad uh? How come when the girl wrote it, it was the best work to the extent she had to photocopy for the class? She asked what I was talking about, and I pulled out the essay and pointed at it sentence after sentence. She stared at the essay and wouldn’t look up to my face and wouldn’t speak too. Just then someone knocked on the class room door. Saved by the bell.

I went home and cried my heart out to my mum and from that day I never went back to that school. So much for civilisation uhh?

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30+ said...

What kind of rubbish is that. You should have reported that nonsnesical teacher to the school board et, that is definitely not on.

Just been on Sisbee's blog, Racism is very much alive and kicking o.


100%Lighty said...

thank u jare 30+. they just try to hide it but it is obvious it is in their minds. awon olodo.

me said...

Yes, 100% lighty, I hope u took action in time!
I missed out on one of my predicted grades at A'Level cos of this racist bastard teacher who always marked me down and actually had the guts 2 tell me I would never get into that uni or suceed in that career! Still got accepted 2 all the unis in question tho! I was young at the time so didn't think much of it......Years later (and a million racist encounters later) at uni I wasn't having any of that rubbish - better believe I went in with my eyes open and was quick 2 spot those nasty f*ckers who derive some sort out twisted pleasure from making sure u don't reach ur full potential..........It just hurt me to see the innocent overseas students who'd actually believe that their work wasn't good enough!!! (What? u paid all that money and ur work is probably way better than anything this gormless idiots churn out - don't take it!!)

This one really hit home, as u can

100%Lighty said...

lol @ me, u can say it hit home again lol!

catwalq said...

bastard heiffer...

100%Lighty said...

@ catwalq, u can say that again.

Baroque said...

you should have prank called that man with a private phone & told him a few things, not giving your identity black & strong

100%Lighty said...

@ baroque, lol! i thot of that u know, but became so busy throughthe rest of the day. lollolol!

femme said...

you got her good and well.

100%Lighty said...

@ femme thx 4 hissing jare, some stupid woman. *hissss. but it was really painful sha, realllyyyyy painful.

cally-waffybabe said...

Girl, you should have taken up the case. I don't take such crap from them at all. I'm very good at writing letters. I have even written to my MP on occasions where i have felt aggrieved about issues. You should have written to the head of your college, included a photocopy of the evidence in the letter, and then ended with something like, "i would like to inform you that i have already sough legal aid and if i do not get a formal apology with full compensation asap, i would proceed with legal action..."!!! You for see dem in action how dem for beg you ehn. Oloshi buruku oyibo!!! *hiss*