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Saturday, 16 August 2008


... and i thot the second half of new cars come out in september. as it is, new cars in the UK come out twice a year. March and Sept. One will think i should be very busy now, with bmw, mercedes and other car freaks buying brand new cars and disturbing my peace at work during feb and august but am bored senseless here. i miss my customers, sad as that might sound, i really do. some of them are so much fun. one of them begged to add him on FB just yesterday. at first i took the email down, then i thought nahh forget it.

blogville!!! am yarning. ok the olympics, who's following??? china as at yesterday has 25 gold medals? thatz insane. its only been a week mates!

so my transfer has been sorted fully, and come 1st of sept i'll be in a new city, earning bigger money, enhancing myself with better benefits and taking home mega bonus. life is great. i wonder what the future of the newcity holds. maybe i'll finally leave the single life. you never know. i just might discover that the city is where i belong or it may turn out terrible. maybe i'll hate the whole place but i doubt i will.

i cant wait to get into my new flat. fully furnished, new apartment, two bedrooms, in the heart of the city. decorating is my talent. by the time i finish with my place, they will name the whole building LIGHTY. this is excitement speaking i tell you.

let me see what else is going on in my life...

oh! so am going to watch batman again today for the third time. i know right??? i must be a freak but this time am watching it on 3D. I cannot wait for those effects on 3D especially the car fight part, that would be MEGA!!!

anyways my darling, its time to go home. so imma holla later.

afro darling, i know i avnt come thru but i will, i promise.

i was speaking to one of my customers the other day and she insisted i watch her son on TV today or was it yesterday. i cannot rememeber now but she told me about a month ago, even if am one day off at least i still manage to remember shea? i call that customer relation. apparently her son is supposed to be the strongest man in the whole of the midlands in England and BBC is supposed to air an interview or is it a show show-casing his strenght which may enable him to feature in the world record.

i just checked my diary it was yesterday the 15th oh well. am sure they'll show a re-run or i could just watch BBC Iplayer for the re-run.

abeg i dey go house. not before i get myself two pairs of shoes from the stores though. am off to bask in my excitment, if that makes sense.

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee muahXXX.

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Anonymous said...

so random! lol.

Shubby Doo said...

Well done with the transfer...hope u enjoy the big city. Good luck with the lighty decor 4 the new flat...batman 3 times...2ice aint enough the 3rd time can only b a charm!

Hunter girl said...

hey...glad u've got exciting times ahead....well done....keep us posted!!!
Yep the chinese medal table is crazyyyy!!!!
Did u see the 100m mens final today...Omo that Usain guy has got me jiggy...if only God can bless someone with that kind of man now!!! Life go just sewwt finish!!!LOL

Hunter girl said...

oh....4got to say thanks for the real encouraging words u wrote on my blog...thanks!!!

ShonaVixen said...

shoes shoes my weakness!!lol..hope u enjoy ur new city!!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

The city sounds amazingggg
Decorating should be fun!
Buy me some shoes while your at it. Im fiending some gladiator sandals-size 9 1/2:-)
Have a fly weekendxxx

Afrobabe said...

Yippppppeeee about the soon to be new flat...I will be one of ur first visitors..just have some yummmy man candy available!!!
You finally came almost a week later...

more money...hmmmmmmmm that explains the crazy shopping yesterday...

Buttercup said...

awww it must be so excitin startin a new life..glad for u n all the best!

those chinese people ehn, no comment!

@ hunter girl..yea, that usain dude is doin some things to me too! aside from his speed *winks*, theres just somn appealin bout him..

Bombchell said...

didnt know batman was coming in 3d. lol some other bloggers have watched it a lot too, def, not me, maybe the 3d one.

goodluck with the flat & decorating, that should be fun.

OMG i havent heard spanish guitar since HS. lol i preferred Heat

Anonymous said...

hmmmn baybay na u dey gbadun pass! more pay means more...I dunno!

LOL...keep pimpin sja..

Adorable said...

Congrats oh and good luck! Please have one or two on me! and please post pics of dem new shoes sometime... lol.

Free-flowing Florida said...

lol. rantings indeed. am so excited 4 u on d job & relocation

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

^ geishasong... i know right? lol!

^ shubby do... thk u, thk u. and u got it right. 3rd is the charm. it was bounceeeeeeeeee!!!! i cant even shout.

^ hunter girl. this chinese pple r not even playing @ all its mad! and oh u been checking the hunk called usain too? i thot it were just mi. dude is on fire too. asper the words of encouragement; we thank God.

^ shonavixen... ahhh u're one of us too? welcome to the wonderful world of shoes.

^ NDQ... so how do u intend getting ur gladiators??? shuld i fax 'em to u??? its here ohh. 9 1/2.
i cant wait to move. i move on sunday. am not looking 4ward to parking but am looking 4ward to settling in. yea!!!

^ afrolicious... my dear am so waiting 4 u but u'll av to give mi a lickle more time 2 find u that perfect yummy man candy just 4 u.

menh! even i know dat shoppin was crazy, me sef i fear.

^ buttercup... hopefully it'll be nice. the chinese pple r on their own oh.

^ bombchelle... oh yes it is, in the UK tho, dont know if the US r doing likewise.
hopefully decoratin will be fun.

^ charie... more pay means more disposable income. more disposable income means more consumption and improved standard of living, my major consumption is shopping. i filled in ur blanks. howz party preparations?

^ adorable... thx sweetie. and 4 u i'll find time to post them.

^ flo... i know right? thk u. am excited too. howz the wedding preparations going?

Ms.O said...

Aww ur moving!!! I cant wait to get to that point in my life!!! SHOES!!!!!!!!!! omg they are my fetish!!! Have a great week.

p.s Still listening to ur playlsit @ work..some songs dont work tho!! hehe

OluwaDee said...

China has been bagging gold medals like pure water.

Congrats on your transfer. All the best.

I also enjoy decorating and arranging.

naijalines said...

Congrats on the transfer. Hope you enjoy your new life. Sounds really exciting...enjoy!

Naija Idol said...

Everyone is talking bout olympics nd i have no idea bout it. i guess i have a lot of catching up to do.

Congratulations on ur job transfer.

archiwiz said...

Congrats girl...I envy people who are good at interior decorating...My business ends when the building is standing completed. :)

Enough randomness...What an interesting life, to be talking with people buying new cars...or am I reading it wrong? I'm actually imagining Ferrari's and so on...

Tears said...

LOL! am a car freak, does this make us BEST friends? *wink
good luck on your move o!! and thnx for the "keleenex" comment...was just too lazy get back and thank you, but now i am :D


Baroque said...

aww, this is house in a new town with a new car and lots of money...pretty pebbles, i'm gonna miss you...ciao...B

ibiluv said...

two pairs?????????/


Zephi Fahrenheit said...

ohhhweee..thank God for his blessings and elevation in your life..thats awesome congrats babe
and as fine as you are,you'll prolly have to be taking and revieiwing applications from the blokes that will come knocking in the new city


badderchic said...

on my way over already.

La Reine said...

A Random Rant! I approve... :)

LOL @ ur 2yrs-since ex. Some negros have no clues whatsoever.

Afronuts said...

No brand new motocar fashioned against u shall prosper!

That was thotful of u honor a customer by watching her pikin shine on TV.

But make sure she knows after u've watched it o! It helps a lot

rayo said...

babes, wir u dey now?

Queen of My Castle said...

Congrats on the changes luv!!!!!

I for one hope you enjoy your new digs and city.


Oracle said...

Whassup Lighty.
Whatz good with you?

Anonymous said...

babe how far now? u can like to UPDATE soonest mehn...missing u blazes!


Afrobabe said...

your blog is crying for an update dearie.

30+ said...

Where are you Lighty?